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Brodi Welsford, also known as YoungLink14, is an American YouTuber. She's a Legend of Zelda fanatic, who is always being her usual hyperactive self.


All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Brodi Welsford-0

Entrance: Take this alone.

Brodi walks towards a sword stuck on the stage and slowly pulls it up.

Move Origin

Based on what Link does in the original The Legend of Zelda. He takes his first sword from an old man in a cave and is also seen pulling the Master Sword out in other games.

Special Moves

Neutral B: The Legend of Crossbow

Brodi gets out an arrow and aims in front of her. Hold B to increase the arrow's potential damage. Let go of B to fire the arrow. The longer it was charged for, the slower but more powerful the arrow will be. The arrow will eventually stop flying but still stay on screen after travelling for a while. Only one arrow can be on the screen at a time. While charging an arrow, Brodi can always move around. If she is close to an opponent while aiming, a yellow triangle will appear in front of him or her. In 4 player battles, charging the bow near all 3 opponents gives the opponent with the most damage the Triforce of Power which is a blue triangle. With those triangles around, Brodi can fire the arrow to automatically lock onto all the triangles. When it hits a triangle, it will explode on the opponent. The opponent with the Triforce of Power will not only become the strongest opponent in the match, but also the darkest. This will make them the most vulnerable to Brodi's Final Smash.

Move Origin

This move is based on Brodi's obsession with The Legend of Zelda.

Side B: Master Shield

Hold Side B and Brodi will defend herself with a metal shield. If an opponent hits the shield with a ground attack, they will trip over (projectiles don't count). The shield can also stop projectiles. If strong attacks, such as smash attacks, hit the shield a wall of fire will be created. Only Brodi can pass these kinds of walls. Let go of B to put the shield away. The flame wall will stay for 10 seconds before it fades away. The shield can also be used attract the Triforce of Power from the opponent with it, like a magnet. If somebody touches this Triforce when it's floating, they will obtain it. If Brodi's head or back is hit, the Triforce will fall on the ground for others to pick up.

Move Origin

Same as her Neutral B.

Up B: Super Why?

Super Why will fly onto Brodi's back. In this state, Brodi can slowly walk forwards and backwards. If she walks off a ledge, Super Why will fly Brodi up to the sky. After a while, Super Why will stop flying. Tilt down on the controller to desend. While desending, moving left of right will make Brodi perform a spin attack. If Up B is pressed when Brodi is in midair, Super Why will arrive in a plane to carry Brodi. Then he will land somewhere solid.

Move Origin

This is based on Brodi's love of Super Why.

Down B: Dig a Kirby

Brodi will dig out a small pink blob called Kirby. Kirby will follow Brodi wherever she goes. Press Down B with him to make him swing a hammer. Kirby has a grab move which involves inhaling the opponent. Everytime Kirby pummels, he will get bigger. The opponent will not be able to get out until 3 seconds have passed. He also has some smash attacks which involve him flying on a wrap star. After one smash, Kirby will disappear. If Brodi tries to dig out a Kirby on a thin platform, a rock will fall under it.

Move Origin

Brodi is also obsessed with the Kirby games.

Final Smash: Head Cut

Brodi will teleport to the darkest opponent or to the one with the Triforce of Power and cut their head off which kills them. The head will go flying and anyone who touches the head will be damaged. If the beheaded character has any more stocks, their head will grow back on the body.

Move Origin

Like Daffy Duck's Hammer, this is based on a skit gag made up by the creator based on if Brodi cut Matthew's head off with her Master Sword.

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO Sound 1: *In Tomo Takino's voice* Dammit, I'm gonna get you for this!

KO Sound 2: No!

Star KO: Files offscreen and makes chipmunk noises.

Screen KO: *Squawks*

Up Taunt: Does some fighting poses.

Side Taunt: Points to the ground and says "Think again!"

Down Taunt: Tightens her fists saying "You think you can put it up with your big fast feet?"

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Runs off while a bodyguard chases her yelling "Hold it right there!"

Option #2: Punches the air shrieking hyperactively.

Option #3: Sits down trying to keep calm while some clouds of stress fly around her.

Losage: Sits down unhappy.

