Every crossover game has it's content from some sort of other material, and All Star Smashers is no exception. As the origin of some of these characters may not be obvious at first, a list of where everything comes from would be appropriate. Note that the presence of some of these is greater than others.



A YouTuber best known for this Super Smash Bros. related videos. He appears in All Star Smashers as a Spirit.

Action 52

The infamous NES game. Action 52 appears as a character (literally just the box) and has two stages, Cheetahmen Course and Evil Empire. It also has an item based on it's first game- Firebreather.


Adamp5104 appears as a narrator in the game, unlocked by beating Classic Safari with his Bro, Sonny Slaven. Not only that, he also appears in his White Houzers form in Talk Room, and as well in it's Kruel KO.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Dr. Robotnik is seen in Sonny's second victory option as the person he beat (although this was just a placeholder).


Queen of all grounded videos. Caillou's appearance, personality and A moves are all mostly based on AfricanVulture's videos.

Andrew W.K.

One of Andrew W.K.'s songs, Party Party Party appears in the KO Sounds and Taunts of Billy Slaven's moveset.

Angry Video Game Nerd

Not surprisingly, AVGN's references in All Star Smashers are mostly related to Action 52, as he had reviewed this game. In the character select screen of A52's moveset, instead of hearing the normal Narrator, we instead hear The Nerd saying "This game sucks!" The outro to A52's moveset was also a reference to AVGN. Additionally, Action 52's trophy description references the AVGN episode in which he reviewed the game, as does Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's trophy. Edward Yui's trophy description also references Hong Kong 97, another game The Nerd has reviewed.

Annoying Orange

Orange is shown losing in Lee Saunderson's moveset, although he only appears as a placeholder. His video can be played on Billy Slaven's laptop. He's also one of the fruits you can juggle with Grandpa Gorilla.

Austin Powers

When Jack asks Finn if he would like to fight in Finn's moveset, he responds in Dr. Evil's voice.

Azumanga Daioh

Brodi Welsford's first KO Sound is taken from Tomo Takino's voice from the English Dub of this popular Anime. Additionally, most of Brodi's actions and mannerisms are also quite similar to that of Tomo's. She even has a pawlette swap based on Tomo's appearance in the anime. Meanwhile, the show's most popular character, Osaka has appeared in multiple Empty Slots, with little success. Later on, fellow Knucklehead, Kagura would also appear in Empty Slot 4.

Banana Globe City

Home series of Grandpa Gorilla and his friends. It also appears as a stage in All Star Smashers. Chucky also appears as a Spirit.

Basildon Town Centre

The town center of Basildon. It's surrounded by shopping complexes, bus stations and statues. Here, it appears as Billy Slaven's stage.

Barney the Dinosaur

Barney appears in an enormous form as the final boss of Classic Safari.

Battle for Dream Island

Puffball and Bubble appear in the background of Elimination Station. Both of them are most likely contestants you can fire from the elimination cannon.

Behavior Card Day

Not really a specific series of videos but an average cliche GoAnimate users do. All of the videos go the same. The good cards (the rewards) go to the characters they like and the bad cards (the punishments) go to the characters they don't. This carries over into All Star Smashers as an item.


Oliver Quinn attacks by releasing a beyblade. Brodi also uses one in her forward throw.

Big Hero 6

Baymax appears in the Elimination Station stage. He's also most likely one of the contestants you can fire out of the Elimination Cannon.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Dan Gough's personality and actions in All Star Smashers are clearly based off of Bill Nye. A techno remix of his theme even plays throughout the moveset.

Blood Diamond

Solomon Vandy, one of the songs heard in this movie and not the character, appears as Grandpa Gorilla's victory theme.

Blues Clues

The host of Blues Clues, Steve Burns, will be getting a moveset in the future, as he won the 4th Empty Slot.

Brad the Elevator Chap

The channel where Brad Till shows things of what he likes. His entire moveset is generally based off of this channel, as he uses trains, elevators and buses. The channel also has two stages (Till Track and Elevator Land) as well as an item (the Lift). Toby Grady and Generic Seagull comes from here as well.


Butterfinger is evidently Smash Jarin's favorite candy, as he makes a few references to it in his taunts and A moves. It's also his Lawl Food.

Cactus & Hedgehog Productions

The YouTube channel for the editor of All Star Smashers, Chase Matthew. He's not only the editor, but he also appears as a Narrator.

Caillou Gets Grounded

The infamous Go!Animate series starring the characters from the TV show of the same name. Characters appearing in All Star Smashers include:

Captain N

In Action 52's Final Smash, the player pulled from the TV is Captain N, and he retains his moveset from Smash Bros. Lawl Nova.

