All Star Smashers Wiki

"Oh my God...I'm so cute!"


I'm a silly British dude who likes memes and video games. I also happen to be in this game, you know. ;)

I'm also on DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube if any of y'all wanna come chat with me. Oh, and I also do roleplay too. Why? Because roleplay is fricking awesome!


  • Funniest: Harry Bradshaw
  • Cutest: Amanda the Panda
  • Best thought of Moveset: Garfield
  • Most Effective Final Smash: Angry Boss
  • Best thought of Final Smash: Horrid Henry
  • Most epic Final Smash: Amanda the Panda
  • Best Taunt: Down Taunt
  • Best Victory Pose: Option #3
  • Best Losing Pose: Billy Slaven/Myself
  • Most Unexpected: Thin Air
  • Non-Lawl char you'd wish to see the most: Anyone from Hyperdimension Neptunia (Especially Plutia and Peashy) or Karen Kujo from Kiniro Mosaic.
  • Most Epic Overall: Garfield
  • Mains a la MVC3... or top 3 mains: Garfield, Harry Bradshaw and Harry Hill.
  • Ideal 2v2 Team: Sonny Slaven and Oscar the White Tiger vs Billy Slaven/Myself and Ollie the Snow Leopard