Normal Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial: Does an upper punch still.

Neutral Aerial: Does an attack combo.

Down Aerial: Points at some thunder sticking at the bottom of her.

Forward Aerial: Performs 2 spin kicks.

Reverse Aerial: Does a back kick.

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt: Punches the air shrieking.

Neutral Attack:

Combo: Attack Combo with Sword.

Side Tilt: Attacks with the Master Sword.

Dash Attack: Holds a spinning Beyblade.

Down Tilt: Kicks.

Ledge/Get Up Attacks

Ledge: Jumps and sword slices.

Get Up: The Triforce surrounds her while she gets up.


Up Smash: Spins around flying with the Master Sword.

Side Smash: Throws a Deku Nut.

Down Smash: Spin Attack, crouched.

Grab Moves:

Grab: She grabs the opponent with one hand.

Pummel: Attacks with thunder bolts.

Forward Throw: Beyblade, Let It Rip!

Reverse Throw: Punches the enemy.

Up Throw: Flies up with a SuperWhy cape.

Down Throw: Runs with her legs trampling on the enemy.

Moveset Music


KO Sounds & Taunts Music

Joyful- Fanfare

Victory Music

Link's Victory Theme from Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64

Angry Boss Codec

Angry Boss: Owen, who is that woman? And why is she from the series called "The Legend of Zelda"?

Owen Maddox: Boss, we have news that the woman you see right now is actually Brodi Welsford. Oh and by the way, she is not actually from The Legend of Zelda. She is from YouTube.

Victor Vam Pire: If you didn't know, Brodi is way faster then Megan Williams. It's because she is fat.

Angry Boss: Wait, you mean Megan Williams is fat?

Victor Vam Pire: Yes.

Angry Boss: Then what does she look like?

Owen Maddox: Well, she looks like this: *Shows a picture of Megan Williams*

Angry Boss: Wow! She really is fat! She should get exercise. She needs to go to my exercising building.

Owen Maddox: Yep, that's the point. Oh and by the way, watch out for her moves. She has a crossbow that looks like a mouse.

Angry Boss: Really? A crossbow that looks like a mouse? That's pretty useless.

Owen Maddox: And because of that, she sucks.

Angry Boss: Hey! That's my line!

Owen Maddox: Yep, I know that. But have you seen Brodi Welsford's moveset?

(Angry Boss thinks for a while.)

Angry Boss: SHOW IT!

Owen Maddox: Roll the video in 3, 2, 1, (Shows Brodi's moveset intro showing her beating Megan to the bus stop.)

(Awkward silence with Angry Boss smiling.)

Owen Maddox: Uh oh! The boss is going to have the ultimate best moment! Everyone, get out of here!

(Everyone leaves the room.)

Victor Vam Pire: Ultimate boss rage unleash in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Angry Boss (in M. Bison's voice): YES! YES! (His cheering attacks and possibly KO's everyone on screen.)

Personal Data


Anime Size




  • Getting stressed


  • Running very fast
  • Using stuff from The Legend of Zelda
  • Summoning Super Why?
  • Summoning Kirby


  • Being hyperactive
  • Obsessing over stuff she likes
  • Beating Megan Williams to the Bus Stop
  • Running very fast


  • America

Classic Safari Story

Pawlette Swaps

In order: Brodi, Megan, Tomo Takino, Haruhi, Yuno and Konata.


  • She along with Lee Saunderson and Talking Joe are the only original characters in All Star Smashers to have a series icon from an official series as part of their representation.
  • Her Final Smash was originally confirmed differently, with the same name. Brodi would punch the darkest opponent into a large triangle. The opponent would hit their head on each side around the triangle, hurting them. Anyone can get caught in the triangle. Eventually, the Triangle will disappear.
  • Brodi is one of the 8 playable characters who are aware of All Star Smashers. The others being Sonny Slaven, Brad TillAmanda the Panda, Smash Jarin, Hilary, Yuuki Ogata and Billy Slaven.
  • Some of Brodi's lines are taken from Tomo Takino's voice in the English Dub of Azumanga Daioh. This is due to Brodi's personality being very similar to Tomo's.

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