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Sonny Slaven, also known as TangentGrub4, is a British YouTuber and former Go!Animator. He's the creator of the Go!Animate channel, Sonnyslavenproductions. He is also the co-star of the crossover Go!Animate sitcom series, Lawl Bros, alongside fellow Go!Animator, Adamp5104.


All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Sonny Slaven


All Star Smashers Patch Surgery- Sonny Slaven (Sonny Slaven Productions)

Entrance: Motivational Wake Up Call

Sonny appears in bed trying to get up while Shia LaBeouf motivates him to wake up and start his day.

Move Origin

This is where I got Sonny's Entrance from.jpg

This entrance is inspired by the real Sonny Slaven's answer to a question on (see the picture on the right). 

Neutral B: The Black Egg

Sonny throws an egg which causes 4% damage. Spots for the last 6 eggs thrown will be invisibly recorded. If Sonny runs into one of these spots, there is a 1/6 chance the black egg will be revealed to poison himself.

Move Origin

This video was a parody of the opening scene in The Simpsons episode, The City of New York vs Homer Simpson, where Moe tells his customers at his tavern that they are responsible for 91% of all traffic accidents in Springfield. This prompts Moe to hold a pickled egg drawing to see who will stay sober and be the designated driver Barney, the most unlikely one, draws the black egg and therefore becomes the designated driver.

Side B: "Awesome" Fighting

Sonny fights with Wheat, causing damage that keeps racking up like any other poisoning move. If anyone else gets involved, they will fall over gaining racking up damage also. If this happens, Sonny will gain 3% more damage than normal. This move lasts for 4 seconds each time. If Sonny gets hit with weak attacks, the Side B's damage ratio will increase by an extra percentage. If he gets hit by a strong attack or a special move, Wheat will be sent flying and knock Sonny back.

Move Origin

In this video, Sonny, Daniel Weywards, Chaos Sonic and Wheat started fighting after Wheat took offence to a dirty joke about Uranus, the joke being told by Daniel. The video was also a parody of this Adamp5104 video.

Up B: Flutterfly

Sonny gets carried by Fluttershy, his favorite pony. Because she is shy, she can only fly for a half-second per flight.

Move Origin

This move comes from the fact Fluttershy is Sonny's favourite pony.

Down B: The Clone Bomb

A barrel will be dropped onto Sonny's spot. After 3 seconds, the barrel will explode and create a clone of either Sonny or the closest enemy. The clone acts like an extra fighter in the same team as Sonny's opponents by only attacking Sonny. They can't be KO'd though. The only way to get rid of the clone is to defeat it. Careful because if Sonny tries to place another clone bomb while a clone is on stage, he'll explode.

Move Origin

In this bizarre SSP video, it was revealed that Sonny cloned Daniel, and gave the clone version Plastic Surgery, whilst killing the original Daniel by dropping a bomb on him, blowing him up.

Final Smash: Troll Runover

Sonny's sidekick, Daniel Weywards, decides to run the opponents over and asks Sonny if he has a car. Sonny says "no" but asks him if he has one and he does. They arrive in Daniel's Mystery Machine, where Sonny tells the opponents "You won't get away with this!" and drive after an opponent slowly. If it hits somebody, they will get buried to the ground with 100% more damage. Sonny will stay in the Mystery Machine for a while giving the opponent a chance to jump out and attack Sonny in the vehicle. Eventually, he'll get out.

Move Origin

In this video, Sonny and Daniel decide that they've had enough of Troll J's annoying attitude, and decide to run him over with Daniel's Mystery Machine. (Where'd he purchase that?) They find Troll J eventually, and, despite moving slowly, (To be fair, Sonny was still new to GoAnimate at the time) they succeed in running him over.

KO Sounds

KO Sound 1: Ahahahahahahahahahah!!!

KO Sound 2: Sawft!

Star KO: How can this get any worse?!

Screen KO: You suck!


Up Taunt: Punches the air screaming "I am so angry!" in a scary voice and stays like this for a while. Then he makes glitchy noises.

Side Taunt: Points and angrily says "You shut your mouth!"

Down Taunt: Says "I will never die!" with his arms crossed.

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Celebrates by saying "Yes! Yes! Happy Days" and makes a glitch sounding cheer.

Option #2: Says "Thank you for watching Wiggles wo o o o o o o" before getting hit by a bottle.

Option #3: Says "Until next time GoBros, let's GoAnimate!"

Option #4: (Only against Fluttershy) Looks at her in horror saying "Oh my god! Sorry. I wish I lost!" while running off screen.

