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Ace K. Spacey, more commonly known as The Space Captain is a supporting character in Sonnyslavenproductions. He is a brave and heroic space ranger who goes on adventures throughout the galaxy, defending it from all sorts of aliens and other villainous life forms. He speaks rather formally, and leads an entire army of Space Soldiers, who besides aiding their Captain in his missions, often inform him of current events happening back home on Earth. He often finds big news to be extraordinary.

Space Captain appears in All Star Smashers as a non-playable character, only appearing in Story Mode: The Stretch Squad. Unlike in SSP, Space Captain appears in this mode as an antagonist, and as a member of The Stretch Squad, and possibly even being Matthew Whitehead's second-in-command. He thus far only appears in Sherlock's Home, where he sends his Space Soldiers to attack Hilary and Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver, when they land on Matthew's Kill. After defeating his Soldiers, Space Captain manages to use Matthew's Kill to dispose of the two bros, sending them to an unknown location.


  • Unlike the other members of the Stretch Squad, Space Captain is a hero in his main series rather than a villain.
  • In Sherlock's Home, Space Captain's look is the exact same as the Space Soldiers, rather than his distinct helmetless appearance.