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Lee's Dad, also known as Danny's Dad, is...well, the father of Lee Saunderson...or Danny Robinson He is a character in Lee's Danny Gets Grounded series on Go!Animate, always grounding Lee/Danny for various reasons. He makes various non-playable cameo appearances in Lee's original losing pose prior to his update patch, the intro to Papa Louie's moveset, and the ending to Lee's Classic Safari mode.

Role in The Stretch Squad

Lee's Dad also appears after Lee's fight against Sonny Slaven in Story Mode: The Stretch Squad, where he scolds Lee for using violence in the house, and proceeds to ground him, but Lee finally explodes in anger, yelling at his dad for all the times he grounded him, and proceeds to burn down and destroy The Grounded Rooms, which turns both Sonny and Lee's Dad into trophies. Sonny was taken away by The Stretch Squad, but Lee's dad was unable to be captured.


  • He used to speak in Simon's voice but as of Road to Train Station, he had to speak in Diesel's voice due to Go!Animate removing his vocal cords.