Option #5: (Only against Billy Slaven) Celebrates happily whilst yelling "Yes! Yes! Sonny wins, Sonny wins, Sonny wins!"

As a team with Billy: They both rave together, the Rave Party Theme playing instead of the normal victory themes.

Losage: Throws a temper tantrum.

Normal Attacks, Moveset Music,Ko Taunt Music, Victory Theme

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial:

Neutral Aerial:

Down Aerial:

Forward Aerial:

Reverse Aerial: Turns into another guy turning behind him slowly saying "Bang! Take that, bear!"

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt: Dances happily.

Neutral Attack: Sonny shoots the opponent with a gun, then says "That's what happens when someone pisses me off!" This causes laggage.

Combo: Sonny shows off with a gun and fires a teddy bear. Then, Daniel shoots and says "BANG!".

Side Tilt: Does an elbow drop and falls to the ground causing himself damage.

Dash Attack: Spins around as another guy.

Down Tilt: Fluttershy stomps angrily.

Ledge/Get Up Attacks

Ledge: Daniel gets up and stomps onto Sonny.

Get Up: Turns into Weegee and explodes.


Up Smash: Climbs up some furniture until a bottle hits him sending him falling to the ground and into his grave. But then, he quickly comes out. NOTE: NEVER climb furniture.

Side Smash: Yells "You're a freaking SAWFT!" and then spells out SAWFT in Kidaroo's voice, summoning the SAWFT logo.

Down Smash: Slowly glitches but then points as another guy shooting lazer saying "Insert cute screams here". This causes himself damage as well.

Grab Moves:

Grab: Fluttershy crawls forward nervously, then back, then forward again further, then back then forawd even further then slowly does a bite.

Pummel: Chews the opponent as Flutterbat.

Forward Throw: Does a frustrated quiet scream.

Reverse Throw: Pulls the enemy's spine and flips them over.

Up Throw: Throws them up while cheering "yay".

Down Throw: Fluttershy struggles by nervously stomping her feet then runs quickly back to Sonny.

Moveset Music

GoAnimate OST- Action - East Coast

KO Sounds & Taunts Music

GoAnimate OST- Action - Eletronic

Victory Music

GoAnimate OST- Deck the Halls (jazz classic)

Angry Boss Codec

Angry Boss: Hey, is that Sonny?

Fluttershy: Um, yes.

Angry Boss: Wow! I can't believe he's here. Hey Fluttershy, he's a friend of yours, right? Can you tell me what he can do in battle?

Fluttershy: Well, um, h-he can summon eggs, which also features one black egg. He can also use a bomb which can clone opponents, randomly fight with his friends, or even summon me to help him in battle.

Angry Boss: Hmm, what about his Final Smash?

Owen Maddox: Well, do you remember that time he and Daniel ran over Troll J.

Angry Boss: Oh yeah, that was so hilarious. More funnier that the time I sent Bruceton to a hospital on Guerrero Street.

Owen: Okay? Anyways, he does that in his Final Smash. But if he hits someone, he'll get buried into the ground, allowing other characters to attack him.

Angry Boss: Wait a Sonny a Joke Character?

Fluttershy: Um u-um...

Owen: Yes.

Angry Boss: WHAT!?

*Fluttershy runs away, screaming*

Angry Boss: You know what's coming next...

Owen: Okay, I'm going. *Leaves*


Personal Data


  • Cartoon Size


  • All Around (He is losing weight)


  • Black eggs
  • Troll J
  • His evil twin, Donny Dlaven
  • Yuuki Ogata (Sonny doesn't like him)
  • Super Minecraft Kid (Sonny HATES him)
  • Modern-day GoAnimate
  • Alvin Hung's tyranny


  • Bringing Shy Pegasi to life
  • Cloning people
  • Throwing eggs
  • Calling people SAWFT


  • Hanging out with his Bros
  • Making videos on GoAnimate
  • Smash Bros Lawl
  • Playing Video Games
  • Being a Brony
  • Rap Battling others


  • England

Classic Safari Story

"Many videos made by this guy on his various GoAnimate accounts had earned him some popularity for his humorous and entertaining style of videos, whether it's parodying other sources or coming up with his own, Sonny Slaven has always been a very funny GoAnimator. But in recent times; GoAnimate has become a Business Site, thanks to Alvin Hung's tyranny. And yet people keep using this site, without realising they're losing their money to Alvin Hung. So Sonny wants to win the tournament to get those people to leave GoAnimate, so that Alvin doesn't get their money."

