Skylar is a floating female A.I head who appears in the video game Cybermorph as an annoying character who asks the player, "Where did you learn to fly?" every time they crash into something when flying, which is very common. She is perhaps best known for appearing in an Angry Video Game Nerd episode where the Nerd reviews the game. Skylar acts as a minor antagonist where she actually soars out of the TV and attempts to kill the Nerd. However, he guns her down before any damage could be done. She is also an antagonist in an indie based on the Nerd, The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.

Skylar appears in All Star Smashers as a Support Spirit, as an ace class, where you must fight 8 Super Minecraft Kids at the Weewoo Warehouse to obtain her. When fighting the SMK's, only Gio Compario can be summoned as an Assist Trophy, an extra ally will spawn on the stage to assist you as soon as you get knocked into the main wall, and you don't win the battle until all of the SMK's are dead.


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