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(This article is for the level in the Stretch Squad. For the stage of the same name, see Sherlock's Home)

Sherlock's Home is the 2nd level of Story Mode: The Stretch Squad.


The level starts with Hilary watching football on TV. Meanwhile, outside Hillary's house are The Angry Boss and Tim Carter. Tim asks if this is where Hilary lives. Angry Boss tells him he does, then yells at Tim and makes him cry. Afterwards. AB abandons Tim to go and search for Bruceton. Meanwhile, England beats Chelsea in the football match and Hilary gets so mad, he swears and throws his remote at the TV, breaking it. After this, he decides to think into the positive side. But then, Tim Carter appears and confronts Hilary, having overheard him swearing. Then, he tells Hilary to "Sit Down!" Hilary asks who he is, but he throws Hilary at a sofa. Then, Tim holds a chair, but Hilary uses a Shyruken to make him drop it. Then, Hilary fights Tim Carter.

After the battle, Hilary holds Tim's trophy. and decided to go upstairs and find a Video Game to play. Hilary goes into the attic, where he has to defeat the a group of mice, and The Attic Octopus.

After that, Hilary chooses a game to play, which ironically enough are all American Football games.  But suddenly, his house begins rumbling and Hilary gets sent out of his house, but he gets saved by Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver. Then, Hilary and Pete defeat a herd of Matthews minions, including the Space Soldiers, Mouse Cursors, ect.

After that, the Space Captain Says "They managed to kill them all? This is extraordinary!" Then, more Mouse Cursors approach Hilary and Pete. Then, Hilary shoots from a bottle to kill one of the Cursors. Then, he proceeds to shoot another one, but he misses. Meanwhile, Captain Underpants flies across the sky. But suddenly, something hits him and makes him fall to the ground. Then suddenly, A hook grabs Pete's bus and throws the two Bros away, and the level ends.


Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters


  • Squeaky
  • Attic Octopus
  • Space Soldiers
  • Mouse Cursors



All Star Smashers The Stretch Squad- Sherlock's Home (Strongman Hilary)


  • Throughout the level, Hilary was voiced by Jack Mayhew himself, instead of a text-to-speech voice. This is possibly due to the fact that Hilary's original voice, Dallas was removed from GoAnimate by the time the level was uploaded.