All Star Smashers Wiki

Well here I'm gonna explain what gave me the idea of adding each of the playable characters:

  1. Lee Saunderson- That 1on1 I made with him and Sonny was just gonna be a joke when I felt in the Smashing Mood on GoAnimate. But then it came down to the point if I should make him and Sonny movesets. Guess the answer. The character himself is the Danny gets Grounded version as mentioned in his Angry Boss Codec which is why I considered this DVD unboxer in the first place.
  2. Sonny Slaven- GoAnimate does something very strange to your mental mind. I joined GoAnimate in the first place just to comment, mostly to ask Adamp5104 questions. But then I decided it was time to make actual "Gets into trouble" videos so I made them of Sonny Slaven. But I deleted them later on because I didn't want to upset him when he finds out about this little account of mine and they made my GoAnimate account look lame anyway. So yeah, back in those times, of course I was gonna make him a joke moveset.
  3. Brad Till- I just found the idea of a moveset based around elevators and choo choo trains pretty interesting. That's all.
  4. Matthew Whitehead- An obvious choice out of all the people I knew in real life who had potential. And as a character personality too. I did him before Harry because Adamp5104 wanted me to and I could understand why.
  5. Harry Bradshaw- Same as Matthew only even better!
  6. Brodi Welsford- Another moveset that's based on "stuff I like". Her obsessions with different things gave her that potential. But I also wanted to include an Anime Avatar anyway.
  7. Amanda the Panda- I was forced to do it! That's the only reason why she came before Oscar. Yes, she's a perfect inclusion out of the stuff I know but that's why she came this early. She was requested by herself.
  8. Oscar the White Tiger- The Mario of all "Random GoAnimates", as people would say it. I added him RIGHT after the panda because it was completely inappropriate to put Amanda in a fighting game without Oscar. After all, he IS the main character.
  9. Smash Jarin- He was the first request in All Star Smashers history, except maybe Amanda. I have had a fondness on trying something new to add some variety into my roster so I included him. He was requested by himself.
  10. Talking Joe- He has comics which gives him the exact same reason as what I said about the Harry's Island characters.
  11. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver- Same as above (but no comic ). Plus advantage to the fact I still have videos of him in real life.
  12. Hilary- I had that idea of him back in 2013 anyway.
  13. Edward- I thought of the idea of All Star Smashers back in 2011, before I even played Smash Bros. My friend gave me the idea of this funny chap to appear in my game and I liked it. He was gonna be like R.O.B, with no series at all, just good old him. But he IS from Hong Kong though so...
  14. Captain Underpants- As soon as the idea struck me, I already knew what all his special moves were gonna be. Except for his Down B. It's really something used by Professer PoopyPants, the villain who appears in the most Captain Underpants novels. But he also has an invention which shrinks people and I didn't want another Dipper (who can both enlarge and shrink things). The idea is that Captain Underpants stole the Goosy Grow from the funny named science teacher like how Wario stole Koopa Troopa's Kart according to the Mario Kart 64's instructions manual.
  15. Maxwell- I had that idea hanging and believe me, his moveset was pretty generic. But then I discovered Lawl and as a result, I took care of that.
  16. Papa Louie- I don't really remember how I thought up of him. I thought of him as an assist trophy a long time ago, throwing pepperbombs/crusha pepper cowardly but I probably then thought better.
  17. Horrid Henry- What I thought of THAT? Maybe... probably not? But then I remembered about all his silly antics so I took on the challenge.
  18. Garfield- You guys would probably know, but he was in Smash Bros Lawl Comedy Combat (see the Facebook Page). I know I had more fitting ideas on that page than in this series but it's really not as fun just making pictures. So I put that cast of five on the empty slot and if you asked me, he was the purrfect win.
  19. Yuuki Ogata- Rushing with a hilariously bad moveset is pretty addictive. Yes, he was requested by himself but I wanted to rush it. The beauty is that most of what I wrote out came out as planned, which is always a bad thing when writing movesets and scripts. The only thing that changed from my plan at all was the Down Taunt of course.
