Road to Train Station

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Road to Train Station is the 1st level of Story Mode: The Stretch Squad


It starts off in GoAnimate city with Lee Saunderson seeing what's on Nick Jr. When he sees it's the Wonder Pets, he decides it's kill time, then goes off to kill them. But Sonny Slaven stops him, and Lee gets scared because he's a stranger. Sonny says he is going to stretch him to death, and Lee claims that if his dad was here he would ground him for years. Sonny gets annoyed and a fight begins, which mirrors the events of the The epic 1v1 battle between Sonny Slaven and Lee Saunderson. After the battle, Lee's Dad comes in and says that he told Lee that there is to be no violence in the house. Also he asks who Lee was fighting, but he says he doesn't know and that it was a stranger. Lee's dad scolds him for fighting in the house, and proceeds to ground him. Lee finally explodes in anger, yelling at his dad for all the times he grounded him, and proceeds to burn down and destroy his house, turning both his dad and Sonny into trophies. Then, he thinks he's set free before he realizes he has nowhere to live and that he's homeless, then he hears sirens and the word "Exterminate". Lee runs away, and defeats a few Dumb Daleks.

After the battle, he runs into a camp site to rest before realizing that the Daleks are still running after him. Then, he runs until he reaches a dead end, and the Daleks squash him. Brad Till then lands on  him with an elevator. Brad comes out of the elevator and says "Get out of here and leave my rail road alone!" which then scares the Daleks away. Lee then joins Brad to fight the Daleks, who are running away.

Sometime later, they arrive at a train station. Lee then sees Go!Caillou firing a trophy gun, and Brad has flashbacks of all the fun times Lee and Brad had together. Brad deflects the gun with an elevator, then both of them fight Caillou.

After the battle, Go!Caillou gets turned into a trophy and Caillou's dad, Go!Boris appears, and says he is taking Caillou to the Grounded Rooms to ground him, then he carries him off. Then, a train arrives, and Lee asks if Brad wants to go on a ride, which he accepts.

After that, we cut to a UFO, where Matthew Whitehead is there with a Sonny Slaven trophy in the background when Memy9909 and Warren Cook arrive. Matthew asks if Memy and Warren if they have the Brad Till and Lee Saunderson trophies. Memy says they caught them, then Matthew says they are both geniuses. Then Warren interrupts and says that they don't have them, after which Matthew gets angry with them. Then, Memy says that Matthew told him that they found him so they said they did, then Warren asks for Matthew to not fire them. Then, Matthew says that he can't afford any more failures, and that he literately means it, then he says he only has one prisoner (That being Sonny) and that if firing them was the only way to get 3 prisoners then that was the only option, Then Memy apologizes and Matthew asks for more trophies by tomorrow or they're doomed. Then they all watch Captain Underpants on Matthew's TV. Then, Matthew adds in that they be doomed by today too, Then a bell rings, and Matthew says that Dinner is served, and the level ends.


Playable Characters


  • Dumb Daleks

Non-Playable Characters


All Star Smashers The Stretch Squad- Road to Train Station (Go!Animate)
All Star Smashers The Stretch Squad- Road to Train Station (Go!Animate)
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