Personal Food is an item in All Star Smashers. Unlike in Lawl Nova, everyone has their own personal food, rather than depending on the character's weird land of origin. For example, Oscar and Amanda have their own seperate Personal Foods, rather than sharing it. If you eat this, it'll heal little damage unless you eat your own personal food.

But who eats what?

  1. Lee Saunderson eats "Best Food" as referred to: 0:26
  2. Sonny Slaven eats a Pickle based on this.
  3. Donny Dlaven
  4. Brad Till drinks Pepsi based on one of his Pepsi reviews.
  5. Matthew Whitehead eats a Pizza based on his moveset intro.
  6. Elouise Pitman eats
  7. Harry Bradshaw eats an Apple based on 1:00.
  8. Brodi Welsford eats Bait.
  9. Amanda the Panda eats Bamboo (guess why).
  10. Oscar the White Tiger eats Chubby. He also gets this in his Down B.
  11. MimeFan eats a Butterfinger based on 0:17.
  12. Talking Joe eats a Birthday Cake.
  13. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver eats Sweeties.
  14. Hilary eats Christmas Dinner.
  15. Edward Yui eats Chewing Gum.
  16. Captain Underpants drinks Super Power Juice.
  17. Captain Blunderpants eats
  18. Maxwell eats anything.
  19. Lily eats
  20. Papa Louie eats Pasta.
  21. Horrid Henry eats any Junk Food (E.g. Pizza).
  22. Garfield eats Lasagna.
  23. Yuuki Ogata eats Baby Food.
  24. Go!Caillou eats Cheese from Chuck E Cheese's.
  25. Action 52 eats a Tomato from Dam Busters.
  26. Finn Palmer eats a School Turkey.
  27. Chadtronic eats a Super Mushroom.
  28. Billy Slaven eats Skittles.
  29. Thin Air eats Sunlight.
  30. Tim Carter eats a Sandwich.
  31. Angry Boss] eats his Cake That is Quite Epic. He also gets this in his Neutral B.
  32. Bruceton eats Bruceto-Cookies.
  33. Dan Gough eats Sugar Cubes.
  34. Grandpa Gorilla eats a Banana.
  35. Super Minecraft Kid eats "Baby Graphics".
  36. Greg Heffley eats Gummy Worms.
  37. Harry Hill eats a Sausage.
  38. Otto Hill eats Hula Hoops.
  39. Tabatha the Tortoise eats
  40. Ollie the Snow Leopard eats
  41. Moody Margaret eats
  42. Professor Poopypants eats
  43. Steve Burns eats
  44. Fred Flintstone eats
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