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The Sun Baby, or Baby Sun, is a supporting character in the famous British children's television series, Teletubbies. As her name implies, she is the sun of Teletubbyland that has the face of a baby. She shines in the sky and makes baby noises, in which she usually giggles and laughs almost all the time, being excited during any Magical Event or when watching the Teletubbies do funny and silly things.

The Sun Baby appears as an Assist Trophy in All Star Smashers. When summoned, she covers the screen, which blinds CPU's, similar to Captain Underpants' Neutral B.

Move Origin

In various episodes of Teletubbies, the Sun Baby will appear on-screen for 5 seconds after a scene has ended, in which she mostly just laughs at what had just happened. She is also seen in the Intro and Outro to every episode.


  • The Sun Baby was revealed as an Assist Trophy before the Teletubbies appeared in the second All Star Smashers Empty Slot. Ironically, the Sun Baby as well as the Voice Trumpet is officially in All Star Smashers, but not the Teletubbies themselves.