• BrandFlakes101

    What characters would you like to see in Super Smash Flash 2?

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  • BrandFlakes101

    It could be any character that comes first in your mind.

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  • Exotix7

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  • Jack1523droid

    LEE one day lee will make a movie

    SONNY my little fluttershy

    BRAD im in the lift then the lift falls down AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    HARRY B black then turns to peach

    broid YOUNG LINK 14 GONE


    MINEFAN is a mine




    GREG who would think of this for smash bros?

    ELOX7 this wiki makes me smile everyday

    THENOTSOTANLENTGRUB are you a aniema girl

    . JACK1523DROID this is the best wiki ever!

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  • Exotix7

    Mario: As famous as he is, Mario is just a basic character mostly memorable for his cool Italian catchphrases. Really, who doesn't prefer Luigi?

    Donkey Kong: Who says I only like characters because of memes? I always main jungle animals, what are you talking about?

    Link: Honestly, silent protagonists are cool but please don't kill me when I say I find his non-canon CD-i counterpart more interesting.

    Samus: Whatever. Cool chargeable shots and all but I don't consider bounty hunters a representation of myself.

    Dark Samus: It only recently got my attention that she was an Assist Trophy in Smash 4. Where's WALUIGI's prrrromotion?

    Yoshi: I didn't even THINK he was a dinosaur when I first heard of this character. Plus, he's green, my favourite colour…

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  • Exotix7

    So many ideas... which order should they be done?

    -Harry Hill’s moveset (we haven’t made it up, it’s a real show!)

    -Proceed onto more Patch Surgeries (Starting with Brad Till)

    -Patch Surgeries for previous Assist Trophies and Items! (My goal is to try and give one change to each.)

    -Captain Blunderpants (Yup, the SECOND Mutation Fighter.)

    -Stages Reboot 2 (Will also serve expansions of the first reboot.)

    -Assist Trophies Volume 4 (Actually, some progress has already been made!)

    -Items Volume 4 (Will take suggestions since I’m better at thinking up Assist Trophies.)

    -All Missing Angry Boss Interviews (May require additional voice actors for this one.)

    -All Wildlife Codecs (This on the other hand shouldn’t be so hard.)

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub
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  • Exotix7
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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub
    Let's do it:
    • Garfield- I like Garfield. I never read the comics, but I know people who do, and he's still a legend regardless. Besides, he doesn't like mondays! He deserves all the love in the world for that!
    • Alec Baldwin- Ah, one of the famous Baldwin Brothers, and probably also the most well-known Baldwin Brother too. Anyway, I've yet to see this film, but I've seen a couple YTP's involving Baldwin's portrayal in the film, where he's talking on the phone to someone. He could be a good idea to use. Heck, what if you actually go further and use multiple Alec Baldwin sources other than Thomas and the Magic Railroad?
    • Harry Hill- One of my all time favourite comedians. I absolutely loved TV Burp, and I liked his movie too. I kinda just wanna see…
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  • Exotix7

    28th May 2014 was when I made Lee kick Sonny's butt for the first time... then I got curious what it would be like if I tried writing them full movesets. Yeah about that...


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  • Jack1523droid

    ask me anythink

    May 27, 2019 by Jack1523droid


    HEY go and check my lawlllls wikia

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  • Randomfrog

    I've made it official!

    A tier list to organize the cast of All Star Smashers.

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    The ASS cast ponders on quite the topic... death! A permanent KO!

    Also a special guest has joined us for this one! (I had to put Rachael on there, okay? That option was basically calling out to her)

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Jack did one. So shall I. Besides, I love this game series.

    1. Plutia

    She is simply best girl. What more can I possibly say about her? She's so adorable! She is the greatest! Here are more reasons why she's so awesome!

    And here's a kawaii pic of her:

    Iris Heart's awesome too.

    2. Peashy

    Oh boy, the adorable little OP loli who can tranform into a thicc girl with bigger boobies than anyone else in the Nepiverse. She brings a whole new meaning to the term "Oppai Loli". Not only that, but she's incredibly strong and also incredibly cute and adorable. Also, due to her strength, blonde hair and yellow outfit, she reminds me of Yang from RWBY, but much much cuter. :3 I also like how even in HDD form, she's still as cutesy and childish as ever. She's pro…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Ultimate's Joker DLC is out, and All Star Smashes' cast be reacting via tier list!​​​​​​​

    Done with:

    Based on what Chincherrinas did again.

