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Laptop Responses are an Easter Egg in All Star Smashers. This becomes active whenever Billy Slaven uses his Up Taunt. When doing this taunt, Billy will take his Laptop out and will proceed to browse the world wide web briefly, while asking his opponent to wait patiently for him to finish. However, the opponent will instead get angry at Billy for going on his laptop, because he's holding up the battle instead of continuing the match. Not all the characters can respond to this taunt however. Only Angry Characters and Grumps can respond. Other characters won't respond.

List of Responses to Billy's Up Taunt

  1. Sonny Slaven- "WHAT IS THIS!?!?"
  2. Brad Till- "Stop winding me up!"
  3. Matthew Whitehead- "Billy, do you want me to exterminate you?"
  4. Harry Bradshaw- "Oh shut up! You don't deserve it!"
  5. Brodi Welsford- "That'! Damn you! I've had it!"
  6. Amanda- "Stop using that laptop...NOW!!!!"
  7. Hilary- "Here's how the world works; you finish the battle, then you have your fun."
  8. Edward- "Stop it, stop it...STOP IT!"
  9. Horrid Henry- "Silence, worm!"
  10. Moody Margaret- "I'll get you, Billy!!!"
  11. Garfield- "I Hate Laptops!"
  13. Caillou- "You are so stupid and ugly."
  14. Finn Palmer- "No you will not Bill, shut up!"
  15. Tim Carter- "DENIED, SIT DOWN!"
  16. Angry Boss- "WHAT?! DID BRUCETON SEND YOU A TEXT?!!"
  17. Grandpa Gorilla- *Wild gorilla noises*
  18. Super Minecraft Kid- "FUUUUUCK!!!"
  19. Greg Heffley- "Stop. You look like one of the seven dwarves."
  20. Professor Poopypants- "I'm going to get my revenge, if it's the last thing I do!"
  21. Otto Hill- "No buts!"
  22. Ollie- "Are you saying I'm not scary?"
  23. Fred Flintstone- "And what may I ask do you think you're doing?"