Title says it all. The reason I'm posting this here is because it's way too much information to be posting exclusively to PMs.

Of course, my opinions and feelings can always change at the most random times.

1. IF

Already stated why if you look my comment on Chris Gamefield's community tab on YouTube but here's another reason I haven't mentioned there: She can't transform unlike other characters making her more realistic so there's less excuse to be jealous of her. Of course, Compa also falls into this fact but...

Ok, here's a copypasta of my comment to save you from travelling there: 1. I wish I had green eyes like her's as well as my daddy's. But nope, I got born with the boring brown eyes instead :( no offense to myself or anyone else with brown eyes. 2. She just stuck to my head after checking out the Sega Hard Girls crossover. 3. Seems like one of the more decent characters. 4. Responsible, occasionally blunt but never mean spirited. 5. Very reliable. 6. Really helps the fact that she's in the anime. 7. Whenever she smiles or blushes, it feels adorably out of character. Don't take it the wrong way. 8. I WANT HER THIN BODY CUS BEING LIGHTER WOULD MAKE WALKING AROUND THE WORLD MORE COMFORTABLE. 9. Duh. 10. By 9, I mean she's cute. Awkward to admit when the context isn't an animal but then again, humans themselves are animals.

Yeah I may still not know enough about the franchise to know everything so this is still coming from an outsider.

(Oh yeah, forgot to mention that her child form looks equally as bright.)

2. Sega Saturn

Yeah, I'm gonna count Sega Hard Girls as Neptunia characters for here. I think the reason she's always been my fave out of that category is because if you think about it, her personality is the least straight forward being split in the middle. (Whereas Dreamcast is the energetic fool who believes whatever the internet says and Mega Drive is clearly the calm opposite, having way more brains and strategy skills than physical stamina. Sorry Game Gear,don't know ya too well.) Back on topic though, it would always feel nice to be respected by the more serious and logical of the trio. Like the console she represents, she often seems to get the bad luck most of the time which is another relatable thing, especially in my childhood. Honestly though, I should really rank her lower since she seems more toxic in Superdimension (Sega Satan!) but going as far as to call someone "losers" is a very Disney princess thing to say in comparison to the obvious internet trends that no one would be programmed to say in a video game anyway. Or you can just quote Tommy Wiseau on that one. Either way I'm gonna ignore that for here.

3. Nepgear

Because my depression needs to be destroyed somehow. Yeah, she's an angel. I'd rank Nepgya but I think she's almost the exact same likeable personality but Nepgear's better either way. She just is.

4. Dreamcast

Because I like a brainless dibby in my life who's always positive and light hearted despite her average darkness rating in Lawl Nova. But she's connected to the internet, what do you expect?

5. Neptune

Again, depression must be slaughtered. Talk about a reverse loli since she's actually older than her sister.The funny thing is though she doesn't act it. Nepgear is WAY more responsible.

6. Mega Drive

Because she is such a badass for already explained reasons. It's good to have a friend who knows a lot.

7. Vert

Oh god can she be seductive. Despite this though, damn. Open minded AF meaning that she has a personality that's too good to be true. Plus she's green. GREEEEEEEN.

8. Uni

Impossible to blame her for fancying Nepgear.

9. Blanc

Small, smart, calm + the Wii and AVGN in moe form. Basically, she's cool.

10. Segami

Cat ears, prevents conflict in the timelines and exactly how is she a female dog, Iffy? Yeah I'm rushing this list.

11. Uzume

She's lower here because I don't yet know her too well. Either way, she seems really decent (fa gnitcartsid dna) for the imagination. And she basically revives her childhood when she's in HDD.

12. Compa

Not as spicy but I still need characters like this to murder my depression. Especially since she's a nurse.

13. Noire

Strict but tsundere as hell apparently. She even cosplays a lot, I'm emotionally crying right now because of my personal life yet still glad to see everyone having fun ^^.

14. Plutia

I dunno man, is she not one of the faves because of her lower attention span? I'm not mean, still adorable af either way because trust me, I've seen the anime. Still don't get why she and Iris Heart are the same tho.

15. 5pb

Seems approachable although I still need more info.

16-17. Rom and Ram

Can't differentiate between the two enough. Honestly though, both seem bright for lil sistas but prepare for fess up time below...

18. Peashy

... I confess that I ain't comfortable around small children in the real world either. I feel like such a USELESS role model as most the time I feel like a quiet, soleless robot who doesn't care when in truth, I'm just scared of them.

19. Histoire

I just haven't seen enough of her informal side other than criticizing Neptune. As much as she knows everything but she mostly justs states the facts.

20. Abnes

As much as I WANT to rank her higher, I don't. lol

21. Broccoli

Literally, all I know about her is that she says "nyu" at the end of every sentence.

(Not ranking Mr. Mouse or that dibby Goobs because that would be unfair. Besides, you only care about the waifus, am I right?)

22. Game Gear

Like Lucy Loud, I'm currently just completely neutral on her. Tell me something that can change that.

23. Arfoire

Same as Scanty & Kneesocks, hot but scary and unlike Noire, she's the villain. And as you may know, I like a lot of villains in a lot of media.

24. Rei

OP female dog granny in the anime. Ranking her under Arfoire is my way of giving her credit due to anime spoilers.

999. Deity Of Sin

Two words: Conquest Ending. Nuff said.

And that about covers everyone I know so far, hope you enjoyed and have a much better day than me!

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