Angry Boss Codecs are the Codec conversations in All Star Smashers. They are activated by Angry Boss, and can only be activated on his stage, that being The Boss' Officetop. After activating a Codec, Angry Boss will talk with one of his employees, either Owen Maddox, Jeremy Gilman, Victor Vam Pire, Fluttershy, or Paul Douglas. Then, they will talk about the character AB is facing, and may even throw in a few facts about that character as well.

These are all of the Angry Boss codec messages for the playable characters in All Star Smashers. Characters are listed in alphabetical order and will include references to their source material and interesting trivia about each call.

Action 52

Angry Boss: Oh no...

Jeremy Gilman: What? What's wrong?

AB: Are you funking kidding me?! I'm dealing with Action 52! What's NOT wrong?!

Gilman: Action 52?

Victor Vam Pire: Yeah. It's one of the worst games ever made. Actually, 52 games in 1 cartridge. Which wouldn't be such a problem if the whole project wasn't rushed.

Owen Maddox: Yes. This game, like most of the worst games of all time, was rushed.

AB: And let me guess at once! Does each 8-bit sprite this abomination conjures in battle come from one of those bad games?

Victor: Exactly, Boss.

AB: Okay, that makes lots of sense.

Maddox: Yeah. And for its final smash, ol' Fifty-Two there gets some help from the other side of the fourth wall.

AB: Huh? What the hell is this? How the funk does it do that?

Maddox: That's beyond me, Boss...However, Action 52's glitchiness is also a setback in battle, so you'll need to take advantage of that.

AB: Okay, time to funking destroy a bad game!

Amanda the Panda

Angry Boss: G G G G R R R R R R R! This panda is trying to funking destroy me! I will hide inside this company!

Victor Vam Pire: What's the matter Angry Boss? Too dazzled to destroy a teddy bear?


Jeremy Gilman: You're so cute Amanda!

Amgry Boss: What are you, deaf? She's certainly the opposite of cute. Cheer for the Bossman Fluttershy!

Jeremy: Ultimate cheer for the Bossman in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Fluttershy: Yay!

Angry Boss: Owen, the room has suddenly become quiet.

Owen: Boss, everyone has just died of cuteness.

Angry Boss: Are you funking kidding me?! There is nothing cute about a psychopath panda bear. In fact, I can even spot a secret smile underneath that cheek. I mean, look at her. Maybe she could be an exam teacher.

Amanda: You talking about me in there? I'm not cute! I'm chubby! I demand you not to get out now.

Angry Boss: OH GOD! (Amazed by Amanda's stalking)

Owen: Phew. This gives us time to camp for the night.

Amanda: But NOW!!!!

(Illuminati sound appears in the Boss' head.)

Owen: Oh no!


Owen: Uh oh! The boss is going to have the ultimate best battle. I'm out of here!

Angry Boss (Himself)

Angry Boss: Gilman.

Jeremy Gilman: Boss.

Angry Boss: Gilman.

Jeremy: Boss.

Angry Boss: Gilman...

Jeremy: Boss... Boss!

Angry Boss: Gilman!!!

Jeremy: Boooooooossssss.

(Jeremy morphs into Owen Maddox)

Angry Boss: Maddox!

(Angry Boss transforms into Victor Vam Pire)

Victor: Victor.

(Scene transforms into the Gainax Ending of Evangelion, with Jeremy, Owen, and Victor clapping)

Owen: Congratulations!

Jeremy: Congratulations!

Victor: Congratu- (cut off by Angry Boss)

Angry Boss: AAAAAHHHH!!! ... Snapped out of it!

Billy Slaven

Angry Boss: What the hell? You didn't tell me Billy was in this, Maddox.

Owen: Actually, he wasn't at first. That was until he was revealed as a mystery character following the moveset of Chadtronic.

Angry Boss: Wait a minute, if Billy was gonna be added to the roster, why was I not informed about it?

Owen: I thought you'd know. Everyone else was told about it.

Angry Boss: Whatever. What can he do?

Owen: Well, he can sing, summon zombie pigmen, and use ollars as an attack, or as he likes to call them, mother freaking money.

Angry Boss: Anything else you can tell me?