Classic Safari Theme

NWO Wrestlemania X8 Theme

Classic Safari Ending

"It was very tough, but Sonny somehow managed to defeat Barney, and as a result, he received a doll of Barney as a reward. During the night he told the doll his wish...

And so thanks to Sonny Slaven, the wretched Alvin Hung will no longer rob people of their hard earned money."

Classic Safari Quotes

Victory Quotes

To Super Minecraft Kid: "I really fricking hate you!"

To Finn Palmer: "Oh, you're that guy who looks like Danny from The Game Grumps."

To Garfield: "I saw your movie once, and I didn't realise until recently that it sucked."

To Papa Louie: "Now THAT'S a moustache!"

To Brad Till: "You killed Thomas the Tank Engine!? You utter bastard!!"

To Oscar the White Tiger: "We should do a crossover sometime."

To Harry Bradshaw: "Harry, brilliant to see you."

To Rarity: "Remember that time you kicked Yuuki Ogata's face in?"

To Chadtronic: "Hey Chad, you should react to The Frollo Show."

To Moody Margaret: "How could you be so moody?"

To Edward: "Okay, I think you need a doctor."

To Billy Slaven: "Billy, stop trying to meme me. I will not be memed."

To Tim Carter: "I didn't know you were a Brony."

To Smash Jarin: "Oh hey, you're that OTHER GoAnimator."

To Tabatha the Tortoise: "You are not what I expected."

To Harry Hill: "Can I have your autograph? I'm a big fan of your work."

To Talking Joe: "What is your obsession with Birthday Cakes?"

To Grandpa Gorilla: "He has no style, he has no grace, this Gorilla has a funny face."

Losing Quote

"I'm done! I'm freaking DONE!'"

Rival Scripts

Bold= Sonny's Lines

To Yuuki Ogata


"What do you want?"

"You are to be grounded for dislike bad users."

"Are you high or something?"

"Yes, now respect my opinion or I'll block you!"

"I'd rather you shut up instead."


" are such a dumbass! Now give me back my channel art or get your ass kicked!"


"Fine! You brought this on yourself, dumbass!"

If Sonny Loses

"Sonny Slaven, has sucked! Your channel has sucked!"

If Yuuki Loses

"Yuuki...just go away from now on."

To Lee Saunderson

"Bobby? Is that you?"

"Hey, what's up Doc? No. Now bow down to the king of GoAnimate. This battle will be easy."

"You? King? All you ever did in your GoLife was make grounded videos."

"Says the guy who tries to flood his bro with a tsunami of character suggestions."

"Hey! Let me do the joking around here."

"It's no wonder you were given a joke moveset!"

"Egad! Let's fight!"

If Sonny Loses

"I may be the king of the tournament, Sonny, but you will always be the joker."

If Lee Loses

"That's what you get for being SAWFT!"

Pawlette Swaps

In order: Sonny, Black Jacket, Fluttersonny, AVGN cosplay, Shia Cosplay, Steve Slopes and Donny Dlaven.

Role in The Stretch Squad

Sonny first appears in Road To Train Station, where he confronts Lee Saunderson and challenges him to a fight, which he loses. After the battle, Lee burns down and destroys his house after declaring that he'd had enough of his Dad, turning both his dad and Sonny into trophies.

Later on, Sonny's trophy is seen aboard Matthew Whitehead's UFO, where it was revealed that Memy9909 & Warren Cook were the ones who found and took his trophy.


  • The reason Sonny got a joke moveset was because, yes, he can be a bit... insane. But also because he ate at McDonalds before fighting in All Star Smashers. This was proved true in the end of his trophy description. This also explains his bad stats.
  • Originally, Sonny's Screen KO involved him saying "You suck!" whilst in the appearance of Norm. In Horrid Henry's Final Smash, his Screen KO was updated to saying the same line, but in his normal appearance.
  • Sonny is one of the 2 characters on the roster to have 3 KO sounds instead of 2. The other being Action 52. This was changed as of his Update Patch.
  • He is also one of the 3 characters to have 2 Entrances. The others being Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver and Finn Palmer.
  • Sonny is one of the 8 playable characters who are aware of All Star Smashers. The others being Brad TillBrodi Welsford, Amanda the Panda, Smash Jarin, Hilary, Yuuki Ogata and Billy Slaven.
  • Originally, Sonny's Side-B also included Daniel and Chaos Sonic. However, as of Sonny's Update Patch, only Wheat appears in his Side-B.
  • Sonny's line "How can this get any worse?" actually originated in All Star Smashers, before he said the same line in a future episode of Lawl Bros, which was confirmed to be an intentional reference to ASS.

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