Top 10 Forbidden

1.       Me

It’s just silly and super ego. Did I ever mention how stupid it is to make yourself source material just to get a moveset? God, like making Donkey Kong for the arcades just to put him in Donkey Kong Jr.

2.       Themselves

Please, it’s getting annoying. I knew that since John Di Micco got a joke moveset, people will come around saying “Make my Moveset!” I did Smash Jarin just to add variety to the roster. Just because you comment a lot doesn’t mean you get a slip pass ticket.

3.       Fat Sandbag

He’s a sandbag! I made this character up so I don’t have to use an actual character as the sandbag. It’ll be abusive! Even using Modern SpongeBob or Puffy Fluffy as a possible sandbag is animal abuse!

4.       More Joke Movesets out of other users

I did Sonny for a bit of a laugh. That’s the tip top maximum against this rule. Only Bad Users would bash people with these types of movesets, just like in Grounded Videos.

5.       Batiatus

Screw him! Screw that he made me so butthurt! But I’m over it now. Just get off my face!

6.       More Façade Characters

Do I really need to explain why? Trip’s in, Grace might join but who gives a Cranky’s carp about the rest?  

7.       Pokémon

Too random and I don’t play or watch Pokémon.

8.       Daniel Clayton

Daniel Clayton is a gone horse in the Lawl Fanbase. Just leave him alone, kids. Stop disrespecting the dead.

9.       Memy9909 and Warren Cook

Embarrassed to admit, but I do like Memy, but that’s only because he’s fat. Memy and Warren are already in All Star Smashers as something else…

10.   SpongeBob Characters

I love SpongeBob. It’s been my favourite cartoon from the beginning. Of course it’s only because of the classics, but I watched Seasons 4+ just due to being a SpongeBob fan. Everyone else just quit. But I heard YTPguy will do Squidward one day and Agito will do Plankton and I’m just not bothered with doing Mr. Krabs, Sandy or Patchy. Just doesn’t feel worth it.

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