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Inspired by something recently posted on Smash Bros. Lawl's Facebook Page.

    Inspiration Post:

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  • Exotix7

    Title says it all. The reason I'm posting this here is because it's way too much information to be posting exclusively to PMs.

    Of course, my opinions and feelings can always change at the most random times.

    1. IF

    Already stated why if you look my comment on Chris Gamefield's community tab on YouTube but here's another reason I haven't mentioned there: She can't transform unlike other characters making her more realistic so there's less excuse to be jealous of her. Of course, Compa also falls into this fact but...

    Ok, here's a copypasta of my comment to save you from travelling there: 1. I wish I had green eyes like her's as well as my daddy's. But nope, I got born with the boring brown eyes instead :( no offense to myself or anyone else with …

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Check this stuff out before you read this. (It contains spoilers. Also, this is a Doctor Who reference)

    Goes great with this song.

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Finally, this has ended. (Spoiler: I've slightly tweaked this version of the ending. And as this is the last part, also contains 2 well-deserved and long-awaited cameos)

    Back on the Death Bomb.

    Executive: Your fleet is lost; and soon, the hole will be ours.

    Darth Bruceton: It is useless to resist.

    Caillou: You're wrong. So long as someone resists, you haven't won.

    Executive: Oh, we shall see. Now witness the fire power of this fully armed and Windows-compatible battle station! Fire at will, Commander!

    Darth Bruceton: Yeah, screw Will! He's a douche!

    The Death Bomb's laser cannon comes out and charges up, ready to fire at the Exit Strategy. The All Star Smashers look worried as the Executive looks with glee. All of a sudden, the cannon shuts off.


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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    It's time to cause a little distraction... ;)

    Caillou is on his bed at his laptop. He suddenly hears a voice as the spirit of Mick appears.

    Mick: *Phony spooky voice* Caaaaaaillou! Caaaaaailou!

    Caillou: Mick?

    Mick: Caillou, you must go to the internet. There you will find Master Agito, the high brow Lawler. He will teach you the ways of the Plot.

    Caillou: Internet? High brow Lawler?

    Mick: There you'll find the means to defeat Darth Bruceton, the douchebag who defeated me.

    Caillou: I-I can't do that. I can't kill my best friend. That's impossible.

    Mick: Caillou, like Shia LaBeouf always says, nothing's impossible. You simply have to swallow your humanity, leave your body and shove a molten laser sword down your best friend's oesophagus. It's the on…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    It's time again! Just 2 parts left now.

    Mick Ellison enters the room where Bruceton and Phoque are.

    Phoque: Why, Master Ellison. To what do I owe the pleasure?

    Mick: Chairman Phoque, on behalf of the All Star Smashers and anti-trollords everywhere, I place you under arrest. *Brandishes his lightsaber*

    Phoque: Are you threatening me, Master Critic?

    Mick: Duh!

    Phoque: You dare 'duh' me?

    Mick: You will be made to pay for your many crimes, especially helping Trump become president.

    Bruceton: Woah, woah, woah. Mick, what are you talking about?

    Mick: Bruceton, he's behind all of our recent problems.

    Bruceton: *To Phoque* Is this true?

    Phoque: Well, from a certain point of view, everything- Yes.

    Bruceton: *To Mick* I don't care. He deserves a trial, dude. Le…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    We open with Mick Ellison flying in a combination Star Wars X-Wing / Babylon 5 Starfury, complete with an R2 unit robot. He listens to a transmission.

    Executive: *Vo* Greetings, Matthew. I- Woah. What have you done with the place?

    Matthew: *Vo* Do you like it?

    Executive: *Vo* Yes. Especially that plant in the corner. Really ties the room together.

    Matthew: *Vo* Anyways, we lost Yuuki Ogata, but we may have gotten someone better.

    Executive: *Vo* Very well. Ship it via ground overnight delivery.

    Mick: Q3, set a new course.

    Q3 makes R2-D2's beeping noises.

    Mick: We're following the prisoner.

    Q3: *Beeps*

    Mick: Oh, you're just bitter because I wouldn't buy you that iPad you were flirting with.

    Q3: *Beeps*

    Mick: Because she was a whore!

    Q3: *Beeps*

    Mick: You …

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Alright. Let's do this ship!

    Back on the Exit Strategy.

