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Ja-RED Bruce-TON is the super-powered alter ego of Jared Bruceton. He appears in The Stretch Squad, most likely as a boss.

Role in The Stretch Squad

In The House of Fear, after finding some steroids while hiding from Angry Boss, Bruceton decides to use them on himself to turn into his supervillain alter ego. After taunting The Boss, he dashes out of the house, so that he is able to use the steroids.

After some time, the steroids appear to take effect, as Bruceton reappears, this time as Bruce-TON. He destroys The House of Fear, and then he finds Angry Boss' trophy (The Boss was KO'd earlier on by Mr. Fear while he was searching for Bruceton) and leaves while taking The Boss with him.


We have yet to see Bruce-TON be fought in the story mode,so his moveset is unknown.


  • Bruce-TON was never in a SSP video before his debut in The Stretch Squad. So as a result, the concept of Bruceton having a super form first appeared here in All Star Smashers.