  20. Caillou- I never heard of this character before making this series, whether it was the him from his show or the him from his Grounded Videos. I discovered him because of the GoAnimate videos and I have to say, he got grounded even more times than any other character. Even Dora. That gave him quite the credit. On my long list of character ideas, I added him because of that one time at the airport and I saw this kid wearing a Caillou bagpack. That taught me this guy was infamous anyway and not just some made up GoAnimate user. "Then why not use the Caillou from the show?" you may ask. Well a moveset out of grounded videos would be pretty boring but Caillou himself was more interesting as the troublemaker imo.
  21. Action 52- Someone made a moveset out of him on the old SBL wiki and at the time, the idea was way too hilarious for me to breathe. Because I knew about the game anyway thanks to the AVGN as well as an AGK parody. 
  22. Finn Palmer- Hey guess what? Same as Pete! His Down B was gonna be Pete's Up B, with Finn as an assist for that move but I wanted him as a character too.
  23. Chadtronic- This was back when I said yes to almost every request before the conclusion "stick to what you already know". But these unknown guys were back on Empty Slot #2 where Chadtronic won which was lucky for him. Wonder if he saw his moveset. Suggested by Captain Barney. He didn't tell me to do a joke moveset of him but he said he hated him so I assumed so. But somebody thought it was best he wasn't one in the first place and I completley agree.
  24. Billy Slaven- Sonny's suggestion. Like I said, he was perfect for that certain empty gap. I know it's not really good to include him just for that but at least I won't be adding anymore from SSP.
  25. Thin Air- How could I not know this obvious so bad it's good choice? Because he was invisible?! God... but the idea struck me when Carlos Trejo fought and lost to this guy in the Classic Mode tournament. It was pretty creepy for me. This'll also explain why he shares the same icon as Trejo but the truth is, Thin Air is all around us.
  26. Tim Carter- Pete, Edward, Finn and him had their exact movesets thought up a long time ago. But I recently updated them to make them more interesting. If not, it's probably because you obviously won't get the references but those were pretty funny times. Finn and Tim's back then were intentionally lazy just to make it funny like what I thought of TaleoftheToaster's Super Smash Bros Meme. And here he is in All Star Smashers, teacher coming through!
  27. Angry Boss- I saw Angry Boss' custom Smash Bros Lawl GoAnimate moveset and his robotic ranting made me fall in love with the concept of him. I was gonna add him anyway before Sonny Slaven requested him, unlike BRRRRRRRRRRRRRUCETON!
  28. Bruceton- Don't get me wrong. He's pretty funny too! But his Final Smash in the Custom SBLGA moveset was gonna just make him into an assist trophy. But IT WOULD BE AN EPIC FAIL NOT TO ADD HIM AS THE BOSS' RIVAL.
  29. Dan Gough- Scientists have lots of potential. Robotnik, Wily, Bill Nye, Inspector Gadget, Doofenshmirtz, Sheldon Cooper and Yzma... just one reason sums up the point strongly.
  30. Grandpa Gorilla- I might have made it clear enough, but who doesn't love jungle animals? Or any animals indeed for that matter. He has a lot to represent in the Animal Kingdom. HE'S NOT A DONKEY KONG RIP-OFF.
  31. Elouise Pitman- She's Matthew's girlfriend and that's it so why not.
  32. Super Minecraft Kid- I discovered him because of Chadtronic. I did find him insanely hilarious enough to get a role but not enough potential to be a character. But later, he impacted me enough for me to write him a full moveset.
  33. Greg Heffley- Skapokon's suggestion. I've always loved the Wimpy Kid books but I wasn't sure if he'd be that interesting. But being suggested by an expert lawler and winning, I thought it up.
  34. Harry Hill- As you know as well as one of the Comedy Combatians, I first got the idea from Sonny's comment on Smosh's moveset and I later saw him on YTPguy's Third Empty Slot. I remember desperately wanting him to win though I found it unlikely.
  35. Otto Hill- I originally found him an awesome unlockable character for Comedy Combat before it got cancelled.
  36. Tabatha- Amanda's idea had potential.
  37. Ollie- ^ Fangirl mode strikes again. ^
  38. Moody Margaret- Sonny convinced me she'd be a good rival for Henry despite me disliking her.
  39. Professer PoopyPants- Captain Underpants' rival.

As for Rumoured Characters:

  1. Rarity- Don't look at me, I didn't make her page. In fact, she was only in Billy's Moveset because his creator wanted me to give him an option towards her incase she someday gets made by another Lawler. Though I haven't seen a single MLP episode.