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Classic Safari is a mode in All Star Smashers. In this mode, you have to defeat every foe to clear a path to the tent at the end of the screen. When you reach the end, you sleep and wake up at the next map. The mode lasts for 4 days. Each day has a map to advance across but the last day is the second rival and final boss battle.



Starter Difficulties

  • Nursery
  • Junior
  • Possible
  • Pro

Unlockable Difficulties

  • Impossible


Every character has individual sets of rivals. They meet their first rival to defeat at the start of Day 3. They meet their 2nd rival just before the final boss battle at Final Destination.

Here is a list of known rivals:

Bonus Stage

Taking place in a Boxing Ring, you need to attack the Fat Sandbag before time runs out to win more trophies. If you KO the Fat Sandbag first, you win the maximum number of trophies.

Final Boss

After defeating your 2nd Rival, you must take on Barney The Dinosaur. After defeating him, he will turn into a doll and let you go home with him and tell a wish to him which comes true at the end. You will also receive your character trophy at the end of the tournament.

Classic Safaris


All Star Smashers Classic Safari- Lee Saunderson


All of the characters each have their own wish. After they defeat Barney The Dinosaur, he will grant them that wish. Here are everyone's desired wishes:

  1. Lee Saunderson- To get rid of Grounded Videos and ground his dad.
  2. Sonny Slaven- To get people to leave GoAnimate so that Alvin Hung doesn't get their money.
  3. Donny Dlaven- For everyone to let him in.
  4. Brad Till- For idiots to stop winding him up and take the great glass elevator.
  5. Matthew Whitehead- To invade Harry's Island and for everyone to worship him.
  6. Elouise Pitman- .
  7. Harry Bradshaw- To tag everyone in the world.
  8. Brodi Welsford- To beat Megan to the bus stop everyday.
  9. Amanda the Panda- To stop poaching once and for all.
  10. Russ the Goat-
  11. Oscar the White Tiger- To be in his own little world.
  12. MinmeFa- To eliminate all Gumball haters.
  13. Talking Joe- To go back to The House of Fear.
  14. Pete Polcon- To drive Finn everywhere he needs to go.
  15. Hilary- To be a champion golfer, beating Tiger Woods.
  16. Edward- To know what Andrew Herbert's surname is, only to ask it again...and again.
  17. Captain Underpants- (The wish is made by George and Harold) To pour H20 on his head and turn everything back to normal.
  18. Captain Blunderpants-
  19. Maxwell- For it to rain starites.
  20. Lily-
  21. Papa Louie- For everyone to eat at Papa's Pizzeria, closing down The Chubby McDonald's and Dragon's Diner, Oscar and Amanda's restaurants.
  22. Horrid Henry- To become king.
  23. Moody Margaret- For the Purple Hand Gang to become the Secret Club's servants.
  24. Garfield- To pause time so he can sleep for the rest of his life.
  25. Yuuki Ogata- To get Jack Mayhew to answer his questions.
  26. Go!Caillou- To own Chuck E Cheese's.
  27. Action 52- To be the most beloved NES Video Game of all time.
  28. Genesis 52- To be the most beloved Sega Genesis Video Game of all time.
  29. Finn Palmer- For a new Bus Driver.
  30. Chadtronic- To react to everything in the world.
  31. Billy Slaven- For his own album.
  32. Thin Air- For oxygen to be the sole life source on Earth.
  33. Tim Carter- For everyone to sit down.
  34. Angry Boss- To fire Bruceton. BRUCETON! BRUCETON!! BRUCETON!!!
  35. Bruceton- To annoy Angry Boss with his antics forever.
  36. Dan Gough- To find the cells to bring Sir Isaac Newton back to life.
  37. Grandpa Gorilla- To dominate the world.
  38. Super Minecraft Kid- For people to like Minecraft and hate Nintendo. 
  39. Greg Heffley- To become rich and famous when he grows up.
  40. Harry Hill- To bring back TV Burp.
  41. Otto Hill- To kidnap Abu, Harry Hill's hamster.
  42. Tabatha & Emrly- To find the world's oldest treasure.
  43. Ollie the Snow Leopard- To defend the world from conflict.
  44. Dennis the Menace- .
  45. Professor Poopypants- To change his own name so people don't laugh at it.
  46. Steve & Blue-
  47. Fred Flintstone-
  48. Mark the Moose- For it to be Christmas everyday.
  49. The Toad-
  50. Neptune-
  51. Rodrick Heffley-
  52. Zookeeper-
  53. Admiral Bubbles-
  54. The Cat in Live Hat-
  55. Mishiro Usui-
  56. Sooly-


  • Day 4 is the only Day without a map.
  • Completing Classic Safari for the first time will unlock Tim Carter.