Ok, this time they're not gonna be in order of favourites so it's easier to update.


Her colourfully 3d vocabularly and fourth wall breaking personality makes her feel really real. Heck, she deserves to be a main character of main characters similar to Mario and SpongeBob. And although I don't expect it happen EVER, I'd even unironically like to see her join the Smash DLC cast although again, her personality really feels like it was MADE for Lawl. Although her HDD form is a much more ideal in personality as far as CPU duties are involved, her human form feels more unique so my preference depends on my mood tbh.


I don't care if she can be snappy, at least she's strongly serious about what she truly believes would make the most ideal CPU and can easily respect you if you work hard. However, on the other side of the coin, whenever she's out doing... hobbies... she really warms up into an affectionate one and it's adorable. Masking your light heart is the life of a tsundere apparently. I prefer her human form over her HDD one.


See, as for now, I find it really hard to decide both my favourite and least favourite of the four main CPUs as they all have very ideal qualities for me. And in Blanc's case, she's just cool. For a home console rep that generally caters to families of all ages, she really goes from one extreme to the other in terms of patience also I've heard that her IQ is 9999 yet she's still flawed at some things like the others. Like, she comes across as the calm, shy type but suddenly burst into a moe Angry Video Game Nerd. And again, she's the representation of the family friendly NINTENDO. Now you see this is what I mean by the definition of cool. On a side note, she's 144cm tall which is actually smaller than the loli Nep- and that's the tip of the head slightly below my shoulders- PROTECCCCCCCC. Her HDD form and her human form are almost the same personality although I've never seen White Heart keep her cool. I like her sailor caps too so I guess I prefer her human form.


While the least cutest of the four (she's more the elegant type) she honestly has the most ideal and open minded, too good to be true personality of them all. Noire may work harder than the others, Vert is actually the most mature yet still a seductive and passionately obsessed gamer of any genre and would be open to any kind of discussion. And as a bonus, with the speculation that she may be lesbian or bisexual, we happen to have the same taste if waifus or at least in ReBirth;1. Although, after a recent think, I find her HDD form more attractive, being another tall green haired goddess like Palutena.


Well yeah, I still find her to be the most perfect angel in the history of anything ever amen but if I'm honest, the emotional amount of empathy I felt for her in the Conquest Ending was what really put her in my top 3. But then again, that ending never happened, what are you talking about?!


It's funny how she can be described as both kind and edgy at the same time. And her affection towards Nepgear is proof that I support lesbian rights.

Rom and Ram

Eh, still find it hard to tell them apart. All I know is one shows the dominance over the other. They're alright though as they still seem quite bright for their age, I just prefer the older characters. (Although definitely, not up to Arfoire's age!)

IF A.K.A. Iffy

Iffy comes across as the perfect role model being one of the most serious, level-headed yet clearly still very caring individuals. What with both being reliable even in her child form, knowing her $h!te and being super adorable at the same time, I've been following this character since the very first Neptunia game that actually got my attention which happens to be the one she stars in. After all, the Sega Hard Girls actually got me interested in Neptunia in the first place so I no longer pass it off as just another "cute anime girl thing that exists, ok whatever" kind of franchise. Her appearance is also destructively stunning, being a slightly underweight looking shortie with an over-sized jacked and my favourite colour eyes that are very distracting to look at for me to bad I got the boring brown eyes (no offence to the latter but then again I would be insulting my own genes). Also feel closer to her cus she's actually human and can't transform. And whenever she smiles or blushes, it feels adorably out of character. Don't take it the wrong way, she's the wife for life whatever the case.


Probably a C-Tier waifu. As in, better than ok, but usually waifus that come across as "too nice" feels a bit too disconnected for an S, A or B tier even though Nepgear's 3rd on my faves. Still, that's part the reason I've always preferred Iffy but what's not to like about a warm hearted nurse?


She was originally much lower on my faves list because I didn't yet know her too well. However, after seeing a walkthrough of Megadimension, I still find her really decent for the imagination even if she can still be quite "out there". From the beginning, I could easily tell her design was supposed to give off a "look how cool I am" vibe and she really is! And even for a cutesy personality, I feel incredibly attached to her childhood personality which is especially when she's in HDD. And uniquely, despite this cutesy little girl mode of personality that she tends to hide, I've seen some impressive fan art of Orange Heart that blissfully goes as far as to give me a big banana (if you know what I mean!)