Captain Underpants

The series of books has two characters (Captain Underpants and Professor Poopypants), a stage (The Treehouse) an assist trophy (the Talking Toilets) and an item (the Hypno Ring). Captain Blunderpants also appears as Captain Underpants' Mutation Fighter. And the Turbo Toilet 2000 appears as a Spirit.


Why the frick wouldn't he be here? Chadtronic's moveset is generally based off his reaction videos. His room also appears as a stage.


A robot toy in Toyworld (although he's really his own brand). He appears as a trophy.

Chuck. E Cheese's

Caillou's weird obsession, or at least in the grounded videos. It appears as a stage and is mentioned in Caillou's first victory option. The cheese is also Caillou's lawl food.


The Chuckle Brothers are an assist trophy, playing their game of "to me, to you" with a ball.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Even the famous N64 game by Rare makes an appearance in All Star Smashers. The Great Mighty Poo himself appears in the game as a Spirit.

Cool Cat Saves the Kids

The infamous 2015 children’s anti-bullying movie, also considered to be one of the worst films of all time. The movie's protagonist, Cool Cat actually appears in All Star Smashers as a Spirit.


A shooter video game for the Atari Jaguar. The not very helpful artificial inteligence, Skylar appears in All Star Smashers as a Spirit.

Danny Gets Grounded

Although his name is Lee Saunderson, the character's appearance and general attitude towards certain things initially came from Danny Gets Grounded. Most of Lee's moves revolve around Lee Saunderson's DVD reviews, but there are a few cases in which they are based on Danny Gets Grounded, such as his Down Smash, where he gets fat and runs around, or his side smash, where he points a sign that says "GROUNDED". His father from the series also appears (in his Classic Safari and The Stretch Squad) as well as an item named Best Beverage.

Deadly 60

The logo for this TV show appeared on the old All Star Smashers roster. Additionally, the host of the show, Steve Backshall has appeared in the Empty Slots, coming up short in every one of them.

Deadly Defenders

Screenshots from this game are used as Classic Safari's map, a seen below:Classic Safari Map 1

Dennis the Menace

One of Horrid Henry's Pawlette Swaps is based on Dennis the Menace.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The series protagonist Greg Heffley has a moveset. His older brother, Rodrick has also appeared in the Empty Slots. Also appearing in other roles are Greg's younger brother, Manny, as an Assist Character, Greg's best friend, Rowley Jefferson, also as an Assist Character, various , appearing in Greg's Entrance and Neutral B move, Holly Hills, Greg's love interest, as a cameo in his 3rd Victory animation, and Greg's Indian friend, Chirag Gupta, as a Spirit.

Doctor Who

The Daleks appear multiple times, as minions in The Stretch Squad and in Matthew's Down B. And although it's called "Weewoo Warehouse", Matthew's stage is the Dalek Ships from Doctor Who. Also, Angry Boss's Side B involves a TARDIS.


Angry Boss, Bruceton and Paul Douglas are clearly inspired by the Downfall parodies. One of these parodies also appears in Pete's intro.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

One of the most unplayable games on the NES. Appears as a trophy.

Drawn to Life

An action-adventure platform video game franchise where the player must draw their own character, weapons and accessories, platforms, and objects. The Hero of this franchise appears as a Spirit.

Duck Hunt

Chadtronic's Neutral B involves him shooting down ducks from this game. If the bullet hits someone the dog will appear to laugh at them. The dog is the second character from Smash Brothers to appear in this game.


Even the fricking Air itself is a playable character! And if you thought that was bizarre enough, we also have literally Nothing at all as a Spirit!

Edward has a meltdown.

A four-part video series of Jack Mayhew's friend Edward Yui. He has a stage based off of where he was born (Hong Kong) and an assist trophy based off of his friend Mick Ellison. That's really it though- most of his attacks are based off of Hong Kong 97.


In the KO Sounds and Taunts of Super Minecraft Kid's moveset, the song that plays over his rap is an instrumental version of The Real Slim Shady, a famous song by Eminem.


The video Eric Gets Strong And Grounds His Dad, which was made by EricGoanimate, was the inspiration for Lee Saunderson's Side Smash.

Exotix 7

The namesake and YouTube channel for the creator of All Star Smashers himself, Jack Mayhew. He's not only the mad god of this hellish universe, but he also appears as a Narrator.


In Chadtronic's Up B, he rides a chair while F-Zero music plays. You can drive around like you're an F-Zero racer as well.


The ambience from Façade plays on Thin Air's stage, Eerie Woods. Grace was also an Empty Slot character. Zoo Tycoon has stated that if Grace ever were to get in, no other Façade characters would.

Façade music also plays in the attic in the Stretch Squad level "Sherlock's Home".

Final Fantasy

Cloud Strife appears in-game as one of Angry Boss's character requests.

Future Diary

The Yandere Queen herself, Yuno Gasai appears as an alternate costume for Brodi Welsford.

