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Amanda the Panda is one of the main characters of Oscar the White Tiger. She's a cuddly panda bear from Toyworld, who often spends her time playing tricks on Oscar. She is also the owner of the Dragon's Diner and Kung Fu Club. She even has a YouTube channel, which can be accessed here. She was also a former Go!Animator.


All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Amanda the Panda

Entrance: Snake in the Grass

Amanda makes her way by crawling across some grass.

Move Origin

Amanda once sang "The Snake is in the Grass", a made up song, on her first day of purchase in the car.

Neutral B: Bamboo Helmet

Amanda gets out her Dad's helmet and swings it forwards. Since it does high knockback, she can't charge the attack. She can use the helmet to keep weapons such as projectiles and powers away from her.

Before swinging the helmet, hold B and Amanda can use it in different ways by turning direction.


Amanda dashes forward on the helmet like a stampede causing major damage and knockback to anyone she crashes into.


Amanda guards her head with the helmet. This will keep her body open to attacks but the head invulnerable. Release B to take the helmet off so she can move around freely.


Amanda will use the bottom of the helmet as a cockpit and rides it. The helmet causes damage to anyone she touches. If she starts the ride in midair she can fly with it. When flying in midair press A to perform a kind of aerial attack with bamboo chopsticks. Press B during the ride and the helmet explodes, Amanda safely jumping off it. If you do this in the air, the explosion happens and the helmet falls to the ground. If the top of the helmet hits an opponent, they will be smashed or buried into the ground. If the cockpit of the helmet lands on somebody's head, their land speed will slow down and their controls will be reversed. After a short while, the helmet is taken off.

Move Origin

Amanda commonly uses her Dad's helmet as a ship. Her Dad uses it at war against the poachers. Here, she also uses it as an attack.

Side B: The Dragon's Diner

Amanda waves her Red Snooky which makes a noise to cue a Chinese Dragon to enter the battlefield. As soon as the dragon shows up, Amanda jumps into the stage background and heals herself with noodles. Once her damage ends at 0%, she will get full and stop eating but she stays at the back of the stage. Meanwhile, the dragon is able to fly around the stage and attack by crashing into characters or breathing fire by pressing the A button. However, if he gets hit by an attack causing 30% or over, he will fly away and not come back for 20 seconds. This is the only way to make Amanda hop back on the stage. Attacking the dragon does not count to any of Amanda's damage.

Move Origin

The Chinese Dragon is used as Amanda's alarm clock. She wakes up every morning by the dragon roaring at her. Amanda also enjoys eating noodles, along with bamboo.

Up B: Snooky Soar Glide

Amanda does an uppercut with her black snooky and then uses it to float slowly like a parachute.

The higher Amanda is from the stage's main base, the stronger the wind will be which pushes back opponents. When parachuting, press A and Amanda will try to catch someone with the snooky. If she does, she will shove them to the ground increasing their darkness.

When uppercutting, press A to make Amanda spin around and use the snooky as a blind fold turning her into "Agent Snooky Panda". In this form, Amanda has more space on the stage making it much harder to KO her even at a high damage percentage.

If an opponent tries to grab Agent Snooky Panda, they will only get the snooky turning the agent back to normal Amanda. If this happens, Amanda will try to convince the opponent to instantly throw it back. She says "Bring me back my snooky. Now!". If the snooky is thrown during her speech, she will calm down. If too late, she will refuse the snooky saying "No! Not now! NOW!". If Amanda asks the opponent it for the 3rd time and is too late, she'll chase and grab him or her and rolls them off the stage.

Amanda uses the red snooky to recover if someone else has her black snooky. This snooky causes fire damage but won't let her glide, grab or transform.

NOTE: Amanda has the least patience without the snooky while with the snooky, she has the most.

Move Origin

As rough as Amanda is, she cannot be happy at all without her two Snookies. One day, she found her 2nd snooky (the red one) and all the toys had to gather round because both Snookies were engaged and eventually got married. So she now has to carry both pieces of silk wherever she goes. Everytime she doesn't have both of them, Amanda goes impatient and goes on the rampage until she is given them without her noticing.

Down B: The Cuteness Trick

Amanda shows her cuteness to the camera. Anyone next to her will be distracted and stop. The more damage Amanda has, the longer characters will stop for. This is because her cuteness ability lets people feel very sorry for her at a lot of damage. After the distraction, Amanda cannot be damaged for 10 seconds by anyone distracted by the move. A full list of reactions can be found here.

Move Origin

Amanda uses this trick to fool her opponents when doing Kung Fu. It's one of her strongest techniques.

