My Meeba

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My Meebas are an electronic toy made by Mattel, designed for girls. The object of the games is to "grow" a small My Meeba inside a tube by playing with it. By playing games, giving it baths and "feeding" it, it will grow. Over time, it eventually grows into an adult, therefore becoming so large for its tube, it can come out. At this stage, it is no longer an electronic toy, but a stuffed animal like toy, which can be latched onto whatever the owner chooses. Still can the owner play the games from the electronic device but it will not grow anymore unless it is reset.

A My Meeba appears in All Star Smashers as a Primary Spirit, as an Ace class, where you must fight Action 52 at Island of Ness in order to obtain it. When fighting A52, the battle will be timed, the enemy's size increases every 10 seconds and the enemy will be distracted by food.

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