Game Grumps

Finn's 2nd entrance has him yelling "Hey I'm Grump!" like Arin Hanson in Game Grumps. He also does this in one of his taunts. He and Pete additionally sings the Steam Train theme in Elouise's outro. Sonny and Billy's victory options against each other are also references to Game Grumps.


Although his appearance isn't entirely from this line of comics, it's where Garfield originated and where most of his moves come from. It's also where RX-2 originates. Additionally, Garfield's owner, Jon Arbuckle appeared in the intro to Garfield's moveset, as well as one of the 10 candidates in Empty Slot 5. Plus, Vito Cappelletti appears as a Spirit.

Garfield and Friends

This incarnation of Garfield is where his voice and most of his looks come from.

Garfield's Nightmare

The only thing that comes from this DS game is Jean Cloud, who's a boss in the original game.


Go!Animate is a huge part of the series, not only being how it was made, but it's referenced to multiple times. Lots of stages are based directly off of Go!Animate backgrounds such as Grounded Rooms, Wildlife, and Battlefield. There's even a Stretch Squad level (GoAnimate City) based directly off of these backgrounds. A lot of the game's music is ripped directly from Go!Animate, and even the owners get a mention- Alvin Hung is a trophy in-game. There are also numerous GoAnimate voices who appear as Narrators, including Eric, Diesel and French Fry. Mitt Romney also appears as a Narrator, using the White Houserz theme, and Egg Bro appears as a Narrator.

The website's mascot appears as an assist trophy. He sings to bother the grumpier characters.


The home series of a Unicode-based copypasta of a stick figure character named Bob. He appears in All Star Smashers as a Spirit, and has a whole Army with him.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham appears in the form of a stage named Seuss Railway, which is shown when the characters are on a train. The stage is DLC and was originally supposed to be scrapped.

Harry Enfield and Chums

Kevin the Teenager's voice can be heard saying "I know!" right before Grandpa Gorilla's losing pose. He later appeared in Empty Slot 4, where he ended up receiving ZERO votes.

Harry Hill

A beloved British comedian and television presenter. Harry Hill has a future moveset, but little is known about it.

Harry Hill's TV Burp

The show Harry Hill is mostly famous for. It's most likely his moveset will mostly include clips from the show.

Harry's Island

There are three Harry's Island characters in All Star Smashers. Those being Matthew Whitehead, Harry Bradshaw and Matthew's Mutation Fighter, Elouise Pitman. The game also has three stages based on it, being Harry's White House, Harry's Island, and Weewoo Warehouse. Not to mention it also includes two items- the Tag Leaf and the Joshua Phone. Zombie Wildlife and Shrek the Dinosaur come from here too, as does Otto Layfield.

Hong Kong 97

Yep, even this infamously bad video game makes several appearances in All Star Smashers, which are all all directly related to Edward, due to him hailing from Hong Kong. It also has an item, the Green Disk. Tong Shau Ping appears as a stage boss on Hong Kong.

Horrid Henry

The series of cartoons gives a lot of content to All Star Smashers. For one, Henry and Margaret are included as playable characters. Henry's house is a stage, and the Triple Trouble Blaster is included as an item. This little worm also appears as an Assist Trophy, assisted by his mother. Also, a certain minor character nobody probably remembers appears as a Spirit, as do this other guy who I dunno and Henry's bro.

Hotel Mario

Finn can do a laugh in his up B. When he does so, he laughs in Bowser's voice from the Phillips CDI game Hotel Mario.

Hyperdimension Neptunia

A well-known series of role-playing games created and developed by Compile Heart and Idea Factory, which has spawned many spin-offs and an anime adaptation. Leanbox's talented and popular idol, 5pb. appears in this game as a Spirit.

I Wonder What Happens in Tales of Monkey Island

Guybrush appears in Sonny's first victory option, as the person he beat. As usual this was just a placeholder.


The results background of Lawl Bros Mansion is taken from Ib. This is because Mary is one of the main characters in Lawl Bros. Her theme song from the game is also an unlockable song on the same Stage.

Inspector Gadget

In Brad's first victory option, he sings the Inspector Gadget theme song.


The 2015 video that made Shia LaBeouf an infamous internet meme that same year. Shia himself appears as an assist trophy here. He also appears in Sonny's entrance, motivating him to get up. There's also a stage loosely based off of him, The City of Just Doing It. His voice also appears in Billy Slaven's down throw.

It's Time for School

The teachers who taught at Jack Mayhew's school. Characters include Tim Carter and Dincent Dan Gough, and stages included School Grounds and Science Cavern. Louisa Hades also appears as a Spirit.

Kirby's Dream Land

Kirby appears in Brodi's down B, in which he follows her around, attacking opponents. He's the first character in Super Smash Brothers who directly appears in game, the other being the Duck Hunt Dog.

