Jared Bruceton, better known simply as Bruceton, is a fictional character in the Sonnyslavenproductions Universe. He is an obnoxious, egotistical and loudmouthed trollord, and an employee of Angry Boss, who always manages to piss his boss off with hilarious, silly and creative antics. He also likes to steal the quotes of various well-known people, most notably The New Day from WWE.

How to unlock

Clear Classic Safari as Angry Boss.

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Bruceton

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Bruceton

Entrance: Late for Lawl

Bruceton rushes into battle yelling "I'm late for Lawl, I gotta run!" (Reference to Smash Bros Lawl.)

Move Origin

In the custom moveset Sonny Slaven made for Bruceton, this was his entrance.

Neutral B: Cyber- Prank

Tap B each time and Bruceton will type on a key. If you tap B enough on the laptop, he will carry it as an item. You can either throw it like the already useable item or you can tap B to send an insulting message Bruceton typed to the character with the highest Grumpiness. If it touches the target, it will stun him or her and they will give a special reaction. They are immobile while reacting and will react longer depending on that character's grumpiness. What the message says depends on who Bruceton is typing to.

Here are all the characters' responses to their received messages.

  1. Lee Saunderson- "Oh my God I hate getting trolled it's kill time!"
  2. Sonny Slaven- "Shut up, troll!"
  3. Donny Dlaven- "You know, that's not a very nice thing to say. NOT sick."
  4. Brad Till- "Don't you DARE wind me up!"
  5. Matthew Whitehead- *Cries like a baby*
  6. Elouise Pitman- "What was that for?"
  7. Harry Bradshaw- "Stop it!"
  8. Brodi Welsford- "Damn you...unforgivable!"
  9. Amanda- "I'm not cute! I'm chubby!"
  10. Oscar- "Leave me alone, I'm reading your message!"
  11. MimeFan- "OH ME GOODNESS!!!"
  12. Talking Joe- "Trollord."
  13. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver- "Alright, little Bruceton?"
  14. Hilary- "Shit!"
  15. Edward- "No no no no no no no no no no no!"
  16. Captain Underpants- "Stop! In the name of underwear!"
  17. Captian Blunderpants- ""
  18. Maxwell- *Holds his head in shame*
  19. Papa Louie- "Brr!"
  21. Garfield- "I Hate Cyber-Bullies!"
  23. Go!Caillou- "Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!"
  24. Action 52- *Crashes*
  25. Finn Palmer- "Bruceton, I'm a Boy!"
  26. Chadtronic- "Huh, I can't let it go guys, like, I can't."
  27. Billy Slaven- "Not cool bro, not cool at all."
  28. Thin Air- *Rains aggressively*
  29. Tim Carter- "DETENTION! NOW!"
  31. Bruceton- "Who is that guy? Is he a master at trolling people like me!?"
  32. Dan Gough- "You're wrong, Science rules!"
  33. Grandpa Gorilla- *Makes wild gorilla noises*
  34. Super Minecraft Kid- "FUCK YOU!"
  35. Greg Heffley- "AHHHHHHH!"
  36. Harry Hill- "Dirty boy!"
  37. Professor Poopypants- "Stop right now! It's not funny!"
  38. Moody Margaret- "Girls rule! Girls rule!"
  39. Otto Hill- "I know!"
  40. Tabatha- ""
  41. Ollie- ""
  42. Fred Flintstone- ""
  43. Steve Burns- ""

And here are the different messages Bruceton can send:

  1. Lee Saunderson- YOU'RE FAT!
  2. Sonny Slaven- UR A NERD!
  4. Brad Till- NAUGHTY BOY!
  5. Matthew Whitehead- CRYBABY!
  6. Elouise Pitman- FRICK SHARKS!
  7. Harry Bradshaw- FOUND YOU!
  9. Amanda- UR CUTE!
  10. Oscar- ONE EYES!
  12. Talking Joe- FEAR ME!
  13. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver- HEY PETE!
  14. Hilary- FAECES FACE!
  15. Edward- MICK, NERF PLS!
  16. Captain Underpants- TRO-LOL-LOL!
  17. Captain Blunderpants- LOL-LOL-TRO!
  18. Maxwell- ROOSTER HEAD!
  19. Papa Louie- KISS THE COOK!
  20. Horrid Henry- HOMEWERK HENRY!
  21. Garfield- FATTY CATTY!
  22. Yuuki Ogata- ENGLISH PLZ!
  23. Go!Caillou- YOU'RE GROUNDED!
  24. Action 52- THIS GAME SUCKS!
  25. Finn Palmer- FINN'S A GIRL!
  26. Chadtronic- FRICK YOU!
  27. Billy Slaven- ANIME SUCKS!
  28. Thin Air- U R A NOBODY!
  30. Angry Boss- YOU SUCK!
  31. Bruceton- WHO DA F**K R U?
  32. Dan Gough- SCIENCE SUCKS!
  33. Grandpa Gorilla- UR OLD!
  34. Super Minecraft Kid- MINECRAFT IS BAD!
  35. Greg Heffley- UR A WIMP!
  36. Harry Hill- SAUSAGE FACE!
  37. Professor Poopypants- UR NAME'S FUNNY!
  38. Moody Margaret- GIRLS SUCK!
  39. Otto Hill- UR AN EVIL TWIN!
  40. Tabatha-
  41. Ollie- UR NOT SCARY!
  42. Fred Flintstone-
  43. Steve Burns-

Move Origin

This move came from a video called His Name is Bruceton, which was a parody of Ciego que en realidad ve from the Spanish comedy duo, Venga Monjas.

