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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 14 January

Who Killed Sonny Slaven? - The Truth

The Truth shall set you free!

The story began when Sonny Slaven and Colonel Sanders both grew up together inside the Manor in their younger years, and Donald Trump would drop in from time to time and the three were known as "the gang" together (Sonny was friends with Detective Sherlock Holmeston at this time too, but he never met the Colonel or Donald). The three of them were best friends with each other but the tragedy begins when Sonny meets Theresa Roth.

Sonny develops strong feelings for her and eventually she ends up marrying Sonny, and the two live together in the Manor, causing Sonny to ignore Donald and Colonel Sanders, that puts a wedge in their friendship. Theresa herself notices that something is wrong with the house, as she is pe…

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 23 December 2021

Who Killed Sonny Slaven? - The Final Chapter

In the final chapter of Who Killed Sonny Slaven, everyone is at each other's throats. Is everyone going mad inside this manor?

[Continuing where the last chapter left off, Willie is seen locking the door containing Donald and Theresa, as Colonel Sanders approaches him]


What the hell is going on? Where is Theresa?


She’s gone. And so is everyone else.

[Willie begins to walk away]


Wait a minute! Where the hell do you think you’re going?!


Away from here! This place is cursed! If you'd half a brain, you’d all do the same.

[He fully leaves the house. That's the last we're gonna see of Groundskeeper Willie in this story]


Don’t walk away from me! Where’s Theresa? Where’s Donald?!

[Colonel Sanders demands an…

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 18 December 2021

Who Killed Sonny Slaven? - Chapter 3

A new piece has been added to the puzzle.. Who is the mysterious Seer and what part does she have to play in all of this?

[Continuing where the last chapter left off, the mysterious gothic girl, Theresa, confronts the others inside the house, speaking in a monotone voice at all times]


What are you doing?


Who the hell are you?


Theresa? What are you doing here?


”Theresa”? How the hell do you know her?


Madame, I’m afraid you’ve come at a very inopportune time. Something dreadful has happened here.


I can see that... And I am glad for once that I came here before it got any worse...


This is only the tip of the iceberg! And it’s a big iceberg. How can I put this delicately... SONNY'S FUNK…

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 13 December 2021

Who Killed Sonny Slaven? - Chapter 2

Sonny Slaven is missing... or at least his body is. Is someone trying to cover their tracks? Or is there an even more sinister plot underfoot?

[Continuing where the last chapter left off, Holmeston and the District Attorney try to figure out where Sonny's dead body has ended up]


WHO DID THIS?! It certainly wasn’t me. No, no. Somebody, NOT ME, must have moved it between the time I was the last person alone with the body in the room and then stepped out for a few minutes to take care of some personal business, that you don’t need to know about, I was certainly not committing an antic. Could have been anybody... Except me.

[AskJeeves enters the room to investigate the commotion]


What the hell happened here?


The body’s be…

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 11 December 2021

Who Killed Sonny Slaven? - Chapter 1

I'm bored and since I love the Who Killed Markiplier? series, I decided to do my own parody with SSP characters.

[The Mansion is overlooked by the camera, there is dramatic music playing. After the introduction, someone viewed in first-person, meant to represent the District Attorney as well as the person reading this, stands outside the mansion, looking at their watch. They then head to the front door, where a man bearing a resemblance to Sonny Slaven is there, dressed similarly to Van Pelt from the Robin Williams Jumanji movie. This man, Colonel Sanders, greets the District Attorney]


Oh, bully! And here I thought I was gonna be the last guest to arrive. My name is Harland Sanders. But my friends call me the Colonel. You’re wel…

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 21 November 2021

British Paradise

As I walk through the valley of the English regime
I take a look at my life and realize it ain't clean
'Cause I've been blasting and laughing so long that
Even my mother thinks that I lost the plot
But I ain't never crossed a bloke that didn't deserve it
Treating me like a mug, you know that's unheard of
You better watch how you act here, towards the old bill
Or you and your mates there might just end up nicked
I really hate this job, but I gotta mate
As they bake, I see myself eating chocolate cake, sod
I'm the kinda bloke the little blighters wanna be like
On my knees in the night, saying prayers while eating chips

