Billy Slaven, also known as The Billiant One, is a British YouTuber, roleplayer, musician and artist. He is also the younger brother of Sonny Slaven, and is a major character in the Sonnyslavenproductions universe. He is a fan of various types of music, is fond of telling jokes, and is an overall nice guy. He also enjoys singing, using his laptop, watching anime, role-playing, eating skittles, and playing video games. He also likes to reference various TV shows, movies and Internet Memes, which he loves. He also has a tendency to say the word "Olé" a lot.
All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Billy Slaven

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Billy Slaven

Entrance: Yellow Car

Billy drives a taxi on the stage whilst yelling "YELLOW CAR!"

Move Origin

This is a reference to an infamous quote and meme from Grand Theft Auto IV.

Neutral B: Large Lasso

Hold down B and Billy will charge up his lasso. Choose a direction to throw it. The longer he charges, the further it will go. If it touches an opponent before its full extent, he or she will get tied up. If he or she moves forward, they'll fall over and wiggle around to escape, damaging anyone they touch. There is no other way to escape.

If the lasso's tip at its full extent touches someone, it will cause them knockback as well. Billy can aim for a ledge to recover, but he can also grab onto a wall or ceiling enabling him to walk on it.

There are two ways to get off the surface:

  1. Get attacked by something or someone to default Billy's center of gravity.
  2. Walk the right way up again.

Move Origin

When Sonny showed Jack his ideas for Billy's moveset, he said he was inspired by browsing the avatar store on X-Box Live. According to Sonny, the inspiration for his Neutral B came from Red Dead Redemption.

Side B: Zombie Pinkman

Hold down B like Brad's Up B to summon a Zombie Pinkman from Minecraft. Let go of B after it fully forms to send the monster forward. If he touches an opponent, he will strangle them simular to Michael Jackson's Zombies. Keep moving or press any button if you're being strangled to break out and kill the Pinkman.

Until Billy uses Side B again, the zombies will continuously respawn for 30 seconds.

Move Origin

Same reason as the Neutral B, except he was inspired by Minecraft.

Up B: Billy's Sing-Off

On the ground, Billy sings a random song, causing damage to nearby surrounders. Like Jigglypuff, you cannot move whilst singing.

If Billy is singing in the air, you can control him as he slowly floats down. The song he sings depends on the song playing on the stage. If there are no lyrics, Billy just makes up his own.

Whether on land or air, Billy's singing is so awesome, he is immune to projectiles during the singing.

Move Origin

In this video, Billy had a sing-off against Adagio Dazzle from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. During the sing-off, the song Bill sung was Attitude City, a song by the musical comedy duo, Ninja Sex Party.

Down B: Money Defence

Billy says "Mother Freaking..." whilst Ollars are used to build up his power. As soon as he says "...Money!", anyone nearby gets blasted away. To prevent spamming, this move costs Ollars the player has collected. If Billy has at least 100% damage, he does not use any Ollars and can stun everyone on the stage, stunning more depending on the damage or how close the opponent is. (Note: A CPU Billy or Multiplayer battles do not have an Ollar count.) Using this move in Coin Battles gives Billy extra money, unless he spams it or gets hit during the power building.

Move Origin

This video was a parody of Michel Bay's rap from Epic Rap Battles of History. The video can be seen here

Final Smash: Thriller Dance!

Billy says "Thriller Dance!", invincibly dancing to in the background, whilst an instrumental version of Thriller by Michael Jackson plays. While he's dancing, a horde of Zombie Pinkmen (Who are also dancing) appear randomly to attack the opponents, giving 60% damage to anyone the touch. After 3 waves of Pigmen show up, the Final Smash ends.

Move Origin

This Final Smash was an idea of Sonny's, which was mostly inspired by Michael Jackson's popular song, Thriller

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO Sound #1: Ow!

KO Sound #2: Oh my God!

Star KO Sound: I'm too funny to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Screen KO Sound: Stop it!

Up Taunt: Billy sits at his laptop saying "Chill man, I said I'll fight you. But first, let me finish using my laptop" This angers any grumps or angry characters nearby, distracting them.

Side Taunt: Says "Screw you, my Final Smash is better!"

Down Taunt: "Don't you ever get tired of being random?" *Short pause* "Me neither." (A reference to ASDFMovie)

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Says "Well, that escalated quickly."