Kung Fu Panda

Amanda is clearly inspired by the Dreamworks movie Kung Fu Panda. Not only that but it makes a few other appearances and cameos in the game. All of the music in Bamboo Hut comes from the movie, and Po can be seen in the hut. He would later go on to appear in the Empty Slots.

Lawl Bros.

A few of Sonny's moves come from the series Lawl Bros. Lawl Bros also has it's own stages, being the Lawl Bros Mansion. Go!Caillou's final smash also comes from his appearance in a Lawl Bros. episode in which he sings at a karaoke before being caught by his dad.

Lee the DVD Collector

Lee's channel and where most of his moves come from. In the channel he reviews and unboxes DVDs from various companies, which is the primary source of his moveset, such as his neutral B. There's also a stage based off of his channel, being UnBoxing Room.

Link and the Faces of Evil

Morshu's shop appears in-game, as a place where you can buy various trophies and items. Morshu also appears losing in Lee's moveset although only as a placeholder. When Jack asks Finn if he would like to fight in Finn's moveset, he does it in CDI Link's voice. Gwonam was an Empty Slot character but he did not succeed.

Looney Tunes

A large amount of Lee's old moveset came from Looney Tunes. His entrance was traveling through the portal that appears at the start of every short, the theme appeared in his classic mode, and the portal appeared in his third victory option. Many of his moves had Looney Tunes characters as well, such as:

  • Bugs Bunny (In his Side B and Final Smash)
  • Daffy Duck (In his Down B)
  • Taz (In his Neutral Aerial)
  • Wil. E Coyote (In his Ledge Attack)
  • Tweety and Sylvester (In his Up Smash)
  • Elmer Fudd (In his down throw)

The Roadrunner also appears as an assist trophy, and Looney Tunes music appears in the UnBoxing Room stage. Not only that but Edward mentions Daffy Duck in his Final Smash.

Lucky Star

The legendary otaku and Haruhi superfan, Konata Izumi appears as an alternate costume for Brodi Welsford.

Mad Father

The Incinerator Tunnel appears as a DLC stage in the game. At the end of Lee's Classic Safari, it shows Aya being grounded by her father. (Despite the fact that Zoo Tycoon stated that he had never seen a grounded video with her)

Madagascar: Operation Penguin

The Gameboy Advance game has a few music credits. For one, the Toboggan Training theme plays when Super Minecraft Kid attacks Chadtronic in The House of Fear. Two of the game's tunes also play in Grandpa Gorilla's moveset.


In his Final Smash, Harry B sings a song that is a parody of Madness's "Driving in My Car". The original song appears as an unlockable song in Harry's White House.

Mario Is Missing

Believe it or not, Weegee's an item, The Weegee Bomb. (Although his appearance is based on a Sonnyslavenproductions video) He's also one of Angry Boss's character requests.

Mario Kart

In Chadtronic's Final Smash, you can throw a blue shell at whoever's winning the match, which will instantly KO them- making them as frustrating in All Star Smashers as they are in Mario Kart.


Yes, even the fast food restaurant makes an appearance in this game. It appears as a stage and is mentioned several times.

Mega Character Eliminaton

The show that MimeFan hosted on GoAnimate. It has two stages, Elimination Station and Elimination Square. There's also the Elimination Cannon. There's also an assist trophy, Go!Minion.


Megaman music plays while Chadtronic goes on his rampage in his final smash.


An infamous user who mostly made "bad user" videos out of people he didn't like. He works for Matthew Whitehead in the Stretch Squad.

Metal Gear Solid

Box Snake appears, but only as one of Angry Boss's character requests. Additionally, the surprise noise from Metal Gear Solid plays when Bruceton notices Angry Boss's trophy in The Stretch Squad.


While the character was originally named Smash Jarin, a few mentions of MimeFan himself had been made, even before Jarin was renamed as MimeFan. He appears in the outro of Smash Jarin's moveset, and in the Angry Boss Codec Smash Jarin is referred to as MimeFan. As of now, MimeFan is his new name.


Super Minecraft Kid was originally portrayed as a creeper in this game. Not only that, but in Chadtronic's side B, you can launch a creeper out of the door. SMK generally uses Minecraft weapons to attack. Zombie Pigmen are also a large part of Billy Slaven's moveset.


Major Nixel makes two appearances in this game. One being in Smash Jarin's third victory option, and the other as a contestant you can fire out of the Elimination cannon.

Monster Girl Quest

A bizarre but also very lewd eroge series hailing from Japan, in which you get raped by cute monster girls if you lose to any of them. Two of the characters from this series, Sylph, Cecil and Black Alice all appear in All Star Smashers as Spirits.