    Harry: Ollie, report!

    Ollie: Uh, three-bedroom, two-door garage, siding could use a little work...

    Harry: I mean who's on it?

    Ollie: Oh, um, yeah, um... *Checking his scanner again*

    Cut to Matthew.

    Henchman: Sir, Harry's ship is requesting contact.

    Matthew: Let them eat static.

    Back on the Exit Strategy.

    Ollie: Sir, all I'm getting is static.

    Harry: Go to Spoiler Alert!

    The siren for Spoiler Alert goes off. It also says "Plug Ears. Close Eyes".

    Billy: Should I arm the photon red shells? *To Emily* It's so cool we have that!

    Emily: Teehee!

    Harry: Not yet.

    On the villians' ship.

    Matthew's henchman: They still haven't raised their shields, sir.

    Matthew: Of course. We are one big happy home-owners associat…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    What if All Star Smashers' story mode was like Avengers: Infinity War? What if it even ends up with half the roster disintegrating? If that were to happen, who would you believe would disintegrate? (Except for Matthew. I see him as Thanos, meaning he would cause all this) This would be my idea for who'd die, and I'll tell you by transcript:

    [Matthew Whitehead had just snapped his fingers using the Infinity Gauntlet, and after a bright light surrounded the area, he is snapped back to normal reality, and notices the damage inflicted on the gauntlet - the metal scorched and distorted from heat, the Infinity Stones no longer glowing.]

    Hilary: What'd you do? [angrily] WHAT'D YOU DO?!

    [Matthew nearly seems to not notice Hilary before he uses the Space…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    After over 9000 decades later, Part 3 is finally here!

    The screen is black as we see flash cuts of a diagram of some contraption in blue before we cut to moving through the stars. The Gort Robot suddenly appears in a dream-like state.


    Cut to Dincent Dan in Engineering who appears to have been daydreaming. Startled, he turns around to see Brad and Hilary working. Otto walks by them, suddenly bumping into Hilary.

    Otto: *Bored sounding* Sorry, head full of all the meats!

    Dan leaves after a few seconds, still unsure of what's happened to him, and we cut to him at a desk sketching out the "dream" device. A sleepy Brodi enters.

    Brodi: Oh. Oh, hey!

    Dan: Oh, hello, Brodi. What are you doing up here?

    Brodi: Um, I was …

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Oh hai, viewers! Let's get ready for Part 2!

    Open in Bag's office. He's playing A Hat in Time on his iPad as the Nerd comes in, holding some data printout.

    Nerd: Uh, sir. This just came in from the NSA. Interesting activity all over the net. We thought it was a worm overriding all the ASL systems, but...

    Bag: I told you. I just write video game policies. I don't understand it.

    Nerd: Sir, I think you should see this.

    The Nerd hands Bag a sketch of the hole.

    Bag: Where did you get this?

    Nerd: From the mind of a gibberish-speaking Japanese kid.

    Bag: Contact Matthew. We leave at once...right after I finish A Hat in Time.

    Cut to the Doctor's office with Yuuki knocked out. Bruceton is out of the room, Lee is eating a hot dog, and Caillou holds a can of s…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    About time I worked on this! Let's get to it!

    Our movie begins in space. We see a satellite orbiting over a nearby planet as it forms the All Star Smashers logo. We then fade to black as we hear dialogue from All-Star Knights.

    Eric: *Weakly* Team out of danger?

    Harry: Yes.

    Eric: Don’t grieve, Harry. It is logical. The needs of the many outweigh…

    Harry: *Finishing the line* …the needs of the few.

    Eric: Shut up, I’m talking.

    Harry: Oh, sorry.

    Eric: I never had much use for that stupid ring until now. What do you think of my solution?

    Harry: Eric…

    Cut to Otto and Yuuki, looking distraught, Otto shaking his head.

    Eric: I have been, and always shall be, your friend.

    Eric's hand comes up to smack Harry in the face.

    Eric: The power is yours.

    Eric's hand falls,…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Weewoo Head

    December 17, 2018 by TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Is there something you
    should tell me, white buddy?
    Are you aware of the light from
    the sun shining off of your head?

    I don't know what you mean,
    it's just a healthy sheen
    I must admit I feel a little strange
    But I've never felt better,
    I'm stronger than ever
    Can't you see nothing's changed?