Owen: Billy is also able to piss off any Angry or Grumpy by holding the battle up to browse the internet on his laptop.

Angry Boss: So, he tries to annoy me by using his laptop because he can? How frustrating.

Owen: But be careful, he can also summon Gigantic Zombie Pigmen to KO anyone they touch.

Angry Boss: Really? That's kind of a scary thought.

Owen: Yeah...

Brad Till

Angry Boss: Maddox, Who is That Guy? And why is he obsessed With Elevator Lifts?

Owen Maddox: Boss, We Have News That The Guy You See Here is Brad Till The Elevator Chap!

Victor Vam Pire: If You didn't know, Brad records footage of Elevators, Buses, and Television Shows. Also, he unleashes the pool Balls From Jeremy Kyle's Lottery, the Thomas Trigger, and recovers with an Elevator.

Angry Boss: And What Else? Does he use random pointless Generic Lifts as an attack?

Victor: Yes!

Owen: And Watch out, He Reviews Pepsi and Puts You to Sleep,Then Takes A Tiny Sip, And Turns into Big Bradders

Angry Boss: That's His Final Smash? Review Pepsi? and Transforms into Big Bradders to Kick My Ass? Who does this guy think he is, Pepsiman!?

Owen: Just be careful, Boss, or you may end up being wound up.

Angry Boss: Got it.

Brodi Welsford

Angry Boss: Owen, who the heck is that hyperactive girl? And why is she from the series called "The Legend of Zelda"?

Owen Maddox: Boss, we have news that the hyperactive girl you see right now is actually Brodi Welsford. Oh and by the way, she is not actually from The Legend of Zelda. She is from YouTube.

Victor Vam Pire: If you didn't know, Brodi is way faster then Megan Williams. It's because she is fat.

Angry Boss: Wait, you mean Megan Williams is fat?

Victor Vam Pire: Yes.

Angry Boss: Then what does she look like?

Owen Maddox: Well, she looks like this: *Shows a picture of Megan Williams*

Angry Boss: Wow! She really is fat! She should get exercise. She needs to go to my exercising building.

Owen Maddox: Yep, that's the point. Oh and by the way, watch out for her moves. She has a crossbow that looks like a mouse.

Angry Boss: Really? A crossbow that looks like a mouse? That's pretty useless.

Owen Maddox: And because of that, she sucks.

Angry Boss: Hey! That's my line!

Owen Maddox: Yep, I know that. But have you seen Brodi Welsford's moveset?

(Angry Boss thinks for a while.)

Angry Boss: SHOW IT!

Owen Maddox: Roll the video in 3, 2, 1, (Shows Brodi's moveset intro showing her beating Megan to the bus stop.)

(Awkward silence with Angry Boss smiling.)

Owen Maddox: Uh oh! The boss is going to have the ultimate best moment! Everyone, get out of here!

(Everyone leaves the room.)

Victor Vam Pire: Ultimate boss rage unleash in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Angry Boss (in M. Bison's voice): YES! YES! (His cheering attacks and possibly KO's everyone on screen.)


Angry Boss: *Realizes he's fighting Bruceton* What...the this!?

Fluttershy: *Timid squeak*

Owen Maddox: Perhaps we should get out of here.

Paul Douglas: For once, I don't object.

*Everyone leaves the codec, leaving AB by himself*

Jeremy Gilman: Ultimate Boss Rage Unleash in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


Captain Blunderpants

Captain Underpants

Jeremy: Tra-La-La!

Angry Boss: Are you pretending to Be Captain Underpants?

Jeremy: That's Right Boss! He Wears Underwear and Fights Crime!

Angry Boss: No Wonder He's So Brave and Strong...for a fat guy.

Jeremy: And Beware his Final Smash! He Can Hit You With A Boulder Many Times! It's pretty violent.

Angry Boss: Whoa! That Reminds Me, Can You Tell Him To Kick Bruceton's Butt?

Jeremy: OK then.


Dan Gough

Angry Boss: Owen, who the heck is this brainiac?

Owen: Boss, you're in a science experiment. Watch out, it could be very dangerous!

Angry Boss: But I am a Boss. Was a Boss, like a Boss, am a Boss. I give the orders. No! You shut your mouth! Who's the teacher in this building?