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean beats Lee in his moveset, although once again he only appears as a placeholder and is not an actual character. His "If you know what I mean" face also represents how attracted a character becomes in the Character Rankings. He also appears in Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver's intro.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Despite having no characters, MLP plays a surprisingly large role in All Star Smashers, especially in Sonny's moveset due to him being a Brony. All of these appearances in his moveset are made by his favourite pony, Fluttershy. Her appearances include:

  • His Up-B
  • His Down tilt
  • His grab

Other appearances include Sunset Shimmer appearing in Billy Slaven's intro as well as in the Empty Slots, which also included fellow Equestria Girls villain, Adagio Dazzle. There is also a DLC stage, and appearances from Fluttershy in not only Sonny's moveset, but also in the Angry Boss Codecs. Finally, Rarity appears in Billy Slaven's moveset for a secret Victory Option he has against her. (Also due to him being a Brony, and because Rarity is his favourite pony) Because of this, Rarity has also appeared in the Empty Slots.

My Meebas

An electronic toy made by Mattel, in which the object of the games is to "grow" a small My Meeba inside a tube by playing with it. A My Meeba appears in All Star Smashers as a Spirit.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

In Angry Boss's codec against himself, the ending of Evangelion is parodied featuring Angry Boss's co-workers.

Nessy Learning Program

A learning program and the origin of Talking Joe's many moves. It has two stages, The House of Fear and The Islands of Ness, an item, the hairy thing, and even it's own Stretch Squad level. It even has it's own alt, TJ dressed up as Glynn from Glynn Goes Fishing. Burt the Boss is included as well.

New Order

The song "Blue Monday" appears in multiple parts of the game, all directly related to Hilary. It appears in the battle against Tim Carter in a Stretch Squad level and also appears as a music track on the stage Sherlock's Home.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The noise the propeller suit makes when it flies also in Maxwell's moveset as a helicopter flying. The jungle theme also plays on Chubby Life.

Ninja Sex Party

A karaoke cover of Ninja Sex Party's Attitude City plays throughout Billy Slaven's moveset. His original Final Smash was also a reference to another NSP song called Dragon Slayer.

Ninja Tuna

Ninja Tuna is the album which the song "Kalimba" by Mr. Scruff originated. Yuuki Ogata's neutral attack involves him listening to Kalimba for eight minutes before yelling. It also plays on The Road to School.


A guy who parodies GoAnimate tropes. He appears in one of Smash Jarin's A moves (where he kicks forward) and as a trophy. He's also most likely one of the contestants you can launch from an elimination cannon.

Oscar the White Tiger

The game has four Toyworld characters, being Amanda the Panda, Oscar the White Tiger, Tabatha the Tortoise, and Ollie the Snow Leopard. It also has two items (Bamboo Drop and Magic Bottle). The game also has two Toyworld stages, Chubby Life and Bamboo Hut. Can't forget the assist trophies. it also features Russ the Goat and Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey. And there's also Zebie & Solio and King Koala Bear, appearing as Spirits.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

On the stage Space Jam there's a chance that a rendition of Scanty and Kneesock's theme remixed with the Space Jam theme will play.

Papa Louie

Papa Louie appears as a character, as well as his restaurant being a stage and Sgt. Pepper being an assist trophy. His blimp makes an appearance as well, as do a Barging Onion and Big Pauly as Spirits.


In Brad's final smash, he drinks Pepsi before becoming huge and wrecking the stage. Pepsi also appears as his Lawl Food.


Pepsiman gets a small mention in Angry Boss's codec on Brad Till, in which Angry Boss says "Who does this guy think he is, Pepsiman!?".

Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver

Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver comes from the short youtube series of the same name. Finn Palmer also originates from the same video series. The Traffic Lights are also loosely based off of them. Little Andrew and his bus also come from here.


This game appears in All Star Smashers in the form of a stage with the same name.


A Swedish website that allows people to make their own animated videos, that became infamous after the "X Gets Grounded" videos weren't migrated to the site after the GoAnimate HTML5 scandal. A character from this site, Mr. Hernandez appears as a Spirit. Not only that, but Plotagon City appears as a stage.

Radstock Museum

This stage is actually Radstock Museum, a museum in England that provides info about the history of Somerset life. It appears as Pete and Finn's stage.

Real Life

A Bowling Ball is featured in the game as an Item.

Rick Astley

The famous singer's most popular song, "Never Gonna Give You Up" played throughout Bruceton's moveset, and is also one of Bruceton's starter songs on The Boss' Officetop.

Rob Cantor

A comedy musician and singer-songwriter, and creator of multiple viral videos. His most popular song, "Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf" fittingly appears on Shia LaBeouf's stage, the City of Just Doing It.

Robotic Rants

The series where Dr. Donkey Kong originates from. He appears as a Narrator


In Billy Slaven's Final Smash, the Rocky theme plays as he dances.

Rotten Tomatoes

Just like in SSP, one of Angry Boss' most recurring phrases "There's a rotten tomato in my building!" is a reference to the famous American review-aggregation website.


