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Miss Battle-Axe, aka Miss B or Boudicca Battle-Axe, is Horrid Henry’s school teacher. She is the secondary antagonist/anti-hero in the Horrid Henry franchise. She's very strict and she teaches the older students. She always keeps an eye on Henry as he's always horrid. Miss Battle-Axe dislikes the class she teaches and likes giving detentions. She once said that Henry's class was the worst she had ever taught. In a few episodes, her mother, Mother Battle-Axe, has appeared, who seems to discipline her daughter greatly. Miss Battle-Axe appears to be Scottish, as she speaks with a Scottish accent and in Horrid Henry Does His Homework, she plays the bagpipes.

Miss Battle-Axe appears in All Star Smashers as a Support Spirit, as an Ace class, where you must fight Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver at Radstock Museum as a character of your choosing to obtain her. When fighting Pete, stage hazards will appear more frequently, a tidal wave of furries will appear, and Pete will be distracted by items.


  • Completing Miss Battle-Axe's Spirit Battle will also obtain the Safety Hedgehogs.