Jeremy: Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan the Science Man!

Angry Boss: God Damn Daniel!

Victor Vam Pire: Boss, you do realize who this guy is, do you?

Angry Boss: No. So, he sucks.

Owen: Well, have you seen the moveset of Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver?

*Angry Boss thinks for a moment*

Angry Boss: SHOW IT!

Jeremy: Roll the video in 3, 2, 1...

*Show's Pete's Moveset*

Pete in the video: After some pathogen experiments, Mr. Dan Gough finally found the cells to bring me back to life. And I decided to turn over a new leaf.

*Silent Pause*

Jeremy: Come on guys, let him have his moment.

*Everyone leaves*

Angry Boss: *In M. Bison's voice* YES!!! YES!!!

Donny Dlaven

Edward Yui

Owen Maddox: Hello! My Name is Owen Maddox.

Edward: Hi! I Am Edward

Owen Maddox: Hi!

Edward: Want to Enjoy Lunch Please With Mick Tomorrow?

Owen Maddox: Sorry, I Only Have Lunch With Jeremy, Victor, Paul, The Angry Boss, & Fluttershy.

Edward: Oh...

Paul Douglas: Owen, I Only Eat 15 Oranges, A Salad, 20 Strips of Bacon, & Bruceto-Cookies!

Edward: Paul Douglas, Nobody Likes Bullying! Bullying Is Nasty!

Paul Douglas: What?


Paul Douglas: Edward, you cannot ground me.

Edward: *Gasp* Blasphemy!

Paul Douglas: Whatever. "Leaves the Codec"

Owen Maddox: So, Have You Seen This "Shows Lee's Moveset Where A Woman Said to Edward "Edward No!"

Edward: "Shocked"

Owen Maddox: Uh, Edward?

Edward: No no no no no no no no no no!

Owen Maddox: Uh...okay then.

Elouise Pitman

Angry Boss: The funk's going on here? Weewoo Head has dyed his hair?

Jeremy Gilman: Apparently Matthew's a transsexual.

Angry Boss: Huh? More need to know! SHOW IT!

Jeremy Gilman: I... I don't have much to say...

  • Angry Boss shows his angry face.*

Angry Boss: YOU'RE FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREDA! Get out of my office!

  • Kicks Jeremy which makes him crash through the window and get KO'd.*

Jeremy Gilman: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Finn Palmer

Angry Boss: Jeremy, This Guy Kinda Reminds Me of Danny From Game Grumps, But I kinda don't like him.

Jeremy: That's Finn Palmer, He may look similar to Danny. But actually, he acts more like Arin. Because of this, Finn Is also known as The Grump That Looks Like Not So Grump.

Angry Boss: Another Grump? This punk better not be trying to steal my thunder!

Jeremy: But Watch Out! He Will Catch You In The Act

Angry Boss: Seriously? What is this guy, a cop or something?

Jeremy: No, he's a guy who really made his name for his moments on Pete's bus. And he is quite persuasive too, as he mostly likes to Tell The Teachers.

Angry Boss: Are you freaking kidding me!? That's easy to miss! What's The Worst That Can Happen?

(Finn Appears)

Finn Palmer: Are You Two Talking About Me Again?


Fred Flintstone


Jeremy: Boss, you know who this cat is, don't you?

Angry Boss: Of course I do, Gilman! It's Garfield!

Jeremy: Right! Garfield made his Debut in 1978...and since then, he became a worldwide phenomenon. There's not a single person who doesn't know Garfield...He's THAT famous

Angry Boss: Wow, he might be the most well-known character on the entire roster.

Jeremy: I know, right? Anyways, watch out for his Up Special. He launches from a chair, thanks to his buddy Odie. If he gets you, he'll send you to sleep.

Angry Boss: A chair launching recovery attack that puts me to sleep?

Jeremy: Yeah...

Angry Boss: Are you kidding me!?

Jeremy: No, I'm not kidding. But if you're not careful...

Angry Boss: What?

Jeremy: He'll give you The Garfield Touch!

Angry Boss: Oh hell no!


Angry Boss: I Can't Believe It! A Baby Show Character? REALLY!?