Side B: Antics Spotlight

Bruceton disappears. On a stage with platforms, you can select the platform you want to appear on, Menu Screen Style. Then, tap the A or B button to appear on that spot. If Bruceton disappears as soon as a projectile passes him, he will hold onto it once he reappears, replacing any item he's already holding, if he has one.

If Bruceton is fighting on a stage without platforms, he will just move left or right depending on the direction you choose.

Move Origin

In the custom moveset Sonny made for him, this move was Bruceton's Up-B.

Up B: The Entire Workforce

All of Bruceton's work buddies appear behind Bruceton, attacking anyone behind him as they walk towards him. If they reach Bruceton, they will all lift him up. They can walk around and jump while carrying him until Bruceton gets hit or you press the B button to throw him up in the air.

However, this recovery has a downside. The further they throw him to the sky depends on the amount of damage Bruceton has. This means at high damage, they can accidentally Star KO him.

Move Origin

Again, this was from Sonny's custom moveset, where this move was Bruceton's Side-B.

Down B: Bruceto-Whoopie

Bruceton poisons any nearby opponents with his all-new Bruceto-Whoopie. Like the Wario Waft, this move's power builds up when it's not being used. The Bruceto-Whoopie also does knockback if it's been used after 10 seconds of absence.

If nobody is affected during usage, it'll drop on the floor. It will build up air if it doesn't get stepped on. If someone does step on it, it'll damage and distract them depending on how much air is being squeezed out. After that, Bruceton laughs at the opponent leaving him open to attacks. The more Grumpiness the opponent has, the funnier Bruceton thinks he or she is so he laughs more depending on how high their Grump Factor is.

There can only be one Bruceto-Whoopie on screen at a time. NOTE: This is the only original move in Bruceton's moveset.

Move Origin

While this move is original, the name itself is inspired by a running gag.

Similiar to Fegelein's inventions from The Frollo Show, Bruceton has pranking inventions which names are always named after his name (Bruceto-X).

Final Smash: Embarrassing Footage

Bruceton gets out his Ipod and says the following line:

"Hey, check it out! I leaked some embarrassing footage of *Insert fighter's name here*"

When he shows the footage, everyone else, including Bruceton laughs at him or her. Then the target gets so embarrassed of him or herself that they will force themselves to run away in disgrace and KO themselves.

List of Bruceton's Embarrassing Footage:

  1. Lee Saunderson- Getting fat at McDonalds
  2. Sonny Slaven- Getting hit by a milk bottle
  3. Donny Dlaven-
  4. Brad Till- Getting grounded for killing Thomas The Tank Engine
  5. Matthew Whitehead- Getting yelled at by Dan Gough
  6. Elouise Pitman-
  7. Harry Bradshaw- James Turner touching his clothing
  8. Brodi Welsford-
  9. Amanda-
  10. Oscar- Amanda interrupting his nap
  11. MimeFan-
  12. Talking Joe-
  13. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver- Getting killed by Finn
  14. Hilary-
  15. Edward- Panicking on the Bus
  16. Captain Underpants-
  17. Captain Blunderpants-
  18. Maxwell-
  19. Papa Louie-
  20. Horrid Henry-
  21. Garfield-
  22. Yuuki Ogata- Getting grounded and pwned by Sonny Slaven
  23. Go!Caillou- You guessed it, getting grounded (OF COURSE!)
  24. Action 52- AVGN's review
  25. Finn Palmer- Jack Mayhew filming him
  26. Chadtronic- Getting scared by Glutko
  27. Billy Slaven- Getting terrified by the London Dungeons
  28. Thin Air-
  29. Tim Carter-
  30. Angry Boss- Getting drunk in the bar
  31. Bruceton- Getting yelled at by Angry Boss, making him cry
  32. Dan Gough-
  33. Grandpa Gorilla-
  34. Super Minecraft Kid- Jerking off to Chica
  35. Harry Hill- Getting punched in the face by Christopher Hawkins
  36. Professor Poopypants- Being laughed at due to his name
  37. Moody Margaret-
  38. Otto Hill- Falling off the Blackpool Tower and making a snow angel out of the concrete
  39. Tabatha-
  40. Ollie-
  41. Steve Burns-
  42. Fred Flintstone-

Move Origin

Yup, still that custom moveset. But the footage of Angry Boss comes from this video:

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO Sound #1: Oh no!