Mario: "Come here, fishy fishy!" Would love to look up to an undersea creature as my leader. Fun fact: His dub voice is none other than Xander Mobus who voices the modern Smash announcer, Master & Crazy Hand and Persona 5's Joker!

Big Nep!

Again, it's weird. Because she's easier to wife than her smaller main character version to many due to her maturity but has the exact same happy go lucky attitude to the point where her maturity beings to blur with the front cover Nep. She's also extremely enthusiastic about bugs which is also a "too good to be true" personality compared to female stereotypes against creepy crawlies.


For some reason, she doesn't come across as most attachable best girl material for me. Perhaps it's her lower attention span and slow talking that's a turnoff compared to Nep. Trust me though, still adorable like most of these gals but I honestly felt more attachment to her appearance in the anime. Would still pile a huge hug on her over her HDD form any day anyway and not even drugs can change my mind.


I just prefer more mature lolis like Blanc's lovely white sistas. If I were to babysit Peashy, I'd feel like the punching bag of jokes having to deal with her. In other words, Rom and Ram would basically be Iffy compared to her but I still feel for Peashy and her relationship with Neptuna in the anime so there's no hate in the end.


Who doesn't love stunning, talented yet completely shy girls. And who on earth feels more shy in public than when they're on the spot performing on stage. Too bad she's almost a one-off most of the time.


Her shots at Neptune are always pretty funny to listen to. As much as she's supposed to know everything, she still seems to end up in a lot of antics like a proper mother having to deal with their kids' cr@p.


Literally just an innocent loli who says "nyu" almost about as much times as Oscar says "chubby". Her negative emotions can still keep her from looking bland though.


Comes across as the coolest out of her, Marvy, CyberConnect and Tekken. Although her sexy voice made me think she is a bad guy at first, it was relieving to find out that this smart cool @$$ mage who knows what she's doing is on the good Nep's side. Still too minor to consider her a favourite though, like 5pb.

MarvelousAQL A.K.A. Marvy!

I used to prefer her over MAGES. but again the latter came across as a more ideal personality. Marvy's still cool though cus she's a cheerful ninja although a bit too a busty one at that if you know what I'm saying. And again, too minor. It would be really dumb to fully judge a character by their chest I mean come on.


She seemed to take dimension switching lifestyles unexpectedly well in Re;Birth3. And again, being into such acquired taste like manga is also part of my personal abstract definition of the "ideal and openminded" trope.


Too bad she's just a side character. She deserves more attention really but she always seems to be out on tough treks or whatever. Props to the revealing outfit as well, another reason why I'm glad we'll get to see female Byleth's baby belly in Smash Bros :3


I remember her from the first ReBirth game. Man was she helpful, also deserves more spotlight. Her voice was also oddly tough.


Not the biggest fan of her voice but she's basically me when more Fire Emblem girls get put in Smash :P otherwise I'd be around as disappointed as the rest of the fandumb. P.S. Wifeys for breakfast!


She would make such a lovely mother who is also impressively adventurous if she was one at that.


I know both her and God Eater because of a fangame I try to refrain talking about for 34th rule's sake. So I checked her quotes from Megadimension's voice list and yes, she is also a top-tier ideal shortie. The way she talks like a bad@$$ for her appearance yet hates all evil with a passionate. Just lush.

God Eater

She's also quite cute. Only knew about her recently though but she was one of the few Neptunia good guys in "said" fangame so she's easy to sympathize with.



OP female dog granny in the anime. Will credit her from the get go though before that strange negative energy, whatever the heck that was about.


One of my favourite villains due to being an ineffective weakling anyway or at least in R18 island. Or just not the worst.


While actually, truly and naturally the definition of evil, I still feel pretty bad for her because of her backstory even if she was just the evil side of Uzume separated from her and thus is naturally impossible to gain a change of heart due to losing her morality to the Uzume all Neptunia fans know of. Definitely the villain I feel for the most actually and that's saying a lot.


As much as I WANT to rank her higher on my list, I don't lol because she's clearly a joke.


Because I like mice and he doesn't seem to be as bad as the others even falling for one of the goodies. And even if he was more evil than Arfoire, it wouldn't make a difference seeing as he's weak.


I get that they're supposed to be based on the slimes from Dragon Quest but why are they evil and why are they cute dogs that need to be killed?


Yucky yucky yucky! Who would do this?! Get out. The Conquest Ending never even happened so shut it and sit on it.

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