Final Smash: Dark Amanda

Darkness will surround Amanda turning her into her darkness form. This makes her invincible and UnKO'able and stays in this form for 30 seconds. In this amount of time, she has a new moveset:

Neutral B: Bulgy Eye Cute Attack

Dark Amanda shoots 2 big yellow eyes which launch forward and home into an opponent. When it touches someone, they will stick into them and give them damage. Charging the attack increases the speed of the launch and the damage it does (4-10%). This will also high pitch the character's voice.

Side B: KO Kape

Dark Amanda tries to catch someone with a big snooky cape, causing 120% damage. Its range depends on the opponent's darkness since Dark Amanda wants to be the only baddy. After catching someone, she will throw them right off stage them instantly Kruel KOing them no matter how many stocks they have, opponents are left or damage Amanda has. The move causes 120% so it definetly does Kruel KO. The match won't end if there are any other opponents left but the move can keep the character off stage forever regardless of the number of stocks.

Up B: Roll in Joy

Dark Amanda rolls around happily, causing strong damage and knockback to anyone she touches.

Move Origin

Whenever Amanda is truly happy, she rolls over and yips in joy.

Down B: Bamboo Warrior

Dark Amanda slides across with a bamboo stick as a powerful attack.

Move Origin

Dark Amanda is an original version of Amanda. She was going to be an unlockable Os-kart Racer.

KO Sounds

KO Sound 1: Grrr!

KO Sound 2: *Roars like a Grizzly Bear*

Star KO: "Bring me back my Snooky!"

Screen KO: *Smashes the screen with her Red Snooky.*


Up Taunt- Does the Go Amanda dance.

Side Taunt- Says "Bam.. BOO!" as a joke.

Down Taunt- Slurps some noodles saying "mmm".

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Holds a trophy saying "Shut up and listen to the master who won this thing!" in a speech bubble.

Option #2: Her and her Panda Pals walk away with the chinese dragon.

Option #3: Does the Go Amanda dance.

Losage: Sits, turning her back and then farts.

Normal Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial:

Neutral Aerial:

Down Aerial:

Forward Aerial: Does a powerful fist punch with her Black Snooky. (Or Red if somebody else has the Black Snooky. This does Fire Damage.)

Reverse Aerial:

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt: Goes "Yip! Yip!" and flips happily.

Neutral Attack: Punches


Side Tilt:

Dash Attack:

Down Tilt: Forks the front using her paw.

Ledge/Get Up Attacks


Get Up:


Up Smash:

Side Smash: Turns and kicks with a comic like explosion.

Down Smash:

Grab Moves:

Note: Amanda can use a combo of different throws in one grab.

Grab: Jumps and clings onto the opponent's face.


Forward Throw:

Reverse Throw: Hits the opponent behind with her red snooky.

Up Throw: Hits the enemy with a couch pillow 3 times.

Down Throw: Does the splits.

Moveset Music

The Dennis Green Experience - Kung Fu v 2

KO and Taunts Music

Facial Vision - Fighting Music for Virtual Ninjas

Victory Theme

GoAmanda! GoAmanda!

Angry Boss Codec

Angry Boss: G G G G R R R R R R R! This panda is trying to funking destroy me! I will hide inside this company!

Victor Vam Pire: What's the matter, Angry Boss? Too dazzled to destroy a teddy bear?


Jeremy Gilman: You're so cute Amanda!

Angry Boss: What are you, deaf? She's certainly the opposite of cute. Cheer for the Bossman, Fluttershy!

Jeremy: Ultimate cheer for the Bossman in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Fluttershy: Yay!

(The room suddenly becomes quiet.)

Angry Boss: Owen, the room has suddenly become quiet.

Owen: Boss, everyone has just died of cuteness.

Angry Boss: Are you funking kidding me?! There is nothing cute about a psychopath panda bear. In fact, I can even spot a secret smile underneath that cheek. I mean, look at her. Maybe she could be an exam teacher.

Amanda: You talking about me in there? I'm not cute! I'm chubby! I demand you not to get out now.

Angry Boss: OH GOD! (Amazed by Amanda's stalking)

Owen: Phew. This gives us time to camp for the night.

Amanda: But NOW!!!!

(Illuminati sound appears in the Boss' head.)

Owen: Oh no!


Owen: Uh oh! The boss is going to have the ultimate best battle! I'm out of here!

Personal Data






  • Losing her Snooky
  • Being called cute (As she doesn't think she's cute, but chubby)


  • Martial arts
  • Her bamboo helmet
  • Eating at The Dragons Diner
  • Using her Snooky
  • Cuteness
  • Turning into Dark Amanda


  • Eating noodles
  • Teaching Kung-fu
  • Interrupting Oscar's naps
  • Asking for something not now, but NOW
  • Kicking butts and taking names in the cutest way possible


  • China

Classic Safari Story

Pawlette Swaps

  • Amanda
  • Comic Amanda


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