Been spendin' most their lives
Livin' in a British Paradise
Been spendin' most their lives
Livin' in a British Paradise
Keep spendin' most …

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 20 July 2021


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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 11 July 2021

Unus Annus (SSP Version)

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 6 April 2021

Island Wars

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 4 April 2021

Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers Edition: The Reboot Episode Five


We start the episode with the camera zoomed in on Bruce Hostname, as he addresses the audience.

Bruce: Surprise, surprise! This is not a drill! Just like the Irate Gamer, Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition: The Reboot is back for another episode after almost 3 years! Don't blame us, we didn't have any ideas. Anyways, in case you missed the last episode, a water fight happened, Emily won for Harry Bradshaw's team, and a member of Matthew Whitehead's team has to go! Are we all clear on that? Great! Let's get to it! But in case you forgot, here's the members of each team! For Harry's Islanders, we have the leader, Harry Bradshaw, followed by Otto Layfield, Lee Saunderson, Sonny Slaven, Billy Slaven, Emily Slaven…

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 2 April 2021

All Star Smashers Popularity Ranking

Since I'm bored, here's a custom ranking of all the ASS character movesets, based on the amount of views they have, based on Lawl's PopuLawrity ranking.

  • 1 DIVINE
  • 3 JOCK
  • 6 SHIT!

  • Greg Heffley
  • Go!Caillou

  • Captain Underpants
  • Horrid Henry
  • Super Minecraft Kid
  • Lee Saunderson
  • Maxwell
  • Papa Louie
  • Chadtronic
  • Action 52

  • Amanda the Panda
  • MimeFan
  • Sonny Slaven
  • Brad Till
  • Billy Slaven
  • Talking Joe
  • Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver
  • Thin Air

  • Oscar the White Tiger
  • Bruceton
  • Matthew Whitehead
  • Grandpa Gorilla
  • Dan Gough
  • Tim Carter
  • Edward Yui
  • Yuuki Ogata

  • Harry Bradshaw
  • Brodi Welsford
  • Finn Palmer
  • Elouise Pitman
  • Angry Boss

  • Hilary

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 13 December 2020

Donny Dlaven vs Lucy

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 13 December 2020

Suggestions and contributions for the Yuuki Ogata album

It's been a while since I stopped making blogs in May, right?

I'm back!

Anyways, I'm gonna speak some facts:

Don't worry, the Yuuki Ogata album is still being improved on, but the recent songs I made for it since August, "Computer Invasion", "Gordito", "Hardcore Mode on Ogata", "Nagahama Invaders", and an unfinished and unnamed tribute to a friend of mine IRL, were prety lacking in SOME creativity to me TBH.

Considering that I'm only beginning to start writing music now, it's not that surprising, but I've decided to open up reviews, critisisms, suggestions, and contributions for the album!

Basically, the way this works is you can review and criticize any song I made for it, or make suggestions and contributions to the album for references and a…

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Exotix7 Exotix7 12 December 2020

2 years ago...

...I've been hesitant to release this until I officially invited the menace.

(Sorry about the lack'o' Blunderpants, Donny, Genny 52 etc.)

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 12 December 2020

Hey, Mr. Wilson!

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 10 November 2020


Oh hullo! I'm back, folks! This calls for celebratory music!

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 8 May 2020

Smash Bros Lawl Collage (Custom Updated Version)

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 2 May 2020

Yuuki's School Music CD

So I graduated from school, and during the vacation, my teacher congratulated me and as a present, gave me a CD full of music me and my classmates sung and played from school.

The CD's audio tracks were possibly made from 3 microphones facing 30cm from each other, one microphone is the left, one microphone is the center, and one microphone is the right.

