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Kaiki Yuuki Ogata

Kaiki Yuuki Ogata is the Japanese-Brazilian creator of Yuuki Ogata, former GoAnimator, amateur artist, former non-sensical blocked horse from this Wikia, noob musician and guitarrist (if people will ever even know this. :/), and nostalgic conversation starter for Lawlers.

Nothing about his real life was known or leaked on the internet, but born in August 20, 2007, to a Brazilian family, who moved to the wild summer and winter depths of Shiga-ken, Japan, he's somewhat of a fluent English speaker (although with a hint of a European-Asian accent from how long he has stayed in Japan for most of his life and the fact that his Brazilian parents can't speak English except for Yuuki), currently improvising music melodies on acoustic guitar and musical keyboard as we speak, currently studying in a Japanese "yogogakko", a type of high school for special ed kids, and in real life and on the 2020's internet allegedly (no one from the Lawl community has ever come across Yuuki Ogata in real life or the internet in 2017-2020), overall a cool pre-teen to start a conversation with.

Currently 12 years old, he seems to have changed a lot compared to his internet troll persona.


On 2010, the channel Hamilton Ogata was created. The videos were basically Yuuki's father with a camera showing Yuuki and her sister's daily life.

On March/April/May of 2015, the channel Yuuki Ogata was created on YouTube. Yuuki Ogata first discovered Smash Bros. Lawl around the same time Yuuki Ogata awas created and the same time Hamilton Ogata's last video was released in 2010. It is maybe assumed he found Smash Bros. Lawl through a camrip of the first All Star Smasheres movesets made by AustinA, under the title of Smash Bros. Lawl Z. Soon enough, he found more Lawl spinoffs, and started to endulge himself into them. Soon enough, near the end of the first month Yuuki ogata was created, he proudly commented and spammed non-sense, supposed to be Lawl quotes and references (it is unknown what they mean) under the Hamilton Ogata and Yuuki Ogata channels. The channel Hamilton Ogata and Yuuki Ogata were shortly discovered by the Lawl community when both channels started to sometimes annoy and confuse Lawlers on the Lawl community. It is unknown what they mean, and what they are, according to the Yuuki Ogata page, but it is assumed it is caused by these factors:

1: From looking at the "My created video" and looking at the non-sense comments again, he didn't know how to write English back then, he only ever spoke it.

2: Judging from the grammatical structure and grammatical word order of the non-sense comments, it is assumed he made the non-sense in Portuguese first, then translated it to English through literal translation (word-for-word).

3: The "Disliking bad users" and "You're grounded for life" phrases might been from imitating GoAnimate "grounded videos", a popular and overused format of drag-and-drop animation.

4: The "dead crocodile" comment from the YTPguy17 channel, is, according to Yuuki Ogata's non-sense factor reply: from a clay crocodile scuplture from 2013-2015, and when it "accidentally broke in half", he spammed comments around the rarest part of GoAnimate and then made the comment on YTPguy17's channel, saying his "crocodile is dead", which confused and worried people.

5: Yuuki didn't even know how internet opinions even worked yet.

He also uploaded a video of himself called "My created video" mentioned above, where he says the infamous "You... channel sucks! Your channel sucks!"

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