Bruceton's Embarrassing Footages

Bruceton's Embarrassing Footage is an Easter Egg in All Star Smashers. This is shown during Bruceton's Final Smash, where he leaks embarrassing footage of one of his opponents, showing all of his opponents an embarrassing moment from his victim's past, causing everyone to laugh at him/her, and causing the disgraced and humiliated opponent to KO themselves in shame.

List of Embarrassing Footage:

  1. Lee Saunderson- Getting fat at McDonalds
  2. Sonny Slaven- Getting hit by a milk bottle and falling to his death.
  3. Donny Dlaven-
  4. Brad Till- Getting grounded for killing Thomas The Tank Engine
  5. Matthew Whitehead- Getting yelled at by Dan Gough
  6. Elouise Pitman-
  7. Harry Bradshaw- James Turner touching his clothing
  8. Brodi Welsford-
  9. Amanda-
  10. Oscar- Amanda interrupting his nap
  11. MimeFan-
  12. Talking Joe-
  13. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver- Getting killed by Finn
  14. Hilary-
  15. Edward- Panicking on the Bus
  16. Captain Underpants-
  17. Captain Blunderpants-
  18. Maxwell-
  19. Lily- Being turned to stone.
  20. Papa Louie-
  21. Horrid Henry-
  22. Moody Margaret-
  23. Garfield-
  24. Yuuki Ogata- Getting grounded and pwned by Sonny Slaven
  25. Go!Caillou- You guessed it, getting grounded (OF COURSE!)
  26. Action 52- AVGN's review
  27. Genesis 52- AVGN's review
  28. Finn Palmer- Jack Mayhew filming him
  29. Chadtronic- Getting scared by Glutko
  30. Billy Slaven- Getting terrified by the London Dungeons
  31. Thin Air-
  32. Tim Carter-
  33. Angry Boss- Getting drunk in the bar
  34. Bruceton- Getting yelled at by Angry Boss, making him cry
  35. Dan Gough-
  36. Grandpa Gorilla-
  37. Super Minecraft Kid- Jerking off to Chica
  38. Greg Heffley- Getting beat up by Patty Farrell
  39. Harry Hill- Getting punched in the face by Christopher Hawkins
  40. Otto Hill- Falling off the Blackpool Tower and making a snow angel out of the concrete
  41. Tabatha-
  42. Emrly-
  43. Ollie-
  44. Dennis the Menace-
  45. Professor Poopypants- Being laughed at due to his name
  46. Steve Burns-
  47. Blue-
  48. Fred Flintstone-
  49. Mark-
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