Jeremy Gilman


Jeremy Gilman is an employee of Angry Boss, and is considered to be the dumbest of his stooges. He often doesn't have any info on people The Boss wants to know about, and often asks The Boss if he's trolling him. Despite his dimwitted persona, Jeremy is still on hand to give Angry Boss advice and inform him on current events, when Owen's not around. Jeremy appears in Angry Boss Codecs, where he tells The Boss about who he's fighting. So far, he has appeared in the codecs for Lee Saunderson, Matthew Whitehead, Elouise PitmanAmanda the Panda, MimeFan, Pete the Cheerful Bus DriverFinn Palmer, Angry Boss, Captain Underpants, Maxwell, Garfield, Grandpa Gorilla, Hilary, Tim Carter, Dan Gough and Action 52. He also appears in Bruceton's codec, but only his voice can be heard.


  • Jeremy looks exactly like Mick Ellison, but they are NOT the same person.
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