Tim Carter is an English teacher who knows how to deal with anyone who makes fun of Finn Palmer and his "TIME TO GO IN EVERYONE" line.

How to unlock

Clear Classic Safari for the first time.
All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Tim Carter

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Tim Carter

Entrance: Teacher Coming Through

Tim Carter makes his way through a school door.

Move Origin

Tim Carter always walks into a classroom in time for a lesson.

Neutral B: Briefcase

Keep tapping the B button and Tim will slowly bury the opponent by smashing his briefcase.

As he keeps smashing the case, the opponent will go further and further towards the underground.

If the opponent has enough damage, Tim can meteor smash them below the surface they're on.

Missing the opponent causes Tim to smash the briefcase open, revealing Personal Food. However, it will only break open if he has smashed it enough times.

Move Origin

Tim is always seen carrying his suitcases in lessons. It probably contains things like pencils, books and other stationary.

Side B: Corner Run

Tim Carter stomps his way forwards. If he touches someone, he will continue damaging them until he stops stomping. It can be used as a cheap KO if done by the edge of the screen.

If he corners them towards a wall, they will be forced to sit on a chair for one minute. His stomping causes knockback if in contact with seated opponents. It also destroys traps.

Move Origin

When Jack Mayhew annoyed Finn, he told on Tim Carter who told him to go to Mr. Paul's classroom. He wanted to turn back as soon as he was near the door while Tim wasn't looking but he cornered him right into the classroom.

Up B: Walky Talky

Tim Carter phones Jackie to elevate him. Then, Jackie appears in a random spot and approaches Tim, giving him a lift once she's next to him. Careful though because sometimes, he will be distracted by a conversation with her.

Move Origin

Tim Carter's classroom is the waiting station at the end of the school day. Tim communicates with Jackie here with the Walky Talky who is always next to the buses. However, there is not elevating platform.

Down B: Sit Down!

After announing "Sit Down!", a chair descends from the sky or ceiling. If it lands onto an opponent, they will sit down like in his Corner Run.

He also has a special grab move that can only be activated to a seated opponent. His regular forward throw allows him to move around with the chair and opponent before throwing, like Donkey Kong's forward throw.

Move Origin

Tim Carter announces this quote at the start of many of his lessons.

Final Smash: MATTHEW!

Tim Carter yells Matthew Whitehead's first name so loud, everyone will be startled and stunned until they get hit. If the smash is being used on Matthew players (his Elouise alt doesn't count), he will most likely be KO'd.

Move Origin

In one English lesson, when Matthew was messing up too much, Tim had to yell out his name to shut him up which startled everyone in the classroom.

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO Sound #1: *Low pitch coughing*

KO Sound #2: That's rude!


Screen KO Sound: Detention!

Up Taunt: "Okaaaaaaaaaaaay..."

Side Taunt: *Holds a chair* "Stand back, I got a chair!"

Down Taunt: "Do you know what a dado is?"

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: "You've got a maths test, an english test and a science test and I all want it done in one minute. Sit down!"

Option #2: "Sit down. And don't tell Finn Palmer we're doomed."

Option #3: Looks above with the meme caption "Time to go in everyone".

Losage: Stands angrily.

Normal Attacks, Special Moveset Music, KO, Taunt Music, Victory Music

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial:

Neutral Aerial:

Down Aerial: Drops a heap load of exam revision books. The books fall until they hit something, making an easy spike.

Forward Aerial:

Reverse Aerial:

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt: Points an interactive board pen. Faster than most of his other attacks.

Neutral Attack:


Side Tilt: Raises his arm forward yelling "Time to go in everyone". Pretty slow but satisfying to land correctly.

Dash Attack: Clumsily falls over damaging himself when landing. Leaves him open but does good damage and knockback if anyone gets hit, even at low percentages.

Down Tilt: Slams his suitcase in front of him. 

Ledge/Get Up Attacks


Get Up:


Up Smash:

Side Smash: Smashes with his briefcase and then drops it. If the suitcase is dropped by a ledge it can work as a falling projectile.

Down Smash: Drops 2 briefcases. Unlike most of his other attacks where he drops something, the breifcases disappear and offer no projectile capability.