Option #2: Points to the losers saying "Look at them! Look at them and laugh!"

Option #3: Does his Mother Freaking Money Pose.

Option #4: (Only against Sonny Slaven) "Bill wins! Bill wins!" *Bawks like a chicken at Sonny*

As a team with Sonny: They both rave together, the Rave Party Theme playing instead of the normal victory themes.

Losage: Billy stands holding his laptop with a disappointed look on his face.

Normal Attacks, Special Moveset Music, KO, Taunt Music, Victory Music

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial: Punches upwards whilst randomly yelling "I'M SUPERMAN!"

Neutral Aerial: Punches the opponent, while an unknown voice in the background can be heard saying "De-Hacktivated!"

Down Aerial: Stagedives onto the opponent.

Forward Aerial: Flaps his arms like a bird whilst making bird noises.

Reverse Aerial:

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt: Kicks the opponent while yelling "Kicked in yo' chest!"

Neutral Attack: Punches forward.

Combo: Hits the opponent 3 times with his "Screw you" meme.

Side Tilt: Party kicks.

Dash Attack: Charges forward whilst wearing a viking helmet.

Down Tilt: Rolls forward

Ledge/Get Up Attacks


Get Up: Breakdance kicks


Up Smash: Slashes upward with a lightsaber

Side Smash: Slaps the opponent whilst saying "Screw you!"

Down Smash: Slams a guitar down on the ground

Grab Moves:

Grab: Raises his arm in his own time.

Pummel: Punches multiple times whilst wearing a boxing glove

Forward Throw: Whips the opponent with his lasso

Reverse Throw: Throws he opponent in the opposite direction whilst saying "Lemons go THAT way."

Up Throw: Raises a dollar sign upwards whilst saying "Eat money!".

Down Throw: Drops a fake barbell on the opponent, while an unknown voice can be heard saying "Do it!"

Moveset Music

Attitude City - NSP (Genesis Remix)

KO Sounds and Taunts Music

Andrew WK - Party Party Party

Victory Music

Numa Numa

Angry Boss Codec

List of quotes in response to Billy's Up Taunt

  1. Sonny Slaven- "WHAT IS THIS!?!?"
  2. Brad Till- "Stop winding me up!"
  3. Matthew Whitehead- "Billy, do you want me to exterminate you?"
  4. Harry Bradshaw- "Oh shut up! You don't deserve it!"
  5. Brodi Welsford- "That'! Damn you! I've had it!"
  6. Amanda- "Stop using that laptop...NOW!!!!"
  7. Hilary- "Here's how the world works; you finish the battle, then you have your fun."
  8. Edward- "Stop it, stop it...STOP IT!"
  9. Horrid Henry- "Silence, worm!"
  10. Garfield- "I Hate Laptops!"
  12. Caillou- "You are so stupid and ugly."
  13. Finn Palmer- "No you will not Bill, shut up!"
  14. Tim Carter- "DENIED, SIT DOWN!"
  15. Angry Boss- "WHAT?! DID BRUCETON SEND YOU A TEXT?!!"
  16. Grandpa Gorilla- *Wild gorilla noises*
  17. Super Minecraft Kid- "FUUUUUCK!!!"
  18. Greg Heffley- "Stop. You look like one of the seven dwarves."
  19. Professor Poopypants- "I'll get my revenge, if it's the last thing I do!"
  20. Moody Margaret- "I'll get you, Billy!!!"
  21. Otto Hill- "No buts!"
  22. Ollie- "Are you saying I'm not scary?"
  23. Fred Flintstone- "And what may I ask do you think you're doing?"

Personal Data


  • Cartoon Size, slightly taller than Sonny.


  • Skinny


  • Sarcasm
  • Yuuki Ogata's stupidity (GODDAMMIT, YUUKI!!!)
  • When he has no money
  • Anyone who's a lemon
  • The London Dungeon


  • Summoning Zombie Pigmen (Sometimes Giant ones)
  • Tying People up with a Lasso
  • Using Money
  • Singing
  • Pissing people off by using his laptop


  • Eating Skittles
  • Singing
  • Using his Laptop
  • Playing Video Games
  • Being a Brony
  • Rap Battling others
  • Making random references
  • Saying "Olé!"
  • Memes
  • Being semi-annoying
  • Doing victory laps
  • Role-Playing
  • Watching Anime


  • England

Classic Safari Story

"After doing random and funny videos with his brother on Sonnyslavenproductions, the younger of The Slaven Brothers had taken up singing by doing covers of songs like Attitude City by Ninja Sex Party, and Party Party Party by Andrew WK...whilst still doing funny videos with his Brother, of course. After hearing of a tournament where whoever wins gets their wish granted by Barney the Dinosaur, Billy has decided to win the tournament to earn himself his own album, just for him."