Victor: You're Fighting Caillou, Boss! He Is One of the various baby show troublemakers, which includes the likes of Dora the Explorer and Little Bill.

Angry Boss: Oh come on! Why the hell am I Fighting A Baby Show Character? What happened to Caillou anyway? He doesn't look the same.

Victor: It's His GoAnimate Look, as he's more known for appearing in various Grounded Videos.

Angry Boss: I think he looks completely different.

Victor: They do have certain things in common... Yellow clothes...

Angry Boss ...that's all?

Victor: Yeah...


Grandpa Gorilla

Angry Boss: Jeremy, help me at once, there’s a rotten tomato on my building! He reminds me of that King Kong character.

Jeremy Gilman: Boss, you’re fighting Grumpy Gorilla. Everyone knows about the endangered lowland gorilla but little is known about him.

Angry Boss: Out of my planet!

Angry Boss: Owen, what do you know about Grumpy Gorilla?

Owen: Boss, the guy you’re fighting is Grandpa Gorilla. Although he does seem a little grumpy today.   

Angry Boss: Really? He doesn’t look very old to me.

Owen: Well, I heard they sent his son to a breeding programme. They’re breeding dying out species like mad!

Angry Boss: So, my guess is that he’s our future generation gorilla’s grandpa then?

Owen: Yeah, that’s the point.

Angry Boss: I must own this guy epically. Do I even stand a chance?

Paul Douglas: Boss, you cannot stand a chance against Grandpa Gorilla.

Angry Boss: Muck! I want to fight as another person.

Paul Douglas: Boss you cannot switch as another player.

Angry Boss: Oh, can’t you see I’m already wanted?

Victor Vam Pire: The police are after him already.

Jeremy Gilman: You should get the DWA Act.

Angry Boss: Fine, I’ll contact the Toyworld Zoo.

Paul Douglas: Boss, you cannot contact while in battle.


Fluttershy: Oh, my!

Angry Boss: That’s it! I’m going to drown you all! I’m going to drown you all with my cannon!

Paul Douglas: Boss, you cannot activate your cannon.


Paul Douglas: Boss, Fluttershy says you cannot keep this violence up!


Greg Heffley

Harry Bradshaw

Angry Boss: Hey! who is this Weirdo and why am I fighting him?

Harry: It's me! President Harry Bradshaw to you Angry Boss!

Angry Boss: How did you get here? Didn't we once have an election over who got to be the All Star Smashers president?

Harry: Never mind that! Anyways. I unleash my Old toys, throwing apples, And heck. I recover with a ladder and I can Tag You!

Angry Boss: And let me guess, your Final Smash involves you getting drunk, and then driving in your car whilst singing I like driving in my car by Madness?

Harry: Yes! And Also, I'm Not Harry Bradshaw.

Angry Boss: Then who are you, Barack Obama?

(Harry costume rips, revealing Bruceton)

Bruceton: No, I'm Bruceton! Get Rekt, Boss!


Harry Hill

Angry Boss: Gilman, who the heck is that bald guy with the glasses?

Jeremy: That's Harry Hill. He's a popular British comedian and the host of some show about TV's.

Owen: Yeah, he first appeared on a radio show called Harry Hill's Fruit Corner back in the ealry 90's. But he really made his name in The Harry Hill Movie.

Angry Boss: Are you funking kidding me?!

Owen: Sadly yes, I am kidding. The Harry Hill Movie is not that famous. Jeremy just showed it to me yesterday.

Angry Boss: Very well. Now tell me more about this guy, at once!

Jeremy: Well for starters, he's British, is very funny, and is very bald--

Angry Boss: Not you, dum-dum! I meant Maddox!

Owen: Well, he REALLY made his name in Harry Hill's TV Burp; that show Jeremy mentioned earlier. In the show, he made fun of all the recent goings-on in various British TV shows, such as Downton Abby, Eastenders, and Freaky Eaters. The show lasted for 11 years, before Harry ended the show to work on some of his other projects, including his aforementioned movie.

Angry Boss: Alright then. Anything else you can tell me about this guy before I fire him?

Owen: Be ready when the fight begins!

Angry Boss: And why the heck should I do that?

Owen: Trust me Boss, you'll see what I mean soon enough.


