Gio Compario is the tenor in the insurance adverts on television in the United Kingdom, appearing as an Assist Trophy in All Star Smashers. When summoned, he'll sing the Go Compare song, which he is famous for. Whilst Gio is singing, the opponents may get annoyed by his annoying singing. The more grumpier someone is, the more annoyed they will be. This will cause fire damage to the other characters, including the summoner. After a while, Gio will disappear.

Move Origin

In June 2009, the company launched an advertising campaign featuring a fictional Italian tenor called Gio Compario (pronounced: Jeo Campario) played by Wynne Evans. The advertisements feature Gio singing the Go Compare tune (inspired by Over There) in various locations, and was voted as the most irritating advertisement of both 2009 and 2010.

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