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Chad Bergstrom, better known by his YouTube name Chadtronic, is an American YouTuber and commentator known for his reaction and toy videos. His channel is mostly filled with Nintendo-based content, but it sometimes strays off into different categories. He has also started his own multimedia company called Yojoyco, and as of May 2021, Chad has also joined the online video game reviewer guild, NormalBoots.


All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Chadtronic

Entrance: Ladies and Fricks

Chadtronic does his usual; greeting: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Chadtronic."

Move Origin

This is how he usually welcomes the audience at the start of his videos.

Neutral B: Duck Hunt

Chadtronic can shoot down ducks to rain down. Keep tapping B to shoot at both sides similar to HEIL HITLER. Chad can shoot ducks from further away if he has more damage.

If somebody is blocking the sky during your shot, Chadtronic will shoot them instead. If that happens, the Duck Hunt Dog will laugh at his failure to shoot a duck, causing him to attempt to shoot him. If somebody blocks the dog, Chad will end up shooting them instead, causing more damage than the previous shot.

Move Origin

In one segment, Chad is seen in his room shooting down 8-bit ducks from the ceiling, a parody to Duck Hunt for the NES.

Side B: Dimensional Door

Chadtronic opens up his white door. When it's open, the door will do all of his attacks instead, similar to Matthew's  Down B. However, you can still control them. Walk to the door and choose a direction and Chad will come out of another door.

If a Smash Ball gets sucked into the door, it will set on fire causing Sanic the Hedgehog to appear. If he appears, he will throw a random game at Chadtronic for him to react to in his Down B. He gains damage if he catches the game but he still holds it after.

Press Side B next to the door as Chad or destroy it as anyone to get rid of it.

Move Origin

On Chadtronic's second YouTube channel, the introduction to his playthrough of Sonic '06, a door to another dimension reveals Sanic who gives him Sonic '06 to play. There is also an episode when Chad is attacked by a Creeper from Minecraft.

Up B: F-Reverse

Chadtronic rides on an F-Zero racer. During the ride, he can only move horizontally, because he can use a Dimensional Door to recover normally. If he crashes into something solid, the racer gets destroyed and anyone in the crash, including Chad will gain damage. It will also cancel after 5 seconds. Like the Wario Bike, he can even taunt during the ride.

Move Origin

In Parents Upset Over Nintendo, Chadtronic notices the news reporter riding an F-Zero plane in reverse and Chadtronic takes over to go the correct way. However, he is killed in a part of the track.

Down B: Reaction Time

Whether it's a game Chad is holding or an item, Chadtronic will react to it, increasing his stats. If he is not equipped, he can react to other things. If Chadtronic is reacting to an opponent next to him or her, that opponent's stats will decrease in embarassment. Anything else turns the other direction. Chadtronic is completley helpless during this move, so time it wisely.

Move Origin

Chadtronic is known for making lots of reaction videos of weird videos.

Final Smash: Future Combat Warrior Chaddy

Chadtronic gets out a machine gun and throws a tantrum as a parody to SammyClassicSonicFan. During this freakout, Chadtronic is invincible. Press any button to blast his machine gun. He'll turn back to normal after a while.

Occasionally, he will throw his Spiny Shell Amiibo towards whoever is winning the match, KO'ing them.

Move Origin

In Parents Upset Over Nintendo, there is an opening segament of Chadtronic complaining about his fanbase, a parody of SammyClassicSonicFan ranting about the Sonic Fanbase.

Also, at the end of his reaction to GIVE THE NINTENDO 2DS A CHANCE, Future Combat Warrior Sammy appears to fight Chadtronic. In the end, Chad killed him with a Spiny Shell amiibo.

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO Sound #1: FRICK!

KO Sound #2: WHY?!

Star KO Sound: *Laughs hysterically*

Screen KO Sound: *Does his title choke*

Up Taunt: "I wanna be a penguin!"

Side Taunt: *Imitating SammyClassicSonicFan* "WHAT THE FRICK?"

Down Taunt: Holds a Classic Sonic doll doing an evil laugh then does it in low pitch.

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Waves his NES pillow around.

Option #2: Shakes his finger at the camera.

Option #3: Shakes his butt while Airhorn noises play in the background.

Losage: Stares at the wall in shame.

Normal Attacks, Special Moveset Music, KO, Taunt Music, Victory Music

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial:

Neutral Aerial:

Down Aerial:

Forward Aerial:

Reverse Aerial:

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt: Spins his NES pillow.

Neutral Attack:


Side Tilt: Swings his NES pillow.

Dash Attack:

Down Tilt:

Ledge/Get Up Attacks


Get Up:


Up Smash:

Side Smash: Smashes with his NES pillow.

Down Smash:

Grab Moves:

Grab: Does an ultimate grab with his right hand, wearing his Mario duvet.


Forward Throw:

Reverse Throw:

Up Throw:

Down Throw: Drops a couple of green junk from his NES.

Moveset Music

Chadtronic Outro Theme

KO Sounds and Taunts Music

New Super Mario Bros.- Credits Music

Victory Music

Chadtronic Outro Theme

Angry Boss Codec

Personal Data


Human Size




  • Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival


  • Shooting down Duck Hunt ducks
  • Summoning dimensional doors
  • Riding F-Zero Racers
  • Reacting to anything and everything
  • Going crazy and becoming a Future Combat Warrior


  • Reacting to weird videos
  • Bashing stuff with his NES Pillow
  • Pokemon


  • America

Palette Swaps

  • Default
  • Red Shirt (Sammy Cosplay)
  • Mario Cosplay
  • PBG Cosplay
  • Beanie Babies Scam Artist
  • Plaid Flannel


  • Chadtronic is the winner of the second All Star Smashers Empty Slot. He was also in the first one, but he failed to win it.
  • He is the first ever character to be from live action.
  • Originally, Chad was going to get a Joke moveset, but a YouTuber asked ZooTycoon64 to make him a regular moveset instead.

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