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Almost every video game can't exist without playable characters and All Star Smashers is no exception. Here is a list of confirmed playable characters for All Star Smashers:

Everyone Is Here!

Limited Era

  1. Lee Saunderson (Lee the DVD Collector)
  2. Sonny Slaven (Sonnyslavenproductions)
  3. Brad Till (Brad the Elevator Chap)
  4. Matthew Whitehead (Harry's Island)
  5. Harry Bradshaw (Harry's Island)
  6. Brodi Welsford (YoungLink14)
  7. Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)
  8. Oscar the White Tiger (Oscar the White Tiger)

Business Era

  1. MimeFan (MimeFan)
  2. Talking Joe (Talking Joe)
  3. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver (Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver)
  4. Hilary (Strongman Hilary)
  5. Edward Yui (Hong Kong Country)

Attention Era

  1. Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants)
  2. Maxwell (Scribblenauts)
  3. Papa Louie (Papa Louie)
  4. Horrid Henry (Horrid Henry)
  5. Garfield (Garfield)
  6. Yuuki Ogata (Shit!)

Invasion Epoch

  1. Go!Caillou (Caillou Gets Grounded)
  2. Action 52 (Action 52: NES Version)
  3. Finn Palmer (Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver)


  1. Chadtronic (Chadtronic)
  2. Billy Slaven (Sonnyslavenproductions)
  3. Thin Air (Earth)
  4. Tim Carter (It's Time for School!)
  5. Angry Boss (Sonnyslavenproductions)
  6. Bruceton (Sonnyslavenproductions)
  7. Dan Gough (It's Time for School!)
  8. Grandpa Gorilla (Banana Globe City)

Separation Epoch

  1. Super Minecraft Kid (Super Minecraft Kid)
  2. Greg Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Ultimate Era

  1. Donny Dlaven (Sonnyslavenproductions)

Upcoming Characters

  1. Harry Hill (Harry Hill's TV Burp)
  2. Otto Hill (The Harry Hill Movie)
  3. Tabatha & Emrly (Oscar the White Tiger)
  4. Ollie the Snow Leopard (Oscar the White Tiger)
  5. Dennis the Menace (Dennis the Menace)
  6. Professor Poopypants (Captain Underpants)
  7. Steve & Blue (Blues Clues)
  8. Fred Flintstone (The Flintstones)
  9. Mark the Moose (Christmas)
  10. The Toad (Flushed Away)
  11. Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
  12. Rodrick Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
  13. Zookeeper (Zoo Tycoon)
  14. Admiral Bubbles (My Goldfish is Evil)
  15. The Cat in Live Hat (The Cat in the Hat)
  16. Mishiro Usui (Blank Dream)
  17. Sooly (YooHoo)
  18. Elouise Pitman (Harry's Island)
  19. Russ the Goat (Oscar the White Tiger)
  20. Captain Blunderpants (Captain Underpants)
  21. Lily (Scribblenauts)
  22. Moody Margaret (Horrid Henry)
  23. Genesis 52 (Action 52: Sega Genesis Version)

Character Select Music

Starter Songs

Unlockable Songs