Cool Cat is the main protagonist of the infamously bad anti-bullying kids movie, Cool Cat Saves the Kids. Cool Cat, as shown in the film, is a noticeably tall, bipedal feline-like person. It is mentioned that he is in middle school, and his closest friend is a girl named Maria. Throughout the film, he gives negative advice- such as opening anonymous texts from strangers- and even once ignores his own advice of looking both ways before crossing the street. Not once does he give a single shred of positive advice, and often takes things to a near childish level of maturity.

Cool Cat appears in All Star Smashers as a Primary Spirit, as a Novice class, where you must fight Garfield in Sherlock's Home to obtain him. When fighting Garfield, you will be assisted by Bruceton. Also, the match will be a timed stamina battle, and Garfield will tend to avoid conflict with the player, electing instead to BOOGY WOOGY! Also, if the Neutral B move of Bruceton is landed, Garfield will be instantly killed.


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