Classic Safari Theme

Out in the Street by Cheap Trick - That 70's Show Theme Song

Classic Safari Ending

"Billy was so overjoyed after defeating Barney, and after Barney turned into a doll, Billy took the Barney Doll with him to tell him his wish...but not before doing a victory lap, of course. by winning the tournament, Billy now has his own album, featuring songs sung by him. Olé!"

Classic Safari Quotes

Victory Quotes

To Lee Saunderson: "What type of reviewer are you again?"

To Finn Palmer: "C'mon Finn, don't be a lemon!"

To Caillou: "Don't wanna be a Canadian Idiot!"

To Garfield: "I hate Mondays too, but you don't see me complaining."

To Sonny Slaven: "Yo Sonny, I heard how much you like WWE. So I sent you "AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!"

To Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver: "Wow man, you're just as happy as that unicorn-cat hybrid from The Lego Movie."

To Matthew Whitehead: "You sour, sour, sour little Spaceman."

To Brodi Welsford: "Not sure if Brodi Welsford, or Tomo Takino."

To Moody Margaret: "Margaret...Y U SO MOODY?!?!"

To Maxwell: "There can only be one user of Ollars!"

To Harry Bradshaw: "Tag, tag, sugar tag! Give me a tag and I'll tag you back!"

To Action 52: "My's awful!"

To Talking Joe: "You should get someone like Marvel or DC to publish your comic, then you'll be a millionaire."

To Smash Jarin: "Mimes...mimes everywhere."

To Angry Boss: "Okay, calm down. You want me to order you a pizza?"

To Amanda the Panda: "So you're untouchable in your Final Smash? Screw you, my Final Smash is better!"

To Captain Underpants: "Dude, please put some trousers on."

To Thin Air: "One does not simply create a meme out of thin air, bro."

Losing Quote


Rival Scripts

Bold= Billy's lines

To Brad

"Hey, aren't you that guy who rides elevator lifts for no reason whatsoever?"

"Yeah. And aren't you that guy who likes Memes and sings a lot for no reason whatsoever?"

"Yep. And I'll just say this Brad, your videos are boring."


"I'm just saying, man. I have seen a few of your videos, and all they involve is you riding lifts, riding trains, talking about them, and getting wound up by a few guys. I gotta admit, that's pretty dumb."

"Are you done criticising me yet?"

"Nope! And there was that one video where you reviewed a Pepsi drink. Good god, that was the most boring thing ever!"

"You know what? That's it! You have wound me up for the last time! Now get out of here and leave my railroad alone!"

"You want me to Bil-leave, you're gonna have to make me. Come at me, bro!"

"Alright, time to wind you up!"

If Billy Loses

"That'll teach you to wind me up." 

If Brad Loses

"Looks like you won't be riding any lifts for a while, huh Brad?"

Pawlette Swaps

  • Billy
  • New T-Shirt
  • Raribilly (Rarity Cosplay)
  • Bubbilly (Bubbles Cosplay)
  • Nostalgia Critic Cosplay
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Retro Billy
  • Sonny Cosplay


  • Billy is currently the youngest character in All Star Smashers terms of source material, having made his debut in August 2015.
  • Billy was a candidate for Empty Slot 2. Unfortunately, he didn't win it, losing to Chadtronic.
  • According to Jack Mayhew, the reason Billy was added was because when Jack was revamping the roster, there was an unintentional blank space next to Sonny Slaven's picture, so Jack decided to add Billy to the roster to fill that blank space and complete the revamped roster.
  • Billy is one of the 8 playable characters who are aware of All Star Smashers. The others being Sonny SlavenBrad Till, Brodi Welsford, Amanda the PandaSmash JarinHilary and Yuuki Ogata. Billy became aware of ASS after Sonny told him that he was a candidate in the 2nd Empty Slot.
  • Billy is one of the 2 characters who has a taunt that affects opponents. The other being Elouise Pitman.

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