UnBoxing Room

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UnBoxing Room is a stage in All Star Smashers. On this stage, characters can bounce on Lee Saunderson's bed and can access the Space Jam, The Wonderland Pets, Notre Dame, Pride Rock and Toy Store stages via one approaching Lee's TV.

Starter Songs

  • Alright Everyone! Remix! (Original)
  • Looney Tunes Opening 1
  • Looney Tunes Opening 2
  • Rabbit of Seville
  • What's up Doc?

Unlockable Songs

  • Busy Afternoon- Win on this stage 10 times.
  • La Fete Foraine- Win on this stage 20 times.
  • Funky Mama- Win on this stage 30 times.

Results Screen

Lee's Room Results.jpg
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