The audio tracks start from 1st grade, in Track 1, to at least 6th grade in Track 21.

I don't want to let the CD go to waste as a relic of the past, so here is the Google Drive link!

Use it in whatever project or thing you're doing, and have fun digging through old music relics of mine!

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 30 April 2020

I’m gonna recover the Yuuki Ogata account

So you remember that the Yuuki Ogata account was officially deleted accidentally by me on November of 2016, right? Well, I'm going to try and recover Yuuki Ogata's account from fading into obscurity. Wish me luck!

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 24 April 2020

Pineapples Express Poster

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 19 April 2020

I'm now making Yuuki Ogata's Hotel a real wiki.

I'm now making Yuuki Ogata's Hotel, based on my stupid wiki ideas, for my online friends and others to blog and discuss their favorite things (art, YTPs, music, anime, games, etc.), a real wiki.

Also, I'm now accepting teamwork on the wiki.

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 12 April 2020

After about a week or so, everyone's back in business!

So guys, we did it, the All Star Smashers wiki is now active again.

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 3 April 2020

Yuuki's announcement

Hey everyone, I came to make an announcement!

I'm gonna be using Vlare for now as my main website for making videos.

Why? Well, because four words: Google, is, screwed, over. That's all.

If you want to follow me on Vlare, you can, it'll take a while for me to finish editing my account page.

Anyway, see you there! I'll still be making blogs here and other websites though.

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 2 April 2020

Another stupid idea

Actually, I just came up with another stupid idea, and it's even dumber than usual.

"What if Yuuki Ogata made a wiki called Yuuki Ogata's Hotel?"

You might thinking "Why?!" Well, the reasons are:

1: I'm bored

2: I'm lazy

3: This idea activated my brain for some reason, IDK.

Anyways, here's the idea.

Basically, Yuuki Ogata's Hotel (the wiki, who would've figured) is a wiki, where I will mostly post my blogs alongside an image to go with it on a daily basis, but you can also log in and make your own random, regular blogs with images as well, or even have discussions and make pages about your favorite things like, anime, memes, YTPs, videogames, sharing help and ideas, etc. or personal stories, you name it. It's a multi-purpose wiki, that's just lik…

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 28 March 2020

I suggested Ib to Joel

I decided to email Joel and suggested he plays Ib in the next Spooky Saturday, and gave him a link to the download of the English translation of Ib.

You know what that kinda means?

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 23 March 2020

Everyone is Back Tier List

I've been aiming to do this for a long time...

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 22 March 2020

I did something stupid today

While my internet was dying, I decided to make "Yuuki Ogata finds Smash Bros. Lawl" skits using my microphone. They're divided into 3 parts.

It's also in Portuguese, but you can add English translations and subtitles by using a translator.

Anyway, here are the links (Do beware that yes, I improvised without rehearsal too):

Feel free to animate these if you want.

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 14 March 2020

What if Ib had a remake?

So I finally completed Ib 3 times basically! The first 2 tries had the Memory's Crannies ending, but the third try had the Promise of Reunion ending, thanks to a guide. But now I'm wondering, what if Ib had an up to date 2020 remake? I'm not talking about the original game remastered in HD, I'm talking the original game but remade to be much better, have more to the story, and so on. Here's how a Ib remake could work:

Very unlike the original game, the graphics has been given a huge overhaul, and many of the enviroments have unique artwork.

The remake takes you to many more enviroments, instead of just the haunted gallery and sketchbook that the original stayed with.

Each new environment also has its own unique music.

The first thing you will …

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 11 March 2020

The story of Mental Separation, my new game.

I think I finally wrote the story for my game. And it might be cringe, but I tried my best, or worst to be exact. It was originally in Portuguese, but I translated it into English, for you to cringe at it. Here's the story.


