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The enemies who work against you in The Stretch Squad. Unlike regular opponents, enemies have a health bar, and die when that health bar is up.

Kinds of Enemies

The types of enemies, in order of appearance.

Dumb Dalek

Matthew's primary minions. The Dumb Daleks have the same moveset as they do in Matthew's down B. They also have the same mobility, and are unable to jump. They come in multiple sizes, and are one of the stronger enemies. They appear in Road to Train Station.


Another minion of Matthew's. They have more independent movement than they do in Matthew's up B. They can drop an egg, which will leave the yolk on the floor as a slip trap. The slip trap appears even if the egg hits an opponent. They appear in Road to Train Station.


Mice hiding in Hilary's attic. The Squeakies are pretty fast and can be pretty hard to hit due to their quick movement. They latch on to you and drain your health, which is their only attack. They can be unlatched and destroyed with any attack. The Squeakies only take one hit to defeat but they appear in large numbers. They appear in Sherlock's Home.

Attic Octopus

An enormous spider! This enemy is bigger than most, taking up most of the screen. They appear by diving down as soon as you enter the room, damaging anyone it hits. After that it can fire a long web. If one gets caught in it, the spider will come to them taking multiple bites before leaving them on the floor. Like the Daleks, this enemy is stronger than most. They appear in Sherlock's Home.

Space Soldiers

A squad of astronauts led by the Space Captain. Despite originating from Sonnyslavenproductions and not being antagonists, they work for Matthew in the Story Mode. They can come in two colors, red or blue. They have a lot of moves, including:

  • A rapid string of punches, which don't do too much knockback.
  • Firing a orange laser. This move takes some time for them to charge, and the energy in their hand can do damage if you touch it. You can interrupt the laser by attacking them while they charge.
  • Does a flipkick. It sends you upward if they hit you with it.
  • Fires a blue laser. This has less start up time, but is super-short ranged and doesn't last for long.

They appear in Sherlock's Home.

The Mouse is in the Way

Another minion courtesy of Matthew. They have free movement and can fly around as they please. The cursor jabs once it finds an opponent. They're pretty weak and can be defeated easily once you catch them. They appear in Sherlock's Home.


Oh no! Another huge spider! Just kidding, it's small and weak. They appear in The House of Fear.

Mr. Fear

An enormous monster who looms from the bottom of the screen. He cannot be defeated- the only thing attacking will do is send him back to the bottom. If he gets to the top he'll catch you and drag you down, KOing you instantly. They appear in The House of Fear.

Tentacle Hand

A green, flying hand. They can fly around and always appear in groups. To attack, they lunge forward to try and hit you. They can be taken out with as much as ten damage. They appear in The House of Fear.

Wing Vampire

Nasty bats. They fly around annoyingly and try to hit you. Their attacks are pretty weak and infrequent so you can take them out pretty quickly. They can be taken out with as much as ten damage. They appear in The House of Fear.

Skull and Crossbones

They just sit at the bottom of the screen, waiting for you to approach. When you do, they'll grab on to you and leech away from your health. Just do a quick A attack to swat them away. They appear in The House of Fear.