Mrs. Crunch is a minor character in the Horrid Henry series. She is a tour guide who works at the local museum and she is first seen in the episode, Horrid Henry's School Trip. She later reappears in Horrid Henry's Summer Camp as the camp leader and as the host of the happy family competition in Horrid Henry's Happy Family. She also doesn’t like Horrid Henry because, of course, his behaviour is horrid.

Mrs. Crunch appears in All Star Smashers as a Primary Spirit, as an Ace class, where you must fight Captain Underpants and 2 copies of Tim Carter at Radstock Museum to obtain her. When fighting them, Captain Underpants can cause damage when falling, due to his heavy weight, and he always attacks at close-range, giving you little breathing space. You will only need to KO Captain Underpants to win.


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