Angry Boss: This guy looks like a deliveryman, but he doesn't seem like one.

Jeremy: You're probably talking about the Strongman Hilary Sherlock, Right?

Angry Boss: Of Course I am, You Fool. Now tell me more about that guy.

Jeremy: He Uses golf clubs, attacks with a TV Remote, uses the cork of a wine bottle, and offers you Christmas Dinner, which can make you starve to death.

Angry Boss:......

Jeremy: Boss?

Angry Boss:....

Owen: Is he alright?

Jeremy: Maybe I Just Forgot to Tell him that Hillary's Final Smash was that he yells GOAL after watching Chelsea beat England on TV.

Owen: Or Maybe He's Thinking About Hilary's Expertness in Sports.

Angry Boss: Sorry, what was that?

Jeremy: What was you thinking about?

Angry Boss: Just thinking about how to kill Bruceton.

Jeremy and Owen: Ohhhh.

Horrid Henry

Angry Boss: This kid reminds me of someone...

Jeremy Gilman: Oh hai, Boss! You're fighting Horrid Henry, huh?

AB: Enough of your Tommy Wiseau impression! I demand more info about this kid!

Jeremy: Well for starters, he's very Horrid. And he also can pretend he's King, spray people with a water gun, and put purple paint. Oh, and he can turn into a Dinosaur too.

AB Are you funking kidding me?! I do not like this Bruceton rip-off! We dont need yet ANOTHER Trollord. ONE IS ENOUGH!!

  • Jeremy gets replaced in the Codec by Bruceton*

Bruceton: Hey, who is this guy? Is he a master at trolling people like me?!


Bruceton: U mad bro? Besides, I wanna know who this plagiarist is.


Bruceton: Water gun?

AB: Yeah, he wields a water gun. So what?

Bruceton: *Angrily* I can't believe what this kid just did! He stole my idea!


  • Short pause*

Bruceton: Don't you usually yell my name 3 times?


Lee Saunderson

Angry Boss: Who the heck is Lee Saunderson?

Owen: Boss, we have news that the Lee you see here is actually Danny Robinson from his Danny gets grounded series. 

Victor Vam Pire: It's a guy grounded by Danny's Dad for eating 199 chicken nuggets, 100 cokes and 100,000 hamburgers. 

Angry Boss: That Looney Loonatic...

Owen: Watch out for Lee Saunderson's Down Smash. If he eats too much, he can swallow you whole. 

Angry Boss: Are you funking kidding me?! I do not like him! Because of that, he sucks. 

Jeremy Gilman: Boss, you are trolling us, right? 

Angry Boss: Of course I'm not, you fools. Now tell me he can ground Bruceton. BRUCETON!! BRUCETON!

Matthew Whitehead

Angry Boss: Who. The heck. Is this?

Owen: Boss, that's Matthew Whitehead. His ship is stranded so he can only count on Harry's Island to survive. But it stinks so badly that nobody wants to go near him.

Angry Boss: So, that's why he always covers himself in a spaceman suit?

Owen: No, that's not the point. He wears his spacesuit to resist enough knockback in his centre of gravity. And he's the long time rival of Harry Bradshaw.

Jeremy Gilman: A 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4...

Owen and Jeremy: Humans eat nuts! Humans eat nuts! Humans eat nuts!

Angry Boss: OH GOD SAVE US ALL! Jeremy! Owen! Do you want me to exterminate you both?

Jeremy Gilman: Um, no.

Victor VamPire: When I grow up, I want to work with Daleks!

Angry Boss: Daleks aren't real. They're pretend.

Paul Douglas: For once, I don't object. Those post machines Matthew summons are not Daleks. Rather, all hail the Dumb Daleks.

Jeremy Gilman: Shut up cigarette guy. To the ReTardis!

Paul Douglas: (Kicked) Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Angry Boss: Out of my planet!


Angry Boss: Hey! Isn't that Maxwell from Scribblenauts?

Jeremy: As a reason, Yes!

Angry Boss: I heard about Scribblenauts before. From what I heard, It Was pretty amazing. Anyway, What Are His Attacks?