KO Sound #2: No, way!

Star KO Sound: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Screen KO Sound: Oh *Bleep*!

Up Taunt: Says "Dude, don't you dare be sour!" (A parody of The New Day)

Side Taunt: Laughs at the opponents.

Down Taunt: "Do it! Do it for the day!" (Another parody of The New Day)

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Says "I wonder what's for dinner? Oh yeah, Bruceto-Cookies!" (A parody of The King with a bit of Fegelein as well)

Option #2: Chants "Save the workers! Save the workers!" (Yep, it's another parody of The New Day, yes it is!)

Option #3: Says "Don't plan too much next time you have a fight, it might not come out right." (A parody of Tommy Wiseau)

Option #4: (Only against pranksters) Looks at him saying "Trolling originates from me!"

Option #5: (Only against Angry Boss) Laughs at him, saying "You suck at fighting, Boss!"

Losage: Shocked.

Normal Attacks, Special Moveset Music, KO, Taunt Music, Victory Music

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial:

Neutral Aerial:

Down Aerial: Shouts "BRUCETO-ATTACK!" and lands on the opponent

Forward Aerial:

Reverse Aerial:

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt:

Neutral Attack: Slaps the opponent


Side Tilt: Hits the opponent with a Troll Face.

Dash Attack:

Down Tilt:

Ledge/Get Up Attacks


Get Up:


Up Smash: An Easter Egg explodes in his palm as a prank.

Side Smash: Points forward whilst yelling "GET REKT!"

Down Smash:

Grab Moves:

Grab: Grabs with a mechanical arm.


Forward Throw: Sprays the opponent with a Bruceto-Hose

Reverse Throw: Strikes with his Trombone.

Up Throw: Troll appears in front of him and shoots a laser at the opponent while dancing.

Down Throw: Slams a meme picture on the opponent.

Moveset Music

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

KO Sounds and Taunts Music

GoAnimate OST- Hip Hop

Victory Music

Andy Kaufman Theme (Showdown: Legends Of Wrestling)

Angry Boss Codec

Angry Boss: *Realizes he's fighting Bruceton* What...the this!?

Fluttershy: *Timid squeak*

Owen Maddox: Perhaps we should get out of here.

Paul Douglas: For once, I don't object.

*Everyone leaves the codec, leaving AB by himself*

Jeremy Gilman's voice: Ultimate Boss Rage Unleash in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


Personal Data


  • Cartoon Size


  • Skinny


  • Angry Boss
  • Rival pranksters
  • Those who dare to be sour


  • His various trolling gadgets
  • Turning into his "Super Form"
  • Summoning the entire Workforce
  • Leaking Embarassing Footage


  • Pissing off Angry Boss
  • Pulling antics on people
  • Being a womanizer
  • His apparent immortality
  • Playing his trombone
  • Being a Trollord
  • Coming up with new ways to troll Angry Boss
  • Being incredibly annoying
  • Stealing quotes from others


  • America

Classic Safari Story

"He's Jared Bruceton! He loves to commit antics! He also likes to shake things up a bit...And if he wins this All Star Smashers tournament, then he's gonna mess with the Angry Boss until he loses his mind!"

Classic Safari Theme

Daniel Lioneye - King of Rock 'n Roll (Viva La Bam Theme Song)

Classic Safari Ending


Classic Safari Quotes

Victory Quotes

Losing Quote

"Oh man, the Boss is gonna be pissed!"

Rival Scripts

Bold= Bruceton's lines

To Horrid Henry

If Bruceton Loses


If Henry Loses


To Angry Boss

"Playing some All Star Smashers without me, eh Boss?"

"Get out of this location now, Bruceton! BRUCETON! BRUCETON!! BRUCETON!!!"

"What'ya gonna do? I can go anywhere I like."

"If you don't get out this instant, you're fired!"

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"No, you shut your mouth! I demand for you to leave at once!"

"How 'bout No?"


"Come at me, Angry Boss!"

If Bruceton Loses


If Angry Boss Loses

"Hey, Boss...GET REKT!!!"

Pawlette Swaps

  • Standard
  • Recently Fired

Role in the Stretch Squad


  • According to Sonny Slaven, his character's inspiration came from the Downfall Parodies version of Hermann Fegelein.
  • Originally, Bruceton was going to be an Assist Trophy. But after realizing it wouldn't be fair to add Angry Boss without adding Bruceton, the Trollord of the Workforce joined the roster too.
  • Both Angry Boss and Bruceton (Or different people who looked exactly like them) have both made appearances before they were playable characters. Angry Boss appeared as Sonny Slaven's 3rd victory option, while Bruceton made an appearance on the Talk Room stage.
  • Bruceton is also one of the three characters to not show his full name. In this case, Jack Mayhew left out his first name, Jared, and just put Bruceton, Jared's last name and the name he is always referred to as. The other characters are Hilary, whose last name, Sherlock, is left out, and Edward, whose last name, Yui, is also left out.

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