    I don't know how to
    tell you, Weewoo buddy
    But you look just like a wildlife-hating
    annoying pint-sized spaceman

    I am light on my feet,
    now my face is hidden
    But my voice is the same when I speak
    My suit looks like aluminum foil
    Does this mean that I need a
    spaceship and get to the moon?

    I'm a Weewoo Head, a Weewoo Head,
    a Weewoo Head, a Weewoo Head
    I'm a Weewoo head, a Weewoo Head,
    a Weewoo Head, a WEEWOO HEAD!

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  • Exotix7

    The rivals of anyone who's not in this picture has either already been made by me or has already been revealed to be made in the future. 

    For the curious ones here are the spoiler-free rivalries of the current roster: 

    Lee Saunderson Vs. Sonny Slaven
    Brad Till Vs. Billy Slaven
    Matthew Vs. Harry B
    Amanda Vs. Oscar
    Talking Joe Vs. Maxwell
    Pete Vs. Finn Palmer
    Captain Underpants Vs. Professor Poopypants
    Horrid Henry Vs. Moody Margaret ...smees ti os ro
    Action 52 Vs. Thin Air
    Tim Carter Vs. Dincent Dan the Science Man!
    Angry Boss Vs. BRUUUUUUUCETON!
    Harry Hill Vs. Otto Hill (his evil twin!)

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  • Exotix7


    November 9, 2018 by Exotix7

    For about a year or so, I've been giving the whole rivals list for my roster a complete rethink. But going into the details would of course ruin the surprise!

    But I've got a challenge for you all... you've seen many characters suggested for All Star Smashers. But now let's focus on something different... rivalries! I challenge you to rival-up as many Empty Slot 4 and 5 characters as you can with no filler entries- the rivals have to provide an interesting moveset as well as have enough reason to compete with their opposing challenger!

    Let the suggestion wars begin!

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Just in case anyone wants to make their own custom trophies like I did.

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  • Randomfrog

    Volume eight?! What happened to volumes four through seven? According to "isaacsecondary" (mentioned in the description) we've gotten that far, and the video looks like this. Judging by the combination of sound, pacing, and visuals, I genuinely think that this is one of the first things you see in hell. 

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Hullo! As you can tell from the title of this blog post, I tried my hand at another moveset! Since I am a fan of RWBY, and since all of Team RWBY minus Ruby were in the 4th Empty Slot, I thought I'd make a moveset out of one of them. And after much consideration, I decided to go with writing a moveset for Yang. I may or may not try my hand at writing movesets for Weiss and Blake as well. Now, let's get to it!

    (Note: I've already posted this on the All Star Smashers Facebook page, and Jack's already seen this. But I thought I'd post it on here too to see what the other guys on this wiki think)

    All Star Smashers Character Moveset - Yang Xiao Long

    Entrance: Entering the Club- Yang appears as a silhouette (except for her hair) as doors open in fr…

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  • Exotix7

    Update Patch ideas needed!

    September 23, 2018 by Exotix7

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  • Exotix7

    Notice how the first 28 codenames go in order of when they got their movesets? Hat Kid is an exception being in between Katie and K. Rool’s as Skapokon confirmed her position is there instead due to lack of space. Irene is probably after Joel so in theory “Mirror” should go after “Stream” but the latter codename ends the moveset order so my guess is that the rest of the codenames starting with “Nuclear” go in order of the movesets of whose rivals they are rather than the order of when the rivals themselves will be joining. The first Lawl Nova character to get a moveset whose rival hasn’t been revealed yet is Yzma. Of course this is not true but Billy Slaven predicts that “Suit” is the codename for Barney Stinson. I’ve heard that people hav…

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  • Randomfrog

    Behind the Scenes

    September 8, 2018 by Randomfrog

    The behind the scenes video for the auditorium in Greg's moveset. I will be releasing more videos like this on this channel (it's gonna be my main now).

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  • Exotix7

    Also to make up for skipping Edd’s crappy meme, I’ll contribute to this one:

    Be warned that this is probably gonna end up as subjective as the Celebrities/YTP/Cults divisions:

    The King- Of course, only the cutscenes and poops, luckily never played the CD-I games.

    IM Meen- Again only cutscenes and poops count.

    Leonidas- Not seen 300, just the THIS IS SPARTA remixes and references in YTP.

    Mama Luigi- Actually watched all the Super Mario World AND Bros. 3 episodes before knowing about YTP.

