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King Koala Bear is a supporting character in Oscar the White Tiger. As his name implies, he's a koala bear and is also the clueless king of Toyworld who tends to be obsessed with marching around like a soldier. Despite living with many other koala toys at the top of his castle, the queen is actually a big butterfly.

KKB appears in All Star Smashers as a Master Spirit, where you must fight Ollie the Snow Leopard at Zoo Tycoon to obtain him. When fighting Ollie, he will be aided by 8 copies of the other 3 Toyworld characters, Oscar, Amanda and Tabatha. Also during the battle, the floor will be quicksand, various hostile Assist Trophies will appear to assist Ollie, and his allies will be armed with weapons.


  • King Koala Bear is the first Master Spirit revealed.