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Celebrities (or Officials)- Official characters who have always been animated using props. This group USUALLY consists of characters who are relevant enough to deserve a mention on Wikipedia. GoAnimates- Characters I used to animate using premade assets on GoAnimate. Anyone who joins this group in the future means that they would have been animated by using an already existing asset if they were made in any of the eras when I used to use the site. Toys- Other prop made characters, their design being based on an individual plush or a plastic figure etc. of mine ^w^ It's worth noting that you have not seen the end of any of these groups- Expect more Celebrity, GoAnimate and Toy characters in the future!

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All Star Smashers is a fictional videogame based on Chincherrinas' Smash Bros Lawl series and its spinoffs on YouTube, created by Jack Mayhew (Exotix7). It's much like Super Smash Bros, but with different characters and stages (custom or official) and in a more humorous Go!Animate styled way.

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