Jeremy: Well, he can summons All Types of Stuff, Like Fighters, Joke Characters, Non-Joke Characters, Assist Trophies, Items, Final Smashes, and Other Characters From Other Smash Bros Lawl Spinoffs.

Owen Maddox: he also can Add An Adjective to another fighter. If He Adds The Adjective "Happy" This Means You'll Become the Happy Boss.

Angry Boss: So I'm still me, but I'd act like Pete Polcon?

Victor: Yep. He can a;so summona a Recovery Object. Same as His Neutral Special But With Recovery Objects instead, like a ladder or a helicopter. he also uses an Arcade, meaning That Stars and Bombs Fall From The Sky.

Angry Boss: You Know Everything About Maxwell?

Owen: Yes.

Victor: Yes.

Jeremy: Yes.

Fluttershy: Yes.

Paul: No...I mean yes.

Owen: And His Final Smash is Create-O-Thon. He Puts other guys in the Create-O-Thon and takes an adjective from each opponent trapped inside. For example, your Adjective is Ranting, meaning that whatever Maxwell summons will constantly rant while attacking.

Angry Boss: ...And that's why I'm The Angry Boss.


Angry Boss: Jeremy, who the heck is that guy with the suit and hat?

Jeremy Gilman: You're probably talking about MimeFan, right?

AB: Of course I'm talking about him, you fool! Now tell me some info about this character at once!

Victor Vam Pire: Well, MimeFan is a user from YouTube! He hosts an elimination show called Mega Character Elimination.

AB: And my guess is that he like mimes?

Victor Vam Pire: Yes.

AB: But why the heck does he like mimes of all things?

Paul Douglas: Because mimes have white faced paint, black and white shirts, black pants, boots and can't say anything. Not even a single word.

AB: Very well. I would like to see some pictures of mimes. SHOW IT!

Paul Douglas: Sure thing boss! *Shows photos of mimes*

AB: Wait, aren't 2 of those pictures one of MimeFan's pictures?

Paul Douglas: I believe so.

Jeremy Gilman: Yep, I agree with that guy. He creates pictures at and that's where those 2 pictures were created. Oh, and watch out for his Final Smash. He lets lots of people vote for people to be eliminated. If you get the most votes, then you will be eliminated.

AB: Do I look like I'm serious to you? (Camera zooms into his angry face)

Jeremy Gilman: No. I believe not.

AB: Well, I hope that he can eliminate Bruceton soon. BRUCETON!!!

Moody Margaret

Angry Boss: Owen, that girl won't talk with me because I'm a male. She keeps saying that girls rule and that boys suck. Who the heck is this sexist?

Owen: Boss, we have news that you're fighting Moody Margaret. She's the leader of the Secret Club, a rag tag team of boy hating girls. She is also the long-time rival of Horrid Henry.

AB: Huh? What the hell is this? Is this some type of gang war between the opposite sex?

Owen: Yeah that's the point. Margaret is known for being very arrogant, very brash, and very annoying. In fact, the creator of this game himself hates her.

AB: What the funk?!

Owen: What's wrong?

AB: Her personality traits are similar to that of Bruceton's...

Owen: Oh yeah. But I don't think that's meant to be a coincidence--


Owen: Uhhh...I guess so?


Owen: *Angry Boss is still ranting* Whoa...that set him off big time. I didn't even get to mention her rumored crush on Henry.

Ollie the Snow Leopard

Oscar the White Tiger

Angry Boss: What's going on here? I'm fighting a plush of a white tiger.

Owen: That's Oscar The Chubby White Tiger. He Likes to Eat Chubby, Play with all his Toys, Do Gymnastics, and runs his own Restaurant, Which is Called The Chubby McDonald's"

Angry Boss: So He Works Out and Makes Money In His Restaurant? 

Owen: Yeah...

Angry Boss: How the hell is that even posible? And why does he only have one eye?

Owen: I don't know. Anyway, he also Unleashes The Magic Rattles and His Toys, and Heck. He even cooks Chubby with The Chubbi.

Oscar: And Not Just Any Attacks!

Angry Boss: Huh?

Oscar: I also play with Tinny Tin And Tiny Winy, also known As Piggy Wiggy

Angry Boss: What A Stupid And Silly Name!

