Cecil is a character in the eroge series, Monster Girl Quest, and the main protagonist of the fanmade spin-off story, Cecil's Adventure. She is a girl of undetermined age, although her sprite and Luka’s are quite identical. She serves as a knight of the Kingdom of Lant, under the North Lant Queen. Unlike Luka, Cecil has received blessings from Goddess Ilias and is therefore a hero, as thus she has no qualms about killing monsters. However, to be able to progress she has to give up her baptismal protection, thus making her again almost like Luka on his travels.

Cecil appears in All Star Smashers as a Support Spirit, as an advanced class, where you must fight Elouise Pitman in Reaction City to obtain her. When fighting Elouise, her attacks have a 10% chance critical hit, she heals every 10 seconds, and the floor of the stage will be electrified.


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