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Just Do It KO's are a special type of KO in All Star Smashers, which are done by summoning Shia LaBeouf. Upon summoning him, Shia will motivate the character that summoned him to perform an epic KO to finish off the opponent, the KO's differing depending on the opponent. Below is a full list of the Just Do It KO's for every character.

List of Just Do It! KO's

  1. Lee Saunderson- Puts the opponent in a box, then takes the opponent to Frollo's castle. He then throws the box off the cathedral, and the opponent in the box will fall into the Fiery Pit, resulting in their demise.
  2. Sonny Slaven- .
  3. Donny Dlaven- Gets out a chainsaw, then cuts the opponent's head off with it, while laughing like a loon.
  4. Brad Till- Goes up in a Lift and go down, squashing the opponent to death.
  5. Matthew Whitehead- A Dumb Dalek exterminates the opponent away.
  6. Elouise Pitman- .
  7. Harry Bradshaw- Does a very deadly tag that who ever he tags is Dead.
  8. Brodi Welsford- Slowly and dramatically beheads the opponent's neck.
  9. Amanda the Panda- Shoves chopsticks into the opponent so they stumble to the ground and suffocates opponent to death with Snooky.
  10. Oscar the White Tiger- Forces the opponent to eat all of his Chubby McDonald's food. After the last bite, the opponent gets too fat that he/she/it explodes.
  11. MimeFan- Goes inside the elimination cannon, and launches himself at the opponent, and bursts through their chest.
  12. Talking Joe- Announces "I will kill you!" then tank punches the opponent to his or her death.
  13. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver- Begins to chase opponent with his bus really quickly, uses horn to catch opponent off guard, and run them over.
  14. Hilary- Does a incredible swing with his golf gear that brutally KOs the opponent. (You can swing the Wii Remote to charge up the power)
  15. Edward- Says "I wanna kill people!" Then he throws big headphones which crush the opponents, killing them.
  16. Captain Underpants- Uses super power juice to throw the opponent up in the air, then he will fly up and punch the opponent in all of their pressure points, and then he'll sling underwear at their waist, exploding that opponent.
  17. Captain Blunderpants- .
  18. Maxwell- Creates a black hole to devour the opponent.
  19. Lily- .
  20. Papa Louie- Gruesomely cooks the opponent and turns them into food which can be eaten for health. Raises darkness if you cannibalize someone of your own species.
  21. Horrid Henry- He turns into his T-Rex form and eats the opponent in one bite.
  22. Moody Margaret- .
  23. Garfield- Uses his claws to maul the opponent to death, he then heals himself by eating the enemy.
  24. Yuuki Ogata- Places a comment section above the opponents head, and begins to mumble and be incredibly annoying, which fills up the comment section, squashing the opponent.
  25. Go!Caillou- He'll get out his Teddy Bear and they fuse together, turning him into a Mutant Teddy Monster, who eats up the opponent.
  26. Action 52- Glitches the game so badly that the opponent loses all of his/her/it's stocks.
  27. Genesis 52-
  28. Finn Palmer- Announces "YOU MUST DIE!" in a scary voice and strikes lightning at the opponent, the same way as CD-I Ganon.
  29. Chadtronic- Puts the opponent in an oven, a blender, or in a waffle baker. (Similar to what he did to Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival)
  30. Billy Slaven- .
  31. Thin Air- Summons a Hurricane, Tornado, or a Tsunami.
  32. Tim Carter- Blandly stomps on the opponent, crushing them.
  33. Angry Boss- Screams "BBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUCCCCCCEEEEETTTTTOOOOONNNN!!!!!!!!!" So loudly that the opponent explodes, killing them.
  34. Bruceton- Turns into Bruce-TON and squashes the opponent.
  35. Dan Gough- Makes a poisonous cell that the opponent will drink. Then, that opponent will get KO'd.
  36. Grandpa Gorilla- His jungle friends arrive and they trample the opponent to death.
  37. Super Minecraft Kid- Screams at the top of his lungs, exploding the opponents eardrums, killing them.
  38. Greg Heffley- .
  39. Harry Hill- Shoots the X from The X-Factor logo down which slices the opponent.
  40. Professor Poopypants- .
  41. Otto Hill- .
  42. Tabatha the Tortoise- .
  43. Emrly the Snail- .
  44. Ollie the Snow Leopard- .
  45. Dennis the Menace- .
  46. Steve Burns- .
  47. Blue- .
  48. Fred Flintstone- .
  49. Mark the Moose- .