All Star Smashers Alt- Elouise Pitman

All Star Smashers Alt- Elouise Pitman

Elouise Pitman is Matthew Whitehead's Memory Fighter.

How to unlock

Clear Lawl'dventure Mode as Matthew Whitehead.

Entrance: Shark Ahoy!

Elouise hops out of a shark's mouth.

Move Origin

Elouise is just very interested in sharks and may own one as a pet in Harry's Island.

Neutral B:

Move Origin


Move Origin


Move Origin


Move Origin

Final Smash:

Move Origin

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO Sound 1: Matthew!

KO Sound 2: What was that for?!

Star KO: *Short girl scream*

Screen KO: Help!

Up Taunt: "Matthew, Matthew, Matthew!!!"

Side Taunt: Dances.

Down Taunt: Points and commands "Come here you!".

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Cheers "Yay!"

Option #2: Love hearts surround her in happiness.

Option #3: Swims away with some fish.

Losage: Heartbroken.

Moveset, KO Sounds & Taunts Music

GoAnimate OST - Build up tension

Victory Music

GoAnimate OST - Introducing the Band

Angry Boss Codec

Angry Boss: The funk's going on here? Weewoo Head has dyed his hair?

Jeremy Gilman: Apparently Matthew's a transsexual.

Angry Boss: Huh? More need to know! SHOW IT!

Jeremy Gilman: I... I don't have much to say...

*Angry Boss shows his angry face.*

Angry Boss: YOU'RE FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREDA! Get out of my office!

*Kicks Jeremy which makes him crash through the window and get KO'd.*

Jeremy Gilman: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Personal Data


  • Small


  • Average


  • When the Wildlife is harmed
  • Getting heartbroken


  • Basically the same stuff Matthew does


  • Caring for animals
  • Calling Matthew's name
  • Studying about sharks
  • Unharming the Wildlife


  • Harry's Island

Classic Safari Story

Role in the Stretch Squad



  • Elouise is so far the only Mutation Fighter who's been showcased.
  • Elouise can also glide instead of having a third jump.
  • Unlike Matthew, Elouise cannot be KO'd in Tim Carter and Dan Gough's Final Smashes.
  • Elouise is one of the 2 characters who has a taunt that affects opponents. The other being Billy Slaven.

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