Though he has not actually made an appearance in person yet, there are still a few references to Sammy in All Star Smashers, mostly by Chadtronic. For example, Chad's Final Smash is actually a parody of the Future Combat Warrior Sammy skit from the end of his "Give the Nintendo 2ds a Chance" video. Also later on in the ending of the House of Fear level in the Story Mode, Chad looks at a picture of Sammy, with Chad commenting "I guess you're not all that bad after all." Later on, Sammy would be one of the 10 candidates for the 5th Empty Slot. Unfortunately, he failed to win.

School Days

Throughout Tim Carter's moveset, the music that could be heard all came from this infamous anime.

School Rumble

While the music in Tim's moveset comes from School Days, his victory theme comes from this anime instead.

Scooby Doo

In his final smash, Sonny drives The Mystery Machine. Now where do you think he got that?? Scooby also appeared in Empty Slot 5.


There's as much Scribblenauts content as there are words in Scribblenauts! (Okay ,that's 100% false, but still.) Maxwell appears as a playable character, his doppleganger as an assist trophy, and Ollars as the main currency. You can also duke it out on Edwin's Farm or the Metaforest.


Unfortunately, Yuuki Ogata and many other things from his channel appear in-game, including Hamilton Ogata, Reaction City and the Question.

Smash Bros Lawl GoAnimate

Smash Bros Lawl GoAnimate, or SBLGA for short, was a Lawl series made by Adamp5104, which also included Sonny Slaven as a playable non-joke character. Because of this, Sonny decided to make custom SSBLGA movesets of Angry Boss and Bruceton for fun, before they joined All Star Smashers. Many of their attacks in All Star Smashers were originally in Sonny's custom movesets of them first. Mitt Romney, the Narrator for SSBLGA, also appears as a Narrator here in All Star Smashers.

Sonic the Hedgehog

In the original version of his Side B, Sonny fights with Chaos Sonic, doing damage to himself. This was removed as of his Update Patch. If Chadtronic's door catches a Smash Ball, Sanic will throw Sonic 06 at Chadtronic for him to react to.


A comedy channel on Go!Animate created by Sonny Slaven. Sonny himself appears as a playable characer in this game. His moveset is generally based off of the videos usually seen in his Go!Animate series. All of his moves (Excluding his Up B) all come from the videos in his Go!Animate series, or things he's referenced in them. Multiple characters other than Sonny important to the channel also appear as playable characters, such as his brother, Billy Slaven, as well as The Angry Boss and Jared Bruceton, as well as his evil twin, Donny Dlaven, appearing as his Mutation Fighter. Additionally, the four characters each have a stage, two of which that are truly exclusive to the series- Sonny's being the Talk Room, Billy's being the Basildon Town Centre, and both Angry Boss and Bruceton's being The Boss' Officetop. They also have two confirmed items, the Weegee Bomb and Billy's laptop. Troll J also appears as an assist trophy, Daniel Weywards and Wheat appear as Assist Characters to Sonny, and The Principal appears as a Spirit.

Space Jam

Space Jam appears as a stage, where it's theme tune plays. It's also referenced in a few of Lee's moves, such as in his Final Smash and up smash, in which he plays basketball.


Batiatus is shown dead on the ground in Brad's third victory option, although this was only a placeholder. Later Zoo Tycoon 64 said he would never make a moveset for him.

Spongebob Squarepants

Patrick defeats Brad in his moveset. Similarly to Spartacus, Zoo Tycoon 64 later said he wouldn't make any SpongeBob-related characters.

Star Trek

In Harry Bradshaw's Down B, he gets tagged by Harry Tagwell, who is clearly a Star Trek character (Go!Animate once had a Star Trek theme).

Street Fighter

2 of the songs in the Lawl Bros Mansion come from Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Also, Angry Boss quotes M. Bison in the Angry Boss Codecs for Brodi Welsford and Dan Gough.

Strongman Hilary

Zoo Tycoon 64's uncle makes appearance as a playable character in this game. His house also serves as a stage and a Stretch Squad level. He also has his own item, the Bouncy Ball. Uncle Gerald comes to fight too as an Assist Trophy. His pet chinchilla, Minky also appears as a Spirit.

Super Mario 64

The theme from Big Boo's Haunt plays throughout Talking Joe's moveset. The music from from the Luigi's Casino minigame from the DS version also plays in Chubby Life. A SM64 sound effect will also play when you enter Lee's TV in the stage UnBoxing Room.

Super Mario Bros.

The NES classic makes an appearance in multiple places. Once is the stage Level 1-2, a DLC stage that was originally supposed to be scrapped. Also, at the rival battle in Classic Safari, the two characters jump out of green pipes, both making the sound that they did in the NES game. Additionally, Egg Bro is based on the Hammer Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 3

The airship theme plays when Tim Carter confronts Hilary in The Stretch Squad, particularly the Super Smash Bros. Brawl rendition.

