Go!Boris is the Go!Animate version of Caillou's father, Boris. In GoAnimate, he is known for appearing in Caillou Gets Grounded videos, in which he is the most frequent character to punish Go!Caillou, and is portrayed as a strict parent who is all too happy to give Caillou a Punishment Day when Caillou goes too far. However, he has been known to go to ludicrous extremes in teaching Caillou a lesson.

Boris appears in All Star Smashers as a non-playable character. He appears as an "Assist Character" in Go!Caillou's Final Smash, where he (or at least his arm) attempts to pull Caillou off of the stage. He also makes a cameo in the Road to Train Station level of Story Mode: The Stretch Squad, where after Go!Caillou is defeated and turned into a trophy by Lee Saunderson and Brad Till, Boris arrives and proceeds to take Caillou's trophy to the Grounded Rooms to ground him, despite the fact Lee destroyed it earlier in the level.

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