Grab Moves:

Grab: A school bodyguard walks in and restrains them. 


Forward Throw: Tosses them yelling "This is your cell go there now!"

Reverse Throw:

Up Throw:

Down Throw:

Detention Grab: Grabs the opponent's chair. You can move back and forth while carrying them.

Detention Throw: Tosses them forward. The opponent has no control and cannot stop themselves until they land.

Moveset Music

School Days Soundtrack - Voice of Heart

KO Sounds and Taunts Music

School Days Soundtrack - A Coward Without Guts

Victory Music

School Rumble Soundtrack - Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Angry Boss Codec

Owen Maddox: Boss, Do You Know This Teacher?

Angry Boss: You're Joking Right? Of course I don't.

Owen: Don't you remember? He Was Your Partner When You Yelled At Him to Kick Hilary's Butt. Then you turned on him to go look for Bruceton?

Angry Boss: Oh, yeah I remember. Tim Carter, right?

Owen: Yep. Anyway, He can attack by hitting You With A Briefcase. If You Miss, It Will Break and Lawl Food Will Appear, Like the Chill Pill, School Turkey, Mushroom, or Cheeseburger. And He Does a weird Corner Run, where he can actually make you sit in the Corner, And Also.....

Angry Boss: Also what?

(Owen Maddox Costume Rips, Revealing Tim Carter)

Tim Carter: Sit Down.

Angry Boss: Tim?

(Tim Carter Costume Rips, Revealing Bruceton)

Bruceton: You Were Expecting my buddy Tim Carter? But It Was Me, BRUCETON! All Along! *Laughs*


(Bruceton Costume Rips, Revealing Jeremy Gilman)

Jeremy Gilman: Relax, It's Me!

Angry Boss: Gilman! Thank God It's Only You! Tell Me More About Tim Carter.

Jeremy: Well, He Calls Jacky to Give Him A Lift, and he can also force opponents to Sit Down, he does this by Summoning A Chair Above You And It Has Focus, Unlike Talking Joe's Birthday Cake.

Angry Boss: And What About His Final Smash?

(Jeremy Gilman costume rips, revealing Amanda)

Amanda The Panda: Where's My Snooky?

Angry Boss: I Don't Have Your Snooky!

(Amanda Costume Rips, Revealing Finn Palmer)

Finn Palmer: I'm Now Going to Tell The Whole World on You!

Angry Boss: Go away Finn!

(Finn Costume Rips, Revealing Victor Vam Pire)

Victor Vam Pire: Sorry about that, Boss.

Angry Boss: Finally Victor. Tell Me What You Know About Tim Carter.

Victor: Well Boss, His Final Smash is pretty straight forward. He just yells Out Matthew Whitehead's First Name.

Angry Boss: That's His Final Smash? THAT'S SO FUNNY!

(Victor Vam Pire Costume Rips, Revealing Matthew Whitehead)

Matthew: Don't you dare laugh at me!

Angry Boss: Oh get a sense of humour, Matthew Weewoohead.

(Matthew Costume rips, revealing Pete Polcon)

Pete The Cheerful Bus Driver: Alright, Little Boss?

Angry Boss: Pete?

(Pete Costume Rips, Revealing Thin Air)

Thin Air: .........

Angry Boss: Oh for God's sake!

(Thin Air de-oxygenates, revealing Chadtronic)

Chadtronic: You have been fooled!

Angry Boss: WHAT IS THIS!?

(Chadtronic costume rips, revealing Sweetie Belle)

Sweetie Belle: Um, yeah! What they said!

Angry Boss: Aren't you Rarity's sister?

(Sweetie Belle costume rips, revealing Rarity)

Rarity: You look fabulous!


Rarity costume rips, revealing Billy Slaven)


Billy: Chill man, it's just me!

Angry Boss: Billy? Have you been dressing up as everyone this whole time!?

Billy: Hey, if Fred Savage can do it, so can I. Anyway, who are you talking about?

Angry Boss: You Know What? Forget It! This Codec is Taking Too Long, Time to End It Right Now.

Billy: But--*Codec ends*

Personal Data







  • England



  • Tim, along with Dan Gough and Grandpa Gorilla, were all comfirmed as playable characters via ZooTycoon64's recent blog.

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