Super Minecraft Kid

Although his original appearance was taken from the game before his redesign, Super Minecraft Kid originates from the channel of the same name. His moveset is also based off of his channel, and numerous characters from his animated series also appear in the game, including a Subscriber, JWM321 and Chica as assist characters, and a Minecraft Hater as a Spirit.

Super Smash Bros.

Although it never directly says it's name, All Star Smashers is largely a clone of the Super Smash Bros. games. The gameplay style, mechanics, and general look is near the exact same with various additions. Most of the sound effects (especially for hitting) come from Super Smash Brothers' library of sound. Additionally, the stage Final Destination and the items Smash Ball, Assist Trophy, and Capsule are ripped directly from the Super Smash Brothers games. Various music tracks composed for Super Smash Brothers appear in game, such as on the stage Battlefield. Additionally, the game also has Spirits included, as well as it's own Subspace Emissary-style story mode, The Stretch Squad.

Overall, although not directly related to Super Smash Brothers, All Star Smashers has many elements and assets either inspired or taken from the series of games.

Super Smash Bros Lawl Nova

As previously mentioned, Action 52 pulls Captain N from a TV in his final smash. Captain N's moveset is an exact duplicate of the one in Super Smash Bros Lawl Nova.

Super Why

Super Why appears in Brodi's up B, in which he comes to pick her up and fly her around.

Super Zombie World

A free game one can find on the Apple app store. Although the game itself has squat to do with All Star Smashers, the zombie on the front appears in Matthew's entrance.

Looks like Matthew

Talking Joe

TJ retains a few moves from his comic series, such as his three of his B moves, and many A moves. Most of his other moves come from Nessy however.

Team Fortress 2

Engineer is seen as the loser in Sonny Slaven's third victory option.


The Teletubbies have appeared in the All Star Smashers Empty Slots, but have failed to actually win one. Despite this, the Sun Baby still appears as an Assist Trophy, and a Voice Trumpet appears as a Spirit.

Tercer Milenio

A recurring line used by Angry Boss in the Angry Boss Codecs involves him yelling "OUT OF MY PLANET!!!", which is a reference to the name of Jaime Maussan's entrance in Smash Bros. Lawl. Additionally, a weird Go!Animate version of Maussan named Toon Jamie Maussan has appeared in the Empty Slots, coming up short each time. Additionally, Space Captain appears to somewhat be an expy of Maussan due to his catchphrase, "This is extraordinary!"

The Amazing World of Gumball

Gumball dances with Jarin in his third victory option. He has also appeared as an Empty Slot character with his brother, Darwin.

The Apprentice

The host of The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar appears as a Narrator in All Star Smashers.

The Dennis Green Experience

A weird music website, which for some reason is named after the late American football coach, Dennis Green. A song from this site named Kung Fu v 2 appears in Amanda the Panda's moveset, as well as her stage, the Bamboo Hut.

The Flintstones

The patriarch of The Flintstone family and winner of Empty Slot 5, Fred Flintstone will be receiving a moveset soon.

The Frollo Show

Sonny and Billy's Victory animation in Team Battle involves the two brothers raving, like what Frollo and Gaston did in Frollo Reads Mein Kampf. The same ravesong used in that episode even plays while they're raving. Sonny's Down Taunt is also a reference to this very same episode. And Pete and Hilary even did the Bros Pose together in the end of Hilary's moveset. Talking Joe and Chadtronic would later do the Bros Pose in the story mode, and characters can even do the Bros Pose with Shia LaBeouf after he motivates him/her to "Just Do It".

The Garfield Show

Although it brings almost nothing else to the table, this is the origin of the stage Arbuckle Lane.

The Harry Hill Movie

The main antagonist, Otto Hill, is getting a moveset in the future. There have also been various references to the movie throughout All Star Smashers before Otto's confirmation. Also, two other characters from this movie, Michelle and Barney Cull appear as Spirits.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo appears in Lee's Neutral B, Disney DVDs. If one catches him, he'll go up to people and burn them. He also appears in his loss pose in Lee's moveset, although he's not an actual character and was only a place holder. Hunchback of Notre Dame also appears in Lee's down aerial, in which he slams down a book of it. The cathedral from the movie also appears as a stage.

The John Show

An MS-Paint nightmare. John appears as the winner in Thin Air's losing pose, and also appears as a trophy one can collect.

The Legend of Zelda

Multiple things from Brodi's moveset originate from here. One happens to be the tri-force mechanic that appears in her moveset. Her Side B clearly imitates the Hylian Shield, and the Master Sword appears as an item. Link appears on a stone in Pointy Roots too. The game's fairies also appear as a trophy.