    Dr. Robotnik- Again only poops count. Boogie Mania is the only episode I watched for obvious reasons.

    Dr. Wily- Not seen it because I think his Lawl appearance already covers his awesomeness.

    Hank Hill- Same as Wily.

    Billy Mays- Same as previous two.

    Hitler-Assuming …

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    I made a song!

    September 2, 2018 by TheNotSoTangentGrub
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  • Randomfrog

    This will be updated every time another one comes out.

    This was more or less my audition for All Star Smashers. Looking back it's pretty damm outdated, but it was my first All Star Smashers related video. I wasn't even the editor yet, just the artist. Overall a good vid for what it was, but those assets are kind of starting to look old. Billy's could definitely use a cleaner redraw.

    This got started near exclusively because my wifi had gone out and I was bored. I had all of the videos assets put together already save for a few. I think it could've used some HUDs, but they were a lot more time-consuming for me back then. I'm glad the video was made though. It got All Star Smashers some minor attention about the new artstyle.

    Although I'm reall…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Various members of All Star Smashers and other special guests participate in a Royal Rumble battle between Harry Bradshaw and Matthew Whitehead.

    Matthew Whitehead is standing on top of a building.

    Matthew: (Singing to the tune of "Oh what a beautiful morning" from Oklohoma) There's a bright, sunny day in Fosse Way...

    He starts walking around on the building.

    Matthew: There's a bright, sunny day in Fosse Way... Corruptions as high as an elephant's eye...

    Shows some skyscrapers.

    Matthew: And the meters cost $74.25... 

    Shows Diesel smacking a parking meter.

    Matthew: Oh, what an adequate morning! Oh, what an adequate day! I got an adequate feeling everything's going my way! Oh, what a... (Speaking) FRICK ME!

    Video game music is interrupting his song. H…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    At last...we have made it to the end.

    Continuing where Part 6 left off, the Mysterious Person is shown, staring down the camera (and by extension, the cast across the street). Cut to Harry, looking back at the MP, worried. He turns around and walks up to Sonny, who is looking like he is in trouble.

    Harry: You didn’t bring the map with ya, did ya?

    Sonny: Maybe…

    Harry hits Sonny over the head with the Power Glove repeatedly.

    Harry: Stupid! Stupid! Idiot! That’s how he’s been tracking us!

    Harry looks back. the Mysterious Person is still across the street, staring them down. The Mysterious Person begins to cross the street. A car comes right at him, honking as it approaches, but it explodes just as it was about to flatten the MP, who continues to cr…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    FINALLY! Finally, I've had the time to work on this. Only one part left after this. (Also good news, Frog. You finally get a cameo in this)

    Shot of the woods, from which Sonny's group comes out.

    Rachael: *Monotone* seems that this house appears to be the last location in our quest through this journey called life.

    A house is shown. The others are slightly creeped out by Rachael's comment.

    Edward: How do we get in?

    Boss: Fear not! I will handle this at once! There's a rotten tomato in this building!

    Cut to a door. A door bell is heard, and it opens, showing the person who lives there. Then it cuts to Sonny's group, where The Boss has his sword unsheathed. A Spanish guitar is heard.

    Boss: Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my hamst…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub


    The video opens up on the exterior of a house, then cuts inside to a room with cheap paneling on the walls and clutter all over, and finally cuts to a door. The door opens with a creak, and Harry pokes his head inside and looks around.

    Harry: Hello?

    Harry and Tim walk up a flight of stairs.

    Harry: Hello!

    Tim: Are you sure about this? Just… breaking into a person’s home?

    By now, Pete has joined Harry and Tim on the stairs. Harry pulls out the map.

    Harry: Well, it’s what the map says. “Go down the Chestnut, nearest in sight, where the brick castles lay, third one on the right.” This is Chestnut Road, and this is the third house on the right, so it’s got to be it.

    Dr. Rex: Harry, Is this going to take long, because I’m conce…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    'Sup? I'm kinda bored...

    Harry and his group continue their way through the forest trail. As Harry is viewing the map, Billy begins to make conversation.

    Billy: You know, Harry, I couldn't help but feel that you're... not getting into character.

    Harry: Well, sure I am. I'm all Scottish and stuff.

    Billy: Well it's just that... The map says that we must be in character in order to find the treasure. It... helps us find our way...