A crazy boy named Kaiki, has been locked up in a mental hospital for 10 months. After about 5 months, Kaiki gets out of bed, only to find out that the power has turned off, and Kaiki managed to escape the mental hospital with no problem, despite the maximum security there. Now seeing the city as a strange grotesque world with mutations walking around the city, and inexplicable things making Kaiki uncomfortable, he eventually managed to go back to Nagahama (the city I actually live in), escaping Tsuruga (the city w…

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 22 February 2020

Separação Mental: My new game

Hello, everyone! So basically, I decided I'm going to make a new game. This new game is a psychological adventure-horror game called Mental Seperation in English, or "Separação Mental" in Portuguese. However, I have no experience in making games, I might have a little bit of experience making 3D models, but if some people can actually help me with this game for:

-Making music

-Making the story

-Making textures or concept art and so on (Currently I have 2 concept arts)

I would appreciate it!

Currently, the people contributing for this game are:

-Yuuki Ogata (me)





Anyway, let me see your ideas for my game!

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Abnes, Idol of the Seven Sages Abnes, Idol of the Seven Sages 4 February 2020


That's right, ladies and gentlemen! It is I, Abnes, hero to little girls everywhere! And I have returned at last after my very long hiatus! (Or I forgot my password to activate my account, either excuse works! But I remembered it, so...Ga-thunk!)

And now, all of you little girl haters shall suffer my wrath and get ga-thunked on! Mwahahaha! >:D

Oh, yes! And I also plan to help out on this wiki from time to time, as well as interact with you fellow All Star Smashers fans and little girl protectors! For now, I will leave you with this adorable picture of me!

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BrandFlakes101 BrandFlakes101 18 January 2020

Fighters Pass Vol. 2 Predictions

With the 2nd Fighters Pass coming soon after being announced in the latest Smash Presentation, I would like to see all of your predictions for who could the 6 DLC characters in this pass be.

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 18 January 2020

This is why Sonny doesn't vote

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 14 January 2020


Hey everyone, I was inactive for a while.

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Randomfrog Randomfrog 7 January 2020

Progress Report Part 2

I'd like to do a weekly progress report on what I'm working on, a little like I did at the end of SMK's development. That way, people are a little less in the dark about how far along I am...

Should I do these on Facebook or here?

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 1 January 2020

IT'S A NEW DECADE, YES IT IS!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade to all of you!

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Exotix7 Exotix7 25 December 2019

A Special Message!

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BrandFlakes101 BrandFlakes101 14 December 2019

That One Ambitious Crossover Everyone Forgot About

While many people say that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame is the most ambitious crossover, there's this one game that most people don't talk about often, despite the huge amount of IPs it was able to get under its belt. That game I'm talking about is LEGO Dimensions. Do any of you remembered or at least heard of this game? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 15 November 2019

Decided to do a Steamed Hams meme

I decide to do something random, a scenario for a 'Steamed Hams but it's a normal day in the 4Kids office' type of meme.


[on a sunday afternoon, 2PM, in the 4Kids Corporation headquarters]
MR. FOX: Well, Alfred, I made it, despite your directions.
ALFRED: Ah, Supervisor Mr. FOX! Welcome! I hope you're prepared to see my cartoon concept!
MR. FOX: Yeah…
[ALFRED notices his cartoon is crashing]
ALFRED: [gasp] Oh no, e-gosh! My cartoon's ruined!
[ALFRED notices a Japanese town near headquarters]
ALFRED: Wait a minute… If you were to take Japanese cartoons and disguise them as your own cartoons… Hohohohohohohohoho! Delightfully evil, Albert!
[ALFRED gets caught by MR. FOX as he's about to climb out the window]
MR. FOX: Ah-

[Song s…

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Jackomoto1523 Jackomoto1523 1 November 2019

ask me anythink part 2

this is part 2 i have a new acounet so why not make a part 2

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BrandFlakes101 BrandFlakes101 31 October 2019

What are your favorite Halloween movies?

Since today is Halloween, I might as well ask all of you a question that's related to the holiday.

