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The House of Fear (not to be confused with the stage, House of Fear) is the 3rd level of Story Mode: The Stretch Squad.


The level starts with Talking Joe going into the House of Fear. A minigame starts where Talking Joe has to choose the right door. If you choose to enter the wrong one, blood appears, dealing 20% damage to you. If the Mr. Fear (who's chasing you) is near you, he grabs you and K.O's you. After going through 8 rooms, TJ fights the Tentacle Hands.

After that, Talking Joe walks upstairs. Meanwhile, Angry Boss goes into the house saying "Fear not, help is here at once. There's a rotten tomato in this building!" Back inside the House of Fear, we see Jared Bruceton, who finds some old Steroids to turn him into his "Super-Villain Alter Ego" and quickly gets out of the house. Following this, you play as Angry Boss, who has to defeat the Wing Vampires in order to get inside the House of Fear. After going through a maze, he enters a room and looks for Bruceton.

After that, Angry Boss sees Mr. Fear approaching him. (The monster who chased Talking Joe earlier) Then it bites The Boss to death, and turns him into a Trophy. And then, a scream is heard, presumably Angry Boss' scream. And Chadtronic overhears the scream, and finds himself in the House of Fears bedroom. And a mysterious voice yells "THERE ARE SO MANY MINECRAFT HATERS! I HATE THEM ALL!" And suddenly, Super Minecraft Kid appears, approaching Chadtronic with a knife, and attacks him. Luckily for Chad, Talking Joe saves him by kicking SMK off of him. And both Talking Joe and Chadtronic fight Super Minecraft Kid.

After the battle, SMK gets turned into a trophy, Then, Chad and TJ Bros Pose, but suddenly, the house begins to rumble. And then, Bruceton re-appears outside, as his Godzilla-Sized alter ego, Bruce-TON! Bruce-TON Destroys the House of Fear. Then, he sees Angry Boss' Trophy. and Bruce-TON jokingly says "Ready for a Bruce-TON of fun, Angry Boss?" Then, he leaves and takes the Angry Boss trophy with him.

Then at morning, Yuuki Ogata goes to the House of Fear and grabs the Super MInecraft Kid trophy, insults his Channel, and takes the Super Minecraft Kid trophy with him. While that happens, Talking Joe and Chadtronic sit on a bench, with Chad looking at a picture of SammyClassicSonicFan, saying "I guess you're not all that bad after all." Then, the level ends.



  • Mr. Fear
  • Tentacle Hands
  • Wing Vampires