Memory Fighters, formerly known as Mutation Fighters, are a type of playable characters in All Star Smashers. Like the Echo Fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Smash Bros. Lawl Beatdown, and the Mirror Fighters in Super Smash Bros. Lawl Nova, Memory Fighters are direct moveset clones of another playable character entirely, with largely identical abilities and stats, but with a few minor differences to separate them from their bases, such as different moves, taunts, victory poses and victory music.

Confirmed Memory Fighters

  1. Elouise Pitman (Harry's Island) - Matthew Whitehead's Memory Fighter
  2. Donny Dlaven (Sonnyslavenproductions) - Sonny Slaven's Memory Fighter
  3. ??? - Amanda the Panda's Memory Fighter
  4. Captain Blunderpants (Captain Underpants) - Captain Underpants' Memory Fighter
  5. ??? - Action 52's Memory Fighter
  6. ??? - Thin Air's Memory Fighter
  7. ??? - Bruceton's Memory Fighter


  • Memory Fighters have a different rival than the character they're a Memory Fighter of. For example, while Matthew's rival is Harry Bradshaw, Elouise's rival is Brodi. However, Brodi's main rival is not Elouise, and is instead someone else.
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