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 29 September 2019

One of the All Star Smashers decided to pay a visit to Jack's hometown!

Chincherrinas isn't the only creator who's met one of his characters.

Just in case Jack won't post this on the Wiki, I'll post it for him, since I think this is simply awesome, and also if he doesn't mind that is. Anyway, Jack actually managed to meet Harry Hill...IN REAL LIFE! :D

He told me this on Facebook via Messenger. According to Jack, he even got Harry to answer a question from him in the QnA segment. He answered that his favourite bit in the Harry Hill Movie was hanging out with Julie Walters, who played his Nan, as well as the scene when Abu puked felt tip on him and it only had one take. Also, Jack also told me that when his friend asked Harry if he'll ever make a sequel to his movie, he replied that he's currently writing a script…

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 11 September 2019

My Custom Yuki Nagato Moveset

If y'all liked the Mikuru moveset, I also wrote ideas for a Yuki Nagato moveset. I love Mikuru out of all the characters, but I think Nagato probably has more potential as a playable character. Probably because she's actually fought in the anime, unlike Mikuru. And plus, one Lawl spin-off had an Empty Slot which included Nagato as a candidate, so why not? Anyway, enough jibber-jabber.

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Yuki Nagato

Entrance: Space Intrusion

Yuki cuts a hole through part of the stage and emerges through it, ready to fight.

Inspiration Clip: (2:05-2:15; Keep in mind A LOT of inspiration clips will come from this fight scene. You could probably make a moveset for Nagato or Asakura usin…

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BrandFlakes101 BrandFlakes101 8 September 2019

This is the last one.

What characters would you like to see for Super Smash Bros Crusade?

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TheNotSoTangentGrub TheNotSoTangentGrub 7 September 2019

My Custom Mikuru Asahina moveset

I don't remember if I've ever done something like this before. And if I have, then I must've forgotten. But anyways, I have written out a custom moveset of Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and I'd like to show it to you, if I may. Keep in mind, these are just the ideas I have for now. If anyone wants to critique and send me ideas, feel free. Now let's begin!

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Mikuru Asahina

Entrance: Back From the Future

Mikuru arrives on the stage via her time travel device.

Inspiration Clip: (I don't actually remember her using it in the anime. So I'll just use this clip instead) (11:44-12:25)

Neutral B: Mikuru Shoot
Mikuru will get out two water guns. …

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TheUltimateSnap TheUltimateSnap 24 August 2019

My Timeline

I was born on August 20 on the Red Cross Hospital from where I live in Japan, my family was Brazilian. The Yuuki Ogata channel was created in 2015 when I got my hands on my Apple tablet and my family computer to make videos on. I have made lots of old cringy videos when I created the channel. One video of mine caused some controversy in Jack Mayhew's Smash Bros. spinoff community in the UK, known as All Star Smashers. All Star Smashers is a Smash Bros Lawl spinoff created by him, in case you didn't know. This video I mentioned would change my online personality during my great online European expansion forever. The video I mentioned stars with me moving my tongue up and down, then followed with "Yuour channel sucks!!!!!111" which pretty mu…

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BrandFlakes101 BrandFlakes101 18 August 2019

Now for something completely different.

What characters would you like to see in Super Smash Flash 2?

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BrandFlakes101 BrandFlakes101 11 August 2019

What are some characters that you would like to see in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

It could be any character that comes first in your mind.

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Exotix7 Exotix7 9 July 2019

Make your own All Star Smashers Wish List!

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Jack1523droid Jack1523droid 5 July 2019

what i think about every all star smashers charters

LEE one day lee will make a movie

SONNY my little fluttershy

BRAD im in the lift then the lift falls down AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


HARRY B black then turns to peach



MINEFAN is a mine




GREG who would think of this for smash bros?

ELOX7 this wiki makes me smile everyday

THENOTSOTANLENTGRUB are you a aniema girl

. JACK1523DROID this is the best wiki ever!

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