The Lion King

Simba appears in Lee's Neutral B, Disney DVDs. He starts out as a cub but then grows up to roar at people, scaring them away. Pride Rock is a stage as well. The main antagonist, Scar also appears in Empty Slot 4.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The eccentric leader of the SOS Brigade and title character of this popular anime, Haruhi Suzumiya appears as an alternate costume for Brodi Welsford.

The Powerpuff Girls

Blossom's voice can be heard saying "You're a bad monkey!" to Grandpa Gorilla right before his losing pose. Her two sisters and fellow Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles and Buttercup both later appeared in Empty Slot 4, but not Blossom herself.

The Price is Right

The theme song to this popular game show appears as one of the possible songs that play on the main menu of All Star Smashers.

The Room

Maddox, Gilman and Victor's greeting to Angry Boss in his entrance is a reference to one of the many infamous quotes from this legendarily bad movie.

The Simpsons

In Sonny's neutral B, he throws a pickled egg. This was based off of a Simpsons episode in which Moe used one to determine who would be the designated driver. Bart also appeared as an Empty Slot character but was beaten out. His sister, Lisa would later join him in Empty Slot 4.

This is the End

The theme song to this apocalyptic comedy movie appears as Billy Slaven's old victory theme.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas is mentioned once in Brad Till's down throw. This was inspired by a parody of grounded videos Zoo Tycoon 64.

Total Drama Island

Sky appeared in Smash Jarin's third victory option. She was also an unsuccessful empty slot character.

Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear is another character who can come from Lee's Disney DVD. He can grab an opponent and star KO them. Not only that but Pizza Planet appears, labeled incorrectly as "Toy Store".


Megatron appears in Matthew's first victory option.

Viva La Bam

The theme song of this MTV show appears as one of Bruceton's Starter Songs on The Boss' Officetop, as well as his main theme song for Classic Safari. His Classic Safari Story is also a reference to Viva La Bam.

Warren Cook

An infamous Go!Animate user, known for his fake VHS openings that became so hated that he's now the focus of thousands of "grounded" videos. He works for Matthew Whitehead in the Stretch Squad and is also a trophy.

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Undoubtedly, the King of Parodies. The song he performed for the Captain Underpants movie appears as a song in The Treehouse.

Where's Wally?

Wally! Or Waldo? Beats me. Whatever you call him, he's a trophy.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Believe it or not, even this show can appear in All Star Smashers. The suspenseful music appears as Thin Air's victory theme.

Wolong Panda Breeding Centre

Where the Sneezing Panda, who is an assist trophy, was filmed.

Wonder Pets!

The Wonder Pets have a strangely large presence in All Star Smashers. Lee's Up B involves him riding the boat that the Wonder Pets ride on. Lee watches the show at the beginning of Story Mode: The Stretch Squad. Not only that, but a number of Lee's A moves involve the Wonder Pets. Moves include his forward aerial where he throws Tuck and his dash attack where he sings the theme. He also said Ming-Ming's catchphrase, "This is Serious" in his old side taunt, yells "Oh my god, I hate the wonder pets, it's kill time!" in his Final Smash, and "Yay, the wonder pets are dead for good!" in his third victory option, the last two as Danny Robinson.

World Wrestling Entertainment

There are quite a few WWE references in All Star Smashers, largely by Sonny Slaven, due to him being a WWE fan. Examples of this include a picture of Bo Dallas' face appearing in Billy Slaven's moveset, as well as Sonny often saying the word Sawft, which was made famous in WWE by Enzo Amore. Enzo's theme song also plays on the Talk Room, as does Darren Young's theme, and a lyrical version of Apollo Crews' theme. There is also the addition of Bruceton saying similar quotes to The New Day. This could mean he either embraces the power of positivity, or he just does it to make fun of them.


Much like The Apprenice, the only role X-Factor has in All Star Smashers is having Simon Cowell as a Narrator.


Although Brodi's moveset mostly revolves around existing franchises, there are a few things that originate from this channel, such as Brodi herself, and Welsford Street. Megan Williams also appears as a trophy and Oliver Quinn as an assist trophy. Brodi's Neutral B is clearly semi-original.

Yume Nikki

In the outro to Greg Heffley's moveset, his baby brother Manny is seen on a computer playing the famous RPG maker game, and apparently getting scared by Poniko's transformation into Uboa. A Yume Nikki-based stage was showcased in the first volume of the newer stage showcases, and Poniko herself returned as a Stage Hazard. Guess what she does.

Zoo Tycoon

A Zoo Tycoon park is included as a stage. Grandpa Gorilla can drop down crates from Zoo Tycoon. It's also the former namesake of the series' creator. The Killer Penguin had also made a surprise appearance in Empty Slot 3, but (thankfully) lost. After this loss, he didn't return in Empty Slot 4, and was taken out of the Empty Slots entirely.

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