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Otto Layfield is a fanmade character in the Harry's Island series. He is Harry Bradshaw's best friend and bro, and also serves as the Vice President of Harry's Island. Otto is portrayed as the straight man between him and Harry, as he often scolds Harry for doing irresponsible and inappropriate things, such as getting drunk or doing sexually suggestive mannerisms. But he is just as bad as Harry, since he's also violent, loud, insane, mentally unstable and unpredictable. Otto expresses his crazy personality by performing numerous violent acts, such as brandishing a gun and screaming at the top of his lungs for no reason. Another noticeable thing about Otto is his big bushy mustache, which is also odd since he seems to be around the same age as Harry.

Otto appears in All Star Smashers as a Support Spirit, as an advanced class, where you must fight Harry at the All Star Smashers HQ to obtain him. When fighting Harry, only shooting items will appear, Harry will always be on his feet, and he will also have a sudden Final Smash.


  • Rather than being a fictionalized version of a real life person like the other Harry's Island characters, Otto is instead a fanmade character created by Sonny Slaven not as a character for Sonnyslavenproductions, but instead as a character for Harry's Island, with the idea being for Otto to serve as the Vice President of Harry's Island and Harry Bradshaw's bro. Due to being a Spirit in ASS, it's unknown if Otto is canon in Harry's Island or not