This is Bob. He is a Unicode-based copypasta of a stick figure character, which is most commonly used to spam the comments section on YouTube. The precise origin of the very first "Bob" character remains unclear, but the earliest known instances of the copypasta began appearing in YouTube comments sometime between June 2008 and April 2009, according to Google Trends and numerous forum discussions about the spam. On April 10th, 2009, a sudden, noticeable influx of the copypasta on YouTube led to more than a dozen of queries about the stick-figure character on Yahoo Answers. Like with most chain e-mails or spam comments, Bob was instantly met by hostile responses from the rest of YouTube community, leading to frequent clashes between those who endorse Bob and those who flag the comments as spam. The copypasta continued to permeate the comments section of videos on YouTube, eventually reaching its second highest peak in terms of Google search interest circa June 2010 before declining gradually over the following years.

Bob, along with his whole entire Army, appears in All Star Smashers as a Primary Spirit as an Ace class, where you must fight 3 Talking Joes at Battlefield to obtain him. When fighting the 3 TJ's, the battle will be timed, all 3 TJ's will be miniature, loads of shooting items will suddenly appear, and TJ will multiply.


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