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Captain Blunderpants is a villain in the Captain Underpants book series. He is the evil counterpart of Captain Underpants, hailing from the opposite "Purple Potty" universe. When he is Mr. Krupp, he is nice. But when he is Captain Blunderpants, he is nasty and evil. Contrasting from the Captain Underpants in the regular universe, when water is poured on his head, he becomes Captain Blunderpants, but when someone snaps their fingers he turns back into Mr. Krupp. Also, when Captain Blunderpants is in his bad form, he has a toupee, but in his Mr. Krupp form he does not wear a toupee. He is the tertiary antagonist of Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People. He appears in All Star Smashers as Captain Underpants' Memory Fighter.

How to unlock

Clear Lawl'dventure Mode as Captain Underpants.


Move Origin

Neutral B:

Move Origin


Move Origin


Move Origin


Move Origin

Final Smash:

Move Origin

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO Sound 1:

KO Sound 2:

Star KO:

Screen KO:

Up Taunt:

Side Taunt:

Down Taunt:

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:


Moveset, KO Sounds & Taunts Music

Victory Music

Angry Boss Codec

Personal Data


  • Cartoon Size


  • Fat



  • Basically the same stuff Captain Underpants does



  • American

Classic Safari Story

Role in the Stretch Squad



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