Adam Powell, (Also known as Adamp5104) is an American former GoAnimator and YouTuber. He's also a fan of Smash Bros Lawl. He appears in All Star Smashers as one of the unlockable Narrators.

How to unlock- Complete Classic Safari as his bro.


Roster Start

  • "Hey guys, Adamp5104 here."

Character Readings


  • Adam is also the creator of Lawl Bros, a comedic Bro Show turned sitcom on GoAnimate starring himself, his bro and fellow GoAnimator, Sonny Slaven, his step-brother Bobby Rust, Sonny's weird but hilarious friend Daniel Weywards, Mary from Ib, and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner.
  • He also has his own GoAnimate based spin-off to Lawl called Smash Bros Lawl GoAnimate, which includes himself, Sonny, Bobby and Daniel as playable characters. (And unlike in All Star Smashers, Sonny is not a Joke character in SSBLGA)
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