All Star Spirits

Spirits are a type of power-up and collectible in All Star Smashers.

Spirits are characters who lost their bodies through disintegration and were transformed into disembodied souls, which were then trapped into Puppet Fighters and made to do the bidding of their attackers.

Collecting Spirits

Spirit Classes

Spirits are separated by their strength which is referred to as "classes".

  • ★☆☆☆ Novice
  • ★★☆☆ Advanced
  • ★★★☆ Ace
  • ★★★★ Legend

Spirit Categories

Primary spirits

Characters can have a single primary spirit equipped at a time. Primary spirits have two main stats: an attack rating and a defense rating, which are added together to form its total power. Primary spirits may also have a trait, which applies an additional multiplier to their power, as well as up to three slots for support spirits to be attached, which apply their own multipliers. Generally, a primary spirit that lacks slots will be compensated with higher stats. If a primary spirit is from the same series as the character equipping it, it gains a further 1.1x (10%) power boost.

Primary spirits' attack and defense stats modify how much damage is dealt and received by the character, but do not affect knockback dealt, and are not factored into the knockback formula. For both stats, a value of 0 results in no change from base damage.

  • The damage dealt multiplier is equal to 1 + (attack×4/10000). Therefore, an attack of 2,500 results in double damage, 5,000 is triple damage, and so on.
  • The damage taken multiplier is a more complicated 1/(1 + (defense×6/10000)). Therefore, a defense of 2,500 results in taking 0.4x damage, while a defense of 5,000 results in taking 0.25x damage.

In addition, increased attack will cause smash attacks to charge faster, while increased defense will improve shield durability. Because of the nature of these functions, defense is a more effective stat in terms of raw numbers, in the sense that a defense of 1,000 is stronger than an attack of 1,000 (which is the case when stats are equal at any value). However, defense is also slower to rise as its magnitude increases, whereas attack rises at a constant rate.

Some primary spirits can be enhanced at level 99, which functionally means they transform into a different primary spirit with a higher rank, more powerful stats and an added ability. Furthermore, enhanced spirits tend to have higher stats than non-enhanced spirits of the same rank.

Primary spirits also have strengths based on their type, and grant a 1.3x increase in damage dealt to spirits that their type is strong against. However, they will also impose a weakness of 0.85x damage dealt to the type of Spirit that they are weak against.

Support spirits

Most primary spirits have slots, which can be filled by support spirits. The support spirits will give fighters skills: passive bonuses such as starting with an item, resistance to certain damage types or status effects, added abilities, and more. They can be useful when encountering traps that appear in certain Spirit Battles, such as winds that constantly push fighters or floors that put any fighter to sleep on contact. The fighter can equip up to three Support Spirits at a time depending on how many slots the Primary Spirit has, although some Support Spirits can take up more than one slot. When equipped, Support Spirits apply a multiplier to the Primary Spirit's power based on the type of skill. Support Spirits are also divided into types like Primary Spirits, but only during Spirit Battles where they are equipped by an enemy Puppet Fighter.

Fighter spirits

Fighter spirits are based on an existing playable character in the game, do not have classes and types, and also cannot be equipped. Rather, they simply exist to allow the players to view their artwork. They are earned by completing Classic Safari with the indicated fighter, by purchasing them when they appear randomly in the shop, or through completing some challenges.

Master Spirits

Master Spirits are a type of spirit that cannot be equipped. Once unlocked, Master Spirits run facilities that can be used. These facilities include Shopping (which sell spirits, items, and Skill Spheres), Gym (which levels up spirits; there is only one), Explore (which bring back rewards), and Dojo (which teach styles to spirits). Master Spirits have dialogue boxes, though certain spirits communicate unintelligibly and therefore have provided translations. Master Spirits are all considered Neutral types when used by puppet fighters in Spirit Battles.

List of Spirits

Primary Spirits

Support Spirits

Fighter Spirits

Master Spirits


Character Spirits

Other Spirits


  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Spirits became the spiritual successor of Trophies, as Masahiro Sakurai found it too difficult to develop for the latest installment. However in All Star Smashers, both Spirits and Trophies appear in the game.
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