    Harry: Alright, Sir Sings-alot, tell me what this means then: "You will ask which warlock which way to go. Which way do you think which warlock will show?" Now what the hell does that mean?

    The party is startled be a clap of thunder. They look forward to see a little lady with thick, black glasses, a pointed rubber nose, …

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    It's time...for Part 3.

    Harry and his group continue to make their way through the forest. Harry stops, spotting something.

    Harry: Well, that's lucky.

    A lawn chair is shown sitting by itself in the middle of a path. Harry looks back at everyone.

    Harry: Tired, my friends?

    Group: Yes.

    Harry: As am I. But we have quite a problem. *Cut to chair* One chair and several of us. Now, I'm sure there's a perfectly rational adult way to deal with this- Dibs!

    Dr. Rex: Dibs! Ah! *Looks frustrated*

    Harry chuckles in triumph and goes over, sitting down as the others look slightly annoyed. The group tries to rest up.

    Hilary: *To dolls* That's right, friends. We're gonna rest now!

    Billy approaches Harry and kneels down beside him.

    Billy: Might I bring up something tro…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    "Hello again!"- Pyrrha Nikos

    Harry and his group make their way along a trail through a forest. Harry reads the map as they walk along.

    TJ: Correct?

    Harry: What, the map? I think so. It says, “Five hundred steps into northern siege, you'll enter a field that is filled with trees.” Only forest reserve that's around that distance, so this has gotta be it.

    Pete: Well, I, for one, am glad to be on this team. After all, it is the team with the most imagination! Isn't that right, Little Harry?

    Harry: *In a disinterested manner* Hm? Oh, yeah, uh. Oh, ah, magical...

    Hilary: Well, at least my little friends are having a good time. *Speaks to toys* Aren't you, little friends?

    Dr. Rex: You know, Hilary, I have to admit. I think you might be getting into cha…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Since I've reached the same limit of episodes as Frog's Character Elimiantion series, why not put the reboot on a hiatus for a while, to focus on something else? And since I loved making KickASSia, why not also make a parody of the second TGWTG movie, Suburban Knights?

    All-Star Knights: Part 1

    The video opens up with a desolate road. A car drives by, and we're shown the driver, as he headbangs to rock music. He stops after seeing a guy wearing leather clothes and sunglasses and holding a staff by the side of the road.

    Driver: Hey, buddy! Need a lift?

    Mysterious Person: In this?

    Driver: Yeah, unless you can pull a plane out of your pocket. *laughs* 'Cause that'd be awesome.

    The mysterious guy sighs as he enters the car

    Driver: I really dig your ge…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    'Bout time I finished this one. Now we've reached the same amount of episodes as Frog's version.

    Caillou and Otto Hill are talking to each other.

    Caillou: Wow, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I really expected to be voted out almost immediately due to the whole grounded thing. What do you think, Otto?

    Otto Hill: *Sarcastically, he doesn't really care* I guess you’ve redeemed yourself or something.

    Bruce comes into shot very quickly, interrupting their conversation.


    The crane comes and picks up Caillou and flings him into the penalty box. He lands very loudly.

    Caillou: But I did nothing wrong!


    Yuuki: GEEEEEE…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Bruce: Last time, on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers Edition: The Reboot…

    The screen begins to show clips from the last episode.

    Bruce: The teams got to work doing some heavy construction. The battle was to build the best hotel. Eventually some shenanigans involving Siper Minecraft Kid got in and destroyed The Wildlife Harmers' hotel- leaving them with a pile of bricks and a slice of humble pie. Who will go? Who will stay? How did two near-fatal injuries happen in only the second episode? Find out in this episode of Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers Edition: The Reboot!

    The opening theme plays.

    After that, The Wildlife Harmers are at the elimination camp once more.

    Bruce: And yes, we change the theme song each episode.…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    And now part 2! Let's all build a hotel! (This one was changed quite a bit over Frog's version)

    Bruce: Last time, on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers Edition: The Reboot…

    The screen begins to show clips from the last episode.

    Bruce: The competition began and it was a race to the finish for survival in the game. A rather large tangle started with Pete’s bus and it began to look like a tie- but Yuuki Ogata came just a bit short...actually, scratch that. He caame up VERY short. Who will fall and who will survive another day in the challenge? Find out this episode on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers Edition: The Reboot!

    The opening theme plays.

    After that, Bruce is at the elimination camp with The Wildlife Harmers.

    Bruce: H…

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