Barging Onions, known in game as Tribal Onions, are a type of enemy in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack. They are a part of the Onion Ring, a group of anthropomorphic onions that are enemies in the Papa Louie platformer games. They and their leader Sarge come from the Land of Munchmore. The Barging Onions are mask-wearing Onions only seen in the Pasta Jungle. There are three types of this enemy; the first type acts the same as a Jumping Onion but jumps higher and more often. The second type stands in one spot and thrusts his spear at Papa Louie when he gets close. The third type chases after Papa Louie, attempting to ram him with his spear.

A Barging Onion appears in All Star Smashers as a Support Spirit, as an advanced class, where you must fight 3 Fred Flintstone's at Evil Empire to obtain him. When fighting the 3 Fred's, all 3 of them will be miniature, their dash frames can cause damage, and they'll all equip a Master Sword.


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