Mick Ellison is an Assist Trophy in All Star Smashers. When summoned, the summoner will ask him for lunch. Then, Mick will quickly disappear, only to reappear on a bike, with the lunch the summoner asked for, which will replenish their health. He can also ram into opponents while on the bike.

Move Origin

This is based on one of Edward's many Edwardisms, in which he randomly mentions Mick, then asks him for lunch.

List of quotes for lunch

  1. Lee Saunderson- "Best lunch"
  2. Sonny Slaven- "Do it! Just do it! Make my lunch come true!"
  3. Donny Dlaven- "Hey, buddy! Be a friend and go get me some lunch!"
  4. Brad Till- "Best served chilled, please."
  5. Matthew Whitehead- "Uh-oh! My lunch! You've got to get it out of of the oven!"
  6. Elouise Pitman- ""
  7. Harry Bradshaw- "Right Mick, time for lunch!"
  8. Brodi Welsford- "Can I have a Hamburger?"
  9. Amanda- "I don't want my lunch now, I want it...NOW!!!!"
  10. Oscar- "Chubby please!"
  11. Smash Jarin- "Give me some lunch, I'm on my lunch break."
  12. Talking Joe- "Lunch."
  13. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver- "Alright, little Mick? How about some lunch?"
  14. Hilary- "Christmas Lunch!"
  15. Edward- "Mick, lunch please."
  16. Captain Underpants- "May I have a snack please?"
  17. Captain Blunderpants- ""
  18. Maxwell- *Shows a thought bubble of a chicken*
  19. Lily- **
  20. Papa Louie- *Nods to Mick, telling him he wants lunch*
  21. Horrid Henry- "What's for lunch, Mick?"
  22. Garfield- "Love me, feed me, never leave me."
  23. Yuuki Ogata- "Make me my lunch or else I make a video out of you and flag a video out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  24. Caillou- "Hey, can you get me lunch from Chuck E Cheese's?"
  25. Action 52- "Make your lunch now!"
  26. Finn Palmer- "Oi! Where's my lunch?"
  27. Chadtronic- "Mick, Grilled Cheese please"
  28. Billy Slaven- "Hey man, let's go get some lunch from McDonald's or something."
  29. Thin Air-
  30. Tim Carter- "Lunchtime detention!"
  32. Bruceton- "I'm in the mood to perform another awesome antic. Go get me some lunch."
  33. Dan Gough- "Mick, nutrients please!"
  34. Grandpa Gorilla-
  35. Super Minecraft Kid- "GIVE ME MY F**KING LUNCH!!!"
  36. Greg Heffley- "Lunch please!"
  37. Harry Hill-
  38. Professor Poopypants- "You're going to get my lunch, if it's the last thing you do!!!"
  39. Moody Margaret-
  40. Otto Hill- "No buts!!"
  41. Tabatha-
  42. Ollie-
  43. Steve Burns-
  44. Fred Flintstone-
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