Owen: But Watch Out! His Final Smash is--

Oscar: Chubby Chubby Chubby Choose!

Owen: I Was About to Say That Oscar, Anyways, He can also choose 3 random Characters from the roster to fight alongside him.

Angry Boss: Better not summon Bruceton.

Otto Hill

Angry Boss: This guy looks like Harry Hill, only fatter, wearing a white suit, has some head hair, and has a mustache. Who exactly is this guy?

Owen: Boss, that's Harry's evil twin, Otto Hill. He made his first and only appearance in The Harry Hill Movie, so he's not that famous among All Star Smashers fans.

AB: Are you funking kidding me? Isn't that just Matt Lucas dressed up as Otto Hill?"

Owen: To be honest, I don't know. He seems pretty convinced he's Otto Hill.

AB: So, are his moves similar to Harry's moves?

Owen: Not necessarily. His moves are completely different, so you'll have to watch out for Otto's style of fighting.

AB: Okay. Anything else you have to tell me?

Owen: Yeah. Do you fancy a Hula Hoop?

AB: Of course I don't, you fool! I'm more of a Pringles guy.

Owen: Well, I guess you'll have to try to resist the smell of barbecue beef.

Papa Louie

Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver

Angry Boss: This Guy Looks So Happy....

Jeremy: He's always happy when he's driving the kids to school.

Angry Boss: You serious? Who is this guy anyway?

Jeremy: That's Pete Polcon, the Cheerful Bus Driving Charm! He's always cheerful by annoying Grumps like Finn and by occupying other passengers, whilst driving to school.

Angry Boss: Wait a minute, I thought he died. How is he alive?

Jeremy: Actually, Pete was dead, that was until Dincent Dan Gough bought him back to life.

Angry Boss: Wait, I'm at a loss. How did this guy die anyway?

Jeremy:Finn got so annoyed by Pete that he killed him by electrocuting him,in the style of CDI Ganon.

Angry Boss: What? I will punch his balls!

Professor Poopypants

Angry Boss: Oh God, help me at once! There's a gargantuan robot on my building! Who is the brainiac in control of this mech?!

Owen That'd be Professor Pippy P. Poopypants.

AB: Seriously? Is that REALLY his name?

Owen: Yes. He is a scientist from the bizarre country of New Swissland, a combination of Switzerland and New Zealand. This country has a tradition for all of the citizens to have funny names, hence the Professor's name.

AB: So I take it no one can take him seriously because of his humorous name?

Owen: That's correct, Boss. In fact, he got so angry with people laughing at his name, that he became an evil genius, and his new ambition is to rule the world.


Owen: I just knew you were gonna say that. Anyway, the Professor has had many attempts to rule the world, all of which were foiled by Captain Underpants.

AB: Interesting. Now excuse me while I kick this evil-doer out of my planet!

Sonny Slaven

Angry Boss: Hey, is that Sonny?

Fluttershy: Um, yes.

Angry Boss: Wow! I can't believe he's here. Hey Fluttershy, he's a friend of yours, right? Can you tell me what he can do in battle?

Fluttershy: Well, um, h-he can summon eggs, which also features one black egg. He can also use a bomb which can clone opponents, randomly fight with his friends, or even summon me to help him in battle.

Angry Boss: Hmm, what about his Final Smash?

Owen Maddox: Well, do you remember that time he and Daniel ran over Troll J.

Angry Boss: Oh yeah, that was so hilarious. More funnier that the time I sent Bruceton to a hospital on Guerrero Street.

Owen: Okay? Anyways, he does that in his Final Smash. But if he hits someone, he'll get buried into the ground, allowing other characters to attack him.

Angry Boss: Wait a Sonny a Joke Character?

Fluttershy: Um u-um...

Owen: Yes.

Angry Boss: WHAT!?

*Fluttershy runs away, screaming*

Angry Boss: You know what's coming next...

Owen: Okay, I'm going. *Leaves*


Steve Burns

Super Minecraft Kid

Angry Boss: What the hell is this? There's a creeper in this building.

*Paul Douglas appears*

Paul Douglas: That isn't just any creeper, Boss.

Angry Boss: Oh no, it's you.

Paul: Yes, everyone else was busy, so they sent me.

Angry Boss: Fine. So, who is this creeper?

Paul: The creeper you're fighting is actually a hardcore Minecraft Fan from YouTube. His name is Super Minecraft Kid. He's popular in the Minecraft community for overreacting to little things, like a player chasing him in Minecraft Hunger Games, and for making anti-Nintendo rants, even in videos that aren't related to Nintendo in the beginning. Abbreviated as SMK, he also swears and calls everything gay.

Angry Boss: Is this kid for real, are you serious right now?

Paul: Yes, he very much is for real. And in case you're wondering, the reason he looks like a Creeper is because he never reveals his face in his videos because he thinks his subscribers would hack him if he did.

Angry Boss: Alright then. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Minecrafter to beat up.

Paul: Boss, you cannot beat up Super Minecraft Kid.


Paul: Boss, you cannot yell at me.

Angry Boss: THAT'S *BLEEP* IT!!!!

Paul Douglas: Boss, you cannot shoot me with a shotgun.

*Angry Boss shoots Paul with a shotgun, killing him*

Angry Boss: *To the audience* And that's how you deal with someone who continuously objects your plans.

Tabatha the Tortoise

Talking Joe

Thin Air

Angry Boss: ...

Owen Maddox: Uh, Boss?

AB: I fricking FIGHTING!?!?

Maddox: Well,'re fighting the air.

AB: *Pauses* Maddox, I need to leave.

Maddox: But Boss, we just started the codec.

AB: Listen, there's a lot to see in this life....I'm not wasting it here.

Tim Carter

Owen Maddox: Boss, Do You Know This Teacher?

Anrgy Boss: You're Joking Right? It's Tim Carter.

Owen: Right Boss, He Was Your Partner When You Yelled At Him to Kick Hilary's Butt.

Angry Boss: Please Explain.

Owen: Well, He Hits You With A Briefcase. If You Miss, It Will Break and Lawl Food Will Appear, Like the Chill Pill. And He Does a Corner Run, Making You Sit in the Corner, And Also.....

Angry Boss: What is It?

(Owen Maddox Costume Rips, Revealing Tim Carter)

Tim Carter: Sit Down.

Angry Boss: Tim? Is That You?

(Tim Carter Costume Rips, Revealing Bruceton)

Bruceton: You Were Expecting Tim Carter? But It Was Me, BRUCETON! All Along


(Bruceton Costume Rips, Revealing Jeremy Gilman)

Jeremy Gilman: Relax, It's Me, Jeremy!

Angry Boss: Thank God It's Only You! Tell Me More About Tim Carter.

Jeremy: Well, He Calls Jacky to Give Him A Lift, and His Down B Is Sit Down, He Summons A Chair Above You And It Has Focus, Unlike Talking Joe's Birthday Cake.

Angry Boss: And What About His Final Smash?

(Jeremy Gilman costume rips, revealing Amanda)

Amanda The Panda: Where's My Snooky?

Angry Boss: I Don't Have Your Snooky!

(Amanda Costume Rips, Revealing Finn Palmer)

Finn Palmer: I'm Now Going to Tell The Whole World on You!

Angry Boss: NO WAY FINN!

(Finn Costume Rips, Revealing Victor Vam Pire)

Angry Boss: Finally Victor. Tell Me What You Know About Tim Carter.

Victor: Well Boss, His Final Smash is Yelling Out Matthew Whitehead's First Name.

Angry Boss: That's His Final Smash? THAT'S SO FUNNY!

(Victor Vam Pire Costume Rips, Revealing Pete Polcon)

Pete The Cheerful Bus Driver: Alright, Little Boss?

Angry Boss: Pete Polcon?

(Pete Costume Rips, Revealing Thin Air)

Thin Air: .........

Angry Boss: You Know What? Forget It! This Codec is Taking Too Long, Time to End It Right Now.

Yuuki Ogata

Angry Boss: This Kid....

Owen Maddox: Yeah.....He's a real Dumbass. Kick his ass, Boss

Angry Boss: Okay. I will



  • Edward Yui's Angry Boss Codec is the only codec to date where Angry Boss doesn't